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Princesses and the 400,000 Touchdown!

Princesses have been stolen…[CHECK].
The ‘Steelers’ have one a bowl of cereal…[CHECK]. 
Poptropica Help Blog score a touchdown of their own… [WAITING…CHECK].

-Princess Power!-
Poptropica Creator Blog have released another sneak peak into the design of the new island ‘Astro-Knights’ stolen Princesses. I think they look fabulous. 😛
Here’s the design work:

Blog Post Title: Princess Power!
Description: We are working on some cool outfits for AstoKnights Island. Here is a sketch of some possible princess outfits!
Image URL:  astro_girls-Click Here
Image Name: astro_girls.jpg

Thank-you Mousyblack for notifying us when it was posted.
I, Codien, promise to show you a sneak peak of what the costumes look like when they are made. Also the next issue of PHB Sneak Peaks will have some of the costumes that you will get in the new Astro-Knights Island.

-PHB 400,000 Touchdown Countdown-
Yesterday in America the 43rd annual ‘Super Bowl’ was held. As an Australian i have know idea what it is but I’m guessing its some kind of cereal eating contest. No, i know what it is and i know the the Steelers won. Which is a shame because there was an Australian Football player in the Cardinals squad (I think he was the kicker guy). Did you guys watch the ads? 😀
But while I’m on the subject of football, Poptropica Help Blog is soon to score a touchdown of their own. And this time it’s worth 400,000.
So if you would like, i want you guys to count down, or rather count up to 400,000!
Lets do this!
Darn, you guys are too fast for my post. We have already hit 400,000! Wait a minute…WE HAVE REACHED 400,000!

PARTY!   400,000 PARTY!    PARTY!

Thanks guys for getting to 400,000. We are getting more and more visitors everyday.
From the PHB Team: Thanks!. Without you guys we wouldn’t have a site….well we would but it wouldn’t be viewed. 😛

-400,000 View Punches-
[“Hey Tomato, lets give the computer 400,000 view punches!”]
[4 hours later…”399,998…399,999…400,000!”]
[“We did it, Woohoo…”]
[“Lucky we didn’t do that to Smockers…”]

36 thoughts on “Princesses and the 400,000 Touchdown!”

  1. Cool. Codien I dont get the joke down the bottom. 😕

    Codien: LOL. The joke is just about hitting a computer so much it shuts down on us.

  2. I think the second one, with green clothes looks better. I mean… purple hair! And the first one looks a bit pompus and posh

  3. LOL! That was funny. Oh, and in my opinion, the green outfit is better. 🙂
    Oh, and congrats guys! 400,00 hits! 😛

  4. LOL Coiden the superbowl is a big football game not eating breakfeast

    Oh and congrats guys for reaching 400,000 hits

    Scary Tomato: He knows that, and you would know he knows that if you continued reading the whole thing and not just a part of it. 😉

  5. I do not like the new description! Anyway, the new post on creators blog,time for a drink, looks like it is from reality TV island.

  6. Okay this is very important info. I was in the Diner in Early Poptropica and noticed someone had a “Space Suit” on. I was very curious so i tryed taking it and only could take the “White” pants and gun. The rest was a space helmet, an AstroKnights symboled shirt. I then noticed that when i exitedd out of the “Customize Option” that she was not waring it anymore meaning it wasnt really “on” her.

  7. I think the new sneak peek is from the french island because of the bike so maybe its like Tour de France?

  8. New sneak peak on creators blog! i don’t think anyone gave you guys a heads up yet. It’s called “Time for a drink” I bet it’s from the French Island!

    Scary Tomato: Actually, someone already did. 😐

  9. Sorry that this is irrelevant to Poptropica, but why is everyone saying that there’s a new post?! WE KNOW THAT ALREADY! So can we please stop saying it?!

  10. didnt scary tomato say 4 times not to say ‘new post on creators blog!’?

    Scary Tomato: Yes I did, and I’m probably going to say it the 5th time in the next post. 🙄

  11. 5 people said new post? AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! My eyes!! My eyes!! Didn’t they say not to do that!! Read the comments before u post, people!!! Try to be reasonable!! 😮 😮 8o

  12. Hey, I’m a new poptropican in Poptropica. My name is Angry Mosquito on Poptropica!

    Thats cool, can’t wait till the Astro Nights island! It will be great. 😛

    – Angry Mosquito

    Scary Tomato: Welcome! 🙂

  13. LOL.The super bowl game is playing football…sadley the steelers won..go carnials!!!the onley reason why i dont like the steelers is cuz my crazy rockin roll uncle does.

  14. i luv green for princesses
    oh n i like the techo-past
    i saw a new advertisement in the middle of the street! 😆

    Scary Tomato: Please keep everything in as few comments as possible. I had to connect everything you said just now. 😉

  15. How does the sketch represent the “Astro” part of astro knights (other than the possible earing/headphones combo)? By the way, your computers must be in pretty bad shape by now! 🙂

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know, but at least they match the “knights” part because of the medieval look! 😉

  16. lol i just thought that the first princess looks like princess leia (or however you spell her name!) from star wars! because she has those headphone, earrings thing on her ears! i like the the purple one because that one looks more unique!

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