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PHB Sneak Peaks: Land Ahoy, Yogo Bucks

February 1st, 2009 #2



Welcome to the new posts of Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks, that are posted every week on Sundays. On these new posts there will be stories that only we have. And only we post them. These stories are classified and are very secret.
This week we have two articles for us to share; ‘Land Ahoy’ this is an article on the Pirate Advertisement coming out in the near future, and ‘Yogos Bucks’ is another advertisement that will be coming out next week.

-Land Ahoy-
No, Once again they haven’t landed yet…Or have they?

On January 31st, After Codien’s trekking adventure in the jungle led to a mystery involving Pirates, Codien hadn’t been able to sleep. Visions of a pirate ship, slowly drifting from a thick haze, silently landing on the sand kept him awake. The 3 pirates from the photo kept appearing in his dream, running at him with swords in hand.
Codien had had enough. He decided to trek through the jungle to the point where he found the picture to see if he could uncover, or rather find nothing to do with the pirates. After 2 hours of searching he didn’t find anything. No photos, no jewels, not even a gold tooth. There was nothing there. Feeling tired Codien decided to walk back home. It was half way through the jungle when he realised he had gone the wrong way. He was lost. Codien started to get worried. Images of the 3 pirates kept flashing in front of his eyes. In panic he turned on his heel and ran as fast as he could in one direction, Never stopping for a breath. He only slowed down when the familiar sound of the waves crashing on the beach was present. He ran through the last lines of trees when he came crashing down onto the sand. He sighed a long exhausting breath. He felt safe here.

After what seemed hours Codien looked up past the suns blazing rays and out to the water. A rush of panic filled him; he half expected a pirate ship to be looming on the horizon. But there was none. He chuckled to himself.
Crack! The sound of a tree branch broke behind him. isthatapirate
He turned in shock to see a strange man, covered in old red clothing, and a sword on the belt, standing on a rock. Before he could blink the man was gone.

Still gasping for breath, Codien couldn’t tell if what he saw was real.

Was that a real pirate standing on the rock?

This whole Pirate mystery was just too much for Codien to handle.
He decided that the best thing to do was to go see the ‘Shark Tooth’ Islands Medicine Man; and see if he could make a potion that would make him forget the pirates.
Lets just hope he doesn’t have to find another secret ingredient.

What’s the story about?
The story is about the new costume we will be getting in the new advertisement/mission.divinggame1
This pirate costume, along with two others, will be obtainable when the Froot Loops: Fruity Golden Bars mission is released. 
This Froot Loops mission will be similar to the old Froot Loops mission (which can be viewed here), where you will have to help Toucan Sam in a diving game. Except in this diving game you will get a Gold Diving suit. The Froot Loops Diving Suit, one of the prizes, is a clothing item you can wear, and you automatically blow some bubbles every few seconds when you wear it. Of course the best thing about this mission is that there will be those 3 new Pirate costumes. 😀
This mission will be released next week or maybe 3 weeks from now.

Thank-You Graham for your excellent knowledge on Froot Loops.


-Yogos Bucks-
Do you want to win some cash?


Last week as Codien was doing his usually shopping on Early Poptropica Island he ran into a strange man and women with funny hats. They were dancing and laughing, jumping and singing. They seemed to be having crazy fun!
How could Codien resist. He had to join them in their dancing and singing. After only a few minutes the song was already in his head:

“Hey Kids! Do you want to have some fun? Have some fun with me.
Grab a pack and eat them up, and prance around with glee.
You can eat, dance, and play. And win some cash with Yogos.
If you want food, and want to win some cash.
 Well then, Grab the Bucks and Go with Yogos

After dancing and singing, and having so much fun the crazy man decided to give Codien his hat. With a huge grin Codien thanked the man. 
With a sad goodbye, Codien turned on his feet and walked back home with a spring in his step. Singing the song, all the way home.

So first off if you haven’t noticed. For the past week or so there have been ads on the sides of the Poptropica game, advertising Yogos. It was advertising that in specially marked packs of Yogos, you could have a chance to win some money.

So this week or maybe next week Poptropica will bring out the ad in the game (maybe similar to the Wall-E Ad), with Poptropicans dressed in the costumes, featured in the image on the left.

Well I’m from Australia and i have no idea what Yogos are but I’m guessing they’re food.  😛

 If any of you guys didn’t notice but the two products, Froot Loops and Yogos, are both owned by Kelloggs. Which I, have came to the conclusion that…Kelloggs must be advertising on Poptropica. Thought I’d like to point that out. 🙂

So that’s my Sneak Peaks this week. Next week I’ll have sneak peaks on the upcoming island Astro-Knights and a very special Dog.
See you next week.



54 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peaks: Land Ahoy, Yogo Bucks”

  1. is that real or fake because i have not seen such a pirate.

    Scary Tomato: It’s a sneak peek of what will be coming to Poptropica in the future. The story with it is made up. 😉

  2. Is that sword from time tangled china. I have seen that sword.

    Codien: No, it is similiar, but its not the same one.

  3. Well I’m from Australia and i have no idea what Yogos are but I’m guessing their food.

    That is what you said but there is a mistake in your sentence. It is very common for a person to make that mistake hwen they are rushing. 🙂 The their is meant to be they’re.

    Codien: Thank you.

  4. Woah! how are u holding a foot ball?? 😮

    Codien: I got it when you could get items from the phone. The only way now is to press CTRL+SHIFT+R until you get the football. This will cause your whole person to change and maybe your gender but keep doing it until you get the football.

  5. Oh, and seince i’ve seen all the Peter Pan movies when i was younger, tht pirate looks just like… captin Hook.

    Codien: OMG i know right. It looks just like Mr Hook.

  6. Yea, yogos are food. ‘bite size snack… fruity on the inside, chewy on the outside’ I think they are discusting. 😛

  7. When the Yogos ad comes, I’m going to customize the guy’s shirt! And eyes if you can! And a Froot Loops ad? Cool! I might try it! I couldn’t get the Double Lemony Loot treasure last time Froot Loops Advertised!!!


    Scary Tomato: First, don’t type in all capital letters; it makes it hard to read. To answer your question, it’s one of the rewards from the Pink Panther 2 mission, but it’s for a limited time only. 😉


    Codien: You can get the camera on Shark Tooth Island, in the Tourist Building.

  10. I have a few questions,
    First of how did you find a pirate costume if it hasnt been realeased yet?
    and do you really have the Yogos hat?
    If not where did you get the photo?

    Yours Curiosly,
    Nervous Lizard

    Codien: Secret, No i don’t have the Yogos hat yet, Secret. 😛

  11. Codien i guess the the dog from big nate it is called spitsy.

    Scary Tomato: ‘Guess we’ll find out soon! 😛

  12. Hey people Shark Boy from the Poptropica creator’s blog posted a sneak peek (sketch): Princess Power. It’s for the upcoming AstroKnight island – Shark Boy wrote “AstoKnights” lol! 🙂 Sorry if I’m 2nd.

  13. hey scary tomato, what happened to smockers, i havent heard of him for a while. ❓

    Scary Tomato: What do you mean? He’s still here. 😛

  14. Since every-one says Yogos are disgusting, I’m assuming they are unless my taste buds are unique. I never heard of them before, until Poptropica introduced them to me. I guess they’re from the US. I live in the other half of the world.

  15. the diving suit kinda looks like the one on Big Nate island but the water kinda does’nt!

    Scary Tomato: The scuba suit shown here is actually the same one as Big Nate Island’s. I don’t know about the water, though. 😛

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