Wolf Quest

Smockers’ contest is now closed. More than 100 comments have been posted. The winner of this contest is……our very own COSKIT! Congratulations!

Coskit, unlike many others, only posted 2 entries, but apparently at the right time. Her comment was 100th. All spam and double comments have been deleted, and she is the official winner. Congratulations, Coskit! Your account will get a month of Membership for RTV access.

Update: The “Wolf Quest” contest is now closed; thanks for participating. But check the comments below for another contest – hosted by Smockers – for a chance to win free Poptropica membership for your own account! (:

March 4th is the perfect day for marching forth. Because today, March 4, 2010, the PHB reached the grand 3 million hits! Thanks to all of you who have come to our website for Poptropica help, and returning as regular visitors! 🙂

And in honor of this milestone, the Poptropica Help Blog is going to host a community contest right on this post! It’s simple, and [hopefully] fun for everyone. :mrgreen:

Whoever writes the 100th (non-spam) comment on this post wins a very special Poptropica account. It’s not the best account out there, but to anyone who cares about the PHB, this should mean something to you. Because this one unique Poptropican we are giving away belongs to none other than former PHB friend and author Grumpy Wolf.

As mentioned above, the competition is now over! Please keep in mind that WordPress comments are a little messed up, so future comments may end up being posted above a past comment instead of below, etc. However, we have eliminated the unnecessary spam, and the 100th non-spam comment/winner of Grumpy Wolf’s account goes to…

Ocean Clover ♣

Congratulations! Grumpy Wolf’s Poptropica account details will be sent to you within the next few days. Please check your e-mail and reply when the message comes. 😉

As we mentioned, the comments may be slightly rearranged accidentally as more comments continue to roll in, and there is nothing we can do about it (it’s a WordPress glitch; you could say this could be a luck factor of the contest) – so this is image proof to ensure that Ocean Clover ♣ is the rightful winner:

Click to enlarge picture!

Please consider the following points if you wish to participate!

  • GW’s username is Wolf811.
  • Grumpy Wolf’s password will be sent to the winner’s e-mail address, so when typing your comment in, please make sure the “e-mail” field is filled in with a working e-mail which will accept messages from
  • The winner must reply the PHB’s e-mail within a week to let us know that they have successfully received the account. If not, the prize will be sent to the person who wrote the comment following after the 100th.
  • Spam comments will be deleted without warning, so the prize goes to the 100th non-spam comment. Spammers will be disqualified. Reply comments do not count towards the ‘100’.

Good luck, guys! Happy 3 million!

Also, there’s a new PCB post from Vlad the Viking, with a sneak peek for a special surprise coming soon to the Poptropica Store! They’re calling it a “micro-quest”, so it sounds like a little mission, and it seems that Dr. Hare is involved: despite already appearing on both 24 Carrot and Reality TV Islands. xD

Blog Post Title: New Micro-Quest coming soon to the Poptropica Store!
Description: It seems that a certain character is up to his old tricks again. I can’t say I wish that he would stop it, because stopping him will be so much fun! Keep ever watchful, because this new micro-quest will be coming soon to the Poptropica store!
Image URL:
Image Name: mysteryMachine.jpg
Based on Vlad’s words, it sounds like he enjoys acting as a superhero and stopping evil villains from misdeeds. And he knows that we do, too. 😀

478 thoughts on “Wolf Quest”

  1. Here’s another mini contest for you guys. The 100th reply to THIS COMMENT wins a month of membership to access RTV Island.

    Same rules apply from the first contest. NO SPAM WHATSOEVER BECAUSE I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. You cannot reply two or more times in a row. If someone else replies, only then can you reply again. You do not need a working E-Mail when you submit your comment; ALL I NEED is your Poptropican username that you log in with in your comment. Your password is not needed, so please do not post it.


    1. OOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Inzsane

      thankx Smockers!

      1. I already have membership…but I’ll still enter… 👿 JK, I’ll let you guys win.

    2. Hmm…… I wanna see if I can get in this…….. Oh, the fun and drama all over again! Im getting stars………….

    3. Awesome! (did you mean reply to This exact comment, like what i’m doing? or did you mean 100 replies after this comment?)

      1. “The 100th reply to THIS COMMENT” – meaning the 100th person to reply to this exact comment originally posted by Smockers. 😉

      2. Hey wait Ocean Clover didn’t win! She didn’t reply to this exact comment like Hijuyo said!

        Hijuyo: There are two competitions – replying to Smockers’s comment for membership (not over yet), and Grumpy Wolf’s account (which Clover won). 😛

    4. wait…username that we log in with comment?
      Please explain…

      Hijuyo: If you want to participate, reply to Smockers’s comment with your Poptropica login username. 🙂

    5. for mebership i mean wow you guys are really generous spendin 4 dollars on people you dont even know … O.o im impressed

    6. Ooh… Good luck everyone! Thanks for another contest, Smocks! You rock!
      My username is Kristindou, but I gotta feeling I won’t win. 😉

    7. So… How awesome shall we say Smocks is for running this superb contest? Supe-ultra-mega awesome? 😛

    8. hiya. lots of replys. gosh… oh and did you see the new diary of a wimpy kid ad. its sweet.. and its got a game!!!!

    9. Oooh, here’s something to think about…
      Say you won Smockers OH-SO-GENEROUS contest and got membership, what would you get?

      1. Also, if you really own the Costume Collector, and save store clothes from membership in there that you only member-own, when your membership expires, would you be able to customize it? Who knows…

        Hijuyo: No, if you obtained any store item with membership, it will be gone when your membership expires. You can only keep it forever when you purchase it with credits. 😉

    10. GUYS! Some of you.. *cough* Quick Berry*cough* were NOT following Smocker’s Rules~ He CLEARLY stated that…
      “Same rules apply from the first contest. NO SPAM WHATSOEVER BECAUSE I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. You cannot reply two or more times in a row. If someone else replies, only then can you reply again.”

    11. i win for now but if anyone replies in the first 100,QB will win

      Hijuyo: Actually, for excessive spamming, neither you or QB are qualified for a chance to win. 😐

    12. Wow…these are SOOOOO MANY replies…
      *Note: I’m not entering this, that’s why I didn’t put mah user name. It wouldn’t be fair, since I won the last contest, and I have Membership anyway.

      1. I don’t think replies like THIS count. The one that you are replying to (Orange Tummy’s) is the one that counts, from Smockers, to OT. 😉

        -Happy Storm
        PFB Adminstrator
        PFB Owner

    13. Just saying, but the majority of Smockers’s mini-contest participants are spamming, meaning that they will be disqualified. You guys need to read over all the rules and follow them if you want to ensure that you qualify for the prize. 😉

      Curious Sky, Bony Raptor, Quick Berry,and Tkowch2 will be disqualified for excessive spamming. The PHB has deleted any comments we consider unnecessary. 😐

      1. So, how many replies are there by now?

        Smockers: Oh, I wasn’t exactly planning to count replies to replies. I can foresee a problem that might arise if we did count them. Someone would reply to my comment and be the 100th reply, including replies to replies, but then someone else would reply to the comment before the “real 100th reply” to make it look like they won.

    14. ….I’m just gonna wait until someone post the 98th post. Waiting for 99th is too risky. 😉 Congrats to whoever wins!

    15. Username: Maroonfire23 – Gawd, this contest is confusing. I have no heck of a idea what number I am and I think I lost anywyas, so…. Hope I win! (Idoubt :P)

    16. I think that only replies to Smockers’ exact comment should count, because then, like Smockers said, cheating could happen.

      1. Neat Whale was deleting the hundreds of spam comments, and she wanted to be undisturbed by more spam comments.

      1. Aww all of my comments were deleted! Including my username comment so…
        username: jlewan9
        This an awesome contest!!

    17. Um, I’m not really sure if you can allow this but . . . I forgot to put up my user . . . so . . . here it is? (I put a question mark because I’m afraid this might be against the rules) lightsaber21

    18. last night was rough!We got 100 replies and ppl keep on replying to change the winner!Ima hungry!Im going to get cheese.

      1. 85! Go ahead and delete these…but so many comments…brain hurts *Holds head*

    19. happy 3 million! my username is EJB121099
      and my poptropican is smart-kid. I hope that i win th contest!

    20. I think we’re almost there! Good luck everyone I can’t wait to see who might win!!!
      Kristindou is my user. 😉

    21. Wow! I cannot believe the PHB has 3 million hits! A square of applause (rounds are so lame) to everyone who posts!
      My name is White Plug.

    22. I probably won’t win anyway because of my horrible luck but here we go: usefulaccount2
      Hope I win and good lck to everyone else! 😀 And remember, no spamming or repeating comments in a row! 🙂

      1. Hope I win through this contest. I REALLY want to check out membership 🙂 Thanks – Maroonfire23

    23. Is this thing over yet? Not that I want it to be, but the suspense is killing me. Just incase username: diamond230

      Hijuyo: It’s over when it’s over. Meaning, when a winner is announced. Stay tuned on this post for details. And remember, spammers WILL be disqualified.

    24. Cool Contests Smockers…wait…am I the winner of THIS CONTEST? OMG! I don’t have membership and I want to get it SO bad(sorry for the caps!)!What’s the next contest going to be,Smockers?

      1. 😮

        IS IT DONE???? DID SOMEONE WIN?!!?(sorry for the caps.)

    25. what is the reply count??? O man i have a headache *takes advil* iandude2 i never win 😦

    26. Sorry that I didnt put my username on my last comment. Its 9austin9 (I waited so I didnt break the rules more 😛 Sorry bout that, ill try to put my usernames on my comment replys)

    27. Just in case, but we’re probably WAY over the 100, can I please submit my piratesofthecar account? 🙂

    28. I counted about 80 relies (excluding replies to replies, but I might have included spam somewhere there)

    29. Good luck reading all these comments, Smockers! See? Look at that… Wasting his own time and money for us… HOW AWESOME IS HE?!

      User: Kristindou

      Best of luck,

    30. Thanks, but I think there is still a pretty long way to go. And even if I was, a bunch of comments will be deleted (for spam). username: diamond230

    31. Another post just in case. And Coskit, If you’re reading this, I like your 3,000,000 hits cologe or what ever they call it. It’s BEASTLY!

    32. Perfect Octopus:
      Yes but you see we don’t know if replies to replies count, because otherwise it is possible for it to change. We’re counting single replies.

      Hijuyo: Smockers has decided already that replies to replies will not count.

    33. this is crazy! most of this is replies to replies that do not count! this is warbid fun 😀 oh, and by some minute chance this is comment 100, piratesofthecar. 😉

      1. Is staff deleting spam still? It seems like I’m the winner now… Like first I counted it was you then it’s me now…. I’m confused! D:<

      2. No, no more spam is being deleted. I just recounted for the 7th time and I’m the winner. Sorry, but maybe you miscounted?

      3. Hmm… Yep. I just recounted now you’re the winner. But since there’s still spam no one is for sure who the REAL winner is, right Coskit? LOL, I hate the way you can never be sure cuz of SPAM!

      4. but-but-but… she’s an author ! she could probably keep track of the comments or something. I dont have anything against Coskit, but to me this contest doesn’t seem fair. we all live in different places, and sleep in different times. How are we supposed to keep track of the 100th comment? *sighs* sorry,smockers, but this was a lame idea. You couldve done a costume thing again.

      5. Coskit, do you live by EST? If you do, so do I. It IS fair, even if, she’s an owner. You guys saying that it’s not fair are probably just jealous.

      6. I know, right? Congrats, Coskit! I just counted again and you are the hundredth comment! Unlucky me. I was the 101st and 99th comment… SO UNLUCKY!! If only ONE more spam comment was deleted. xD LOL Congrats again, Coskit! Enjoy the membership!

      7. Congatulations, Coskit! btw, I think you should keep your name Coskit, but keep your name as you wish! 🙂 😀

    34. Ya, but at the same time so many are spam, i guess we’ll just have to wait and see who won! username: diamond230

    35. This is so fun! Yet such an easy idea…. Thx for everything, PHB, such as updating everyone on Poptropica, providing guides, for 3 million hits! :mrgreen: My user for the contest is usefulaccount2

      Happy Storm

    36. This is nerve racking! You never know if someone already one or not. But that’s what we live for right, we live for the ride (I know its cheesy). Just in case……….diamond230


      1. Uh, FYI You are WAAAAY past the 100th mark. It’s already been broken…:| 100 comments ain’t hard for spammers… Who did spam here. Hey PHB, remember you said people are disqualified? Are they spam? Will those comments be deleted? Just wondering. :mrgreen:

        Hijuyo: People who have spammed too much will be disqualified, but any non-spam comment they make will still be up. 😉

    38. The winner is….. who again? I don’t know who one. First, I counted Me as the 100th, then, Happy Storm, then, Coskit. WHO IS IT? I could be wrong. It could be someone else. we’ll have to find out from Smockers.

    39. OMG, congrats Coskit! But like Coskit herself said, Reality TV Island is only about 2 weeks away. Once again Coskit………Congrats!

    40. Ok i give up i will never enter contests ever again unless i am encouraged enough *throws in towel* man this is happening *drinks lemonade,throws up* I GIVE UP HOPE!!!

    41. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I HOPE I WIN

  2. First I was like…whoa, I’m totally joining this…then when I saw the comment count I was like…ouch. Congrats to the winner. 🙂

    Happy 3 million hits BTW! cookies for everybody!

    1. Lol same xD!

      … THis isnt a reply to Smockers contest, right? I hope not, cuz then i’d be breaking the rules…. and I forgot to put the username on my second comment (user 9austin9)

  3. Ok now Im goonna post for real. Congrats to the winner ^^ Hope they are lucky. Looks like it is nailed on Ocean Clover.

  4. Ok it moved again? Could someone PLEASE tell me whats going on PLEASE? Im SO confused!

    Hijuyo: Why don’t you actually read over the entire post for once if you really want to know what’s going on? 😐

  5. HAPPY THWEE MILLION PHB! What kind of cookie is it this time? 😀

    FINALLY you do this contest. Ive been waiting a looong time since youve been promising that for like a year now.

    Bye all . Im Leaving for the weekend 😦 (no computer unless theres one in the hotel lobby)

  6. congratz y’all!! 3,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to let you know that this is my favorite blog and i go on this and poptropica every single day!!! i love y’all!!!

  7. I don’t think these contests are quite fair… that’s just my opinion… but people spamming ruin it for people who get the hundredth comment but discover the spam deleted and their comment moved.

    1. You do have a point, and that’s the big reason why spammers here are not appreciated.

      Basically, when people see this post about the 3 million hits milestone, those who want to participate in the contest will comment. The PHB has to go through every comment every day and delete what is spam.

      What’s left is checked over as acceptable for the public to see. And also, when comments are deleted, the remaining comments often go up and down (a WordPress glitch we cannot fix), which is the luck factor of the competition. After this, we looked for the 100th comment to find our winner.

      At the time, the winner of GW’s account is Ocean Clover. The screen capture image above (in the post) backs this up. This will change, because of the WordPress glitch we mentioned, but O.C. still has rightfully earned the prize. 😀


      1. I hold the 100th comment now. Do I get a prize too?

        Hijuyo: No. Read the Wolf Quest post description above. The winner was already determined, and the fact that you’re now 100th commenter is a WordPress glitch. >_>

  8. CONGRATS TO OCEAN CLOVER FOR 100th COMMENT! wow,your lucky…100th comment wow wow wow wow wow wow…*keeps on saying wow*

  9. Side note – You guys would not believe the amount of comments that have been deleted just for this competition. This post alone, which has only been up for a couple days, has over 300 comments gone under Trash.

    Really, guys. We don’t even have to have contests – so if you do want to have more of these in the future, show the Poptropica Help Team that we can keep these things going.

    Say no to drugs SPAM (Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages). 😛

    1. Aye, aye Hijuyo! *start PHBSP (PHB spam patrol)* lolz. 😉 wow, thats a lot of spam comments. 😮

    2. Did I spam? And when WILL this contest end? abcde2332

      Hijuyo: As if it wasn’t already obvious – the contest ends when we find (after deleting spam) and officially announce the winner. 🙄

    3. Really. It gets so annoying and frustrating to have to TURN OFF COMMENTS just to clean up someone else’s mess… :/

    4. I know. The number of spam comments is crazy. NW and I combined took over 4 hours to delete all of the spam.

      Hijuyo: That’s what happens on the PHB. 😛

  10. Ah, well…Congrats OC! Have fun with RTV! WHILE US NON-MEMBERS HAVE TO STARVE TO DEATH AND EAT PEBBLES. 😉 Enjoy!

      1. i don’t starve to death.I had chicken on Friday! 😀 Yay!My characters are probably eating spaghetti right now!Wait,I,m a chef…. 0_0 Lunch,anyone?!! 😛
        Oh,yeah I’m a non-member too! 😀

  11. Uh…Um…Don’t know if this contest is still going or like, what comment number I am so anyways, My poptropican username is maroonfire23 and I think that’s it, I think…

    1. I think he had oxygen and he got a multiverse code and saved himself on his last day!!! :O or maybe you’re right ☼Godia§CoolWing§Anja☼, maybe he is super bunny! :O

      1. LOL!!!! 😀
        I’d probably call him
        “Da (not)amazing Bunny Guy!”
        That just goes to show how ridiculous i am sometimes…. 😛
        *Listens to pop music*

  12. For Smocker’s contest entrants:
    You guys do know that replies to replies don’t count, right? ‘Cause then were only like at 60. 😐 COUNTING the spam comments.

  13. Hey, remember how monster carnival was replaced by 24 carrot? maybe this new micro quest is going to be a mini monster carnival! :O just an idea it’s unlikely

  14. I’m so happy for you ocean clover!:D Don’t worry if you didn’t win,everyone’s a winner! P.s My poptropica user name is cuteness73 (Smocker’s contest)


    Hey, do you guys know that the Dr. Hare quest is now available in the stores for 250 credits? Don’t get it. It’s like that ad called Race to Witch Mountain. AN EXACT duplicate. You don’t even SEE Mr. Hare!! Trust me. WASTE of CREDITS. Goodbye, now.

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