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phb blimp logo2What’s popping? Welcome to the Poptropica Help Blog, also known as the PHB for short. This blog was founded by Slanted Fish on July 26, 2008 and has established itself as a popular Poptropica fansite operating for 10+ years.

Here at the PHB, our goal is to enhance your Poptropica experience by sharing game tips, secrets, news, walkthroughs, tools, and more. If you immerse yourself, you’ll also find a fun-loving community in the blog comments, our Discord chat server, and more. Take a ride on the PHB blimp and explore, collect, compete! 😉

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Meet the team

The PHB team is the crew that brings you the latest news on the homepage. We are ordinary players, not Poptropica Creators (though we wish we were). Many of us like to hang out on the PHB’s official Discord chat server, the PHC, so you might see us there!

Read the blurbs below to learn a little about the people behind this blog:

Slanted Fish

Hey there! I’m Slanted Fish, the editor-in-chief and creator of the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB). The nickname is inspired by a wordplay on my Chinese name, my perpetually slanted posture, and my love of fish. I’m a writer, artist, appreciator of good puns, Hong Kong native, and Christ follower. Feel free to add me on Poptropica – my username is slantedfish. 🐠

Spotted Dragon

Hi, I’m Spotted Dragon, or SD (you can add me at ooolala13), and I live in the US. My entire life is basically me freaking out about fandoms and stuff. There’s not much else to it. I also enjoy art and I am a big supporter of human rights. Be sure to check out my DeviantArt and don’t be afraid to start up a conversation!

Lucky Joker

Hello, everyone! I’m Lucky Joker, a Poptropica enthusiast who lives in the US. Some of my hobbies are drawing, writing and playing the keyboard—to name a few. I also dabble in film & production and I enjoy listening to music (a lot). I’m also on Twitter and DeviantArt.

Fierce Flyer

Hey everyone, Fierce Flyer here! I’m a 13-year-old boy who enjoys drawing, writing, sports, reading and of course, blogging! You may know me from my Poptropica blog, Fierce Flyer Adventures. You can also add me on Poptropica with the username muuuuuuuuuuu4 (I know, it’s a lot of u’s). As always, Fly Fierce!

Sporty Boa

Sporty Boa’s the name, but you can call me SB for short. I’m just a teen with big dreams, big hair, and a huge love for Poptropica! Besides playing and blogging about Pop, my hobbies are basketball, reading, and video games. I love animals and have three amazing pets (two cats and a bunny). You can add me on Poptropica with the username warei.

Gentle Dolphin

Hello, I’m Jordyn, or Gentle Dolphin! I like to write stories and draw pictures. One of my goals in life is to become a comic artist and an animator. I enjoy baking, singing, dancing, playing computer games, and spending time with family. I also love animals, especially love cats. You can add me on Poptropica with the username magicalyre or find me on Twitter, Instagram, as well as on my own Poptropica fan blog.

Past PHB Authors

We would also like to thank all previous PHB authors for contributing to our community. A shout-out to the following: Smockers, Codien, Grumpy Wolf, Gazek, Golden Eagle, Sparkle Star/Green Seal, TyrianWhispersSecret (Neat Whale/Mara), iMango (Cool Wing), Coskit, Hyper Star, Enclosed Lightning, Rainfall/RCG, CoderkidHicoga/GAGreen BoaMTSkyboy303, Rainbow DashSuper ThunderIcy CometAngry WingShaggy TornadoFuzzy-BCheerful SingerBlakeSamwow5Giant HawkMighty GamerKoi (Cobalt), YlimegirlHPuterpopPerfect SkyUltimate iPad ExpertSlippery Raptor, Happy LobsterPurple ClawSilver Wolf, and Brave Tomato.

🌟 Sharing Poptropica’s awesomeness since July 26, 2008 🌟


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  1. You guys rock!!! You are just like me, I love to write and read the news, that is why I work for the school paper!!! You guys are totally awesome!;)

  2. Poptropica is really cool, and thanks for all of the guides! I’m a Christian too, and I think its cool that everybody can visit this website.

  3. *My Real Name is Cody
    *My Birthday is September 15, 1999 (In 5 Days!)
    *I am 9 1/2 and I will Be 10 in 5 Days
    *I Love Poptropica and My Favorite Islands are Super Power, Reality TV, Spy, and Astro-Knights
    *I am Really Talented at Drawing and Making Stuff On the Computer with Micorsoft Paint
    *I Live in Canada (Ontario)
    *I Have Two Cats, one Dog, One Hamster, and one Lizard (ALOT)
    *My Favorite Things on the Internet are Poptropica, Club Penguin, and OnlineGames.Com!

      1. -My real name is Tyson
        -I’m 12 and my birthday is on the 8th October,2002
        -I live in Poptropolis Games
        -My username is knucklehead5249
        My Poptropican is a boy
        -I am a member (HOORAY)
        -I have a cat named Fluskers and a dog named Ratbull (Don’t ask me why I gave them thosenames)
        -I am very intelligent
        -I belong to the Black Flags I was once a Nanobots,Pathfinders and Wildfire
        I have 4752 friends
        I was playing Poptropica since 2007
        Thayts about it (sorry if I gave out a lot of personal information)

    1. -My real name is Wilbur
      -I’m 6
      -I have a dog
      -I live in Spy Island
      -I get a lot of As and Bs in Math and Reading
      -I am not a member
      – I have been given detention too many times
      – If you want to friend me, it’s hesnothappy.

    2. Heres the scoop on me:

      -My real name is Rick-Rick
      -My birthday is on July 6 2000
      -I’m 13
      -I have 2 cats but one died so now I have 1
      -I have two sisters and one brother
      -I live in Florida
      -I one was a member but it expired
      -My Players name is Cuddly Burger
      -My Poptropica DS player is Green Noodle.LOL

    3. -My real name is Ashley (I’m not a girl)
      -My birthday is on September 14 1998
      -I’m 14 years old
      -Sadly! I have no pets
      -I’m a Christian
      -I graduated middle school and completed 8th grade
      -I live in Washington
      -My favorite sport is baseball

      1. -I belong to the Flying Squid
        -I have met 2 Celebrities (Tim McGraw & One Direction)
        -My favorite TV shows are Pair of Kings, Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob & Sonic X
        -My Poptropica adventures player is Wild Scorpion. XD ROFL LOL!

  4. Hey one of the bloggers in the KBS told me about your blog and said we should invite you to join our club. We just started and we’re called the Kid Blogger Society. were only inviting the best bloggers. Check this out: kidbloggersociety.com and tell me what you think. There are new members joining everyday and there’s a couple KBS members from your world! if you want to join with us email bloggers@camppete.com and i’ll send you the stuff to join. We’re gonna have meetings and parties with kid bloggers from all different games. Tell me if you think we should invite anyone else too.

  5. I’m a long time fan of Poptropica, but I just started visiting the Poptropica Help Blog and I LOVE IT!!! This site is great, and I’d like to thank the Poptropica Creators and the PHB Staff for making it! 😀

    Hijuyo: Many thanks to you for visiting, Friendly Coyote! 🙂

    1. The PHB staff are not the Creators of Poptropica.The Creators of Poptropica are those wh work at Pearson Esucation company.

  6. wow…it’s been ages since i posted! im 13, and i’ve been playing poptropica when the only island out was early poptropica. i was so excited when sharktooth came out!! 😉 ive been playing for ages! but it keeps saying ‘an error occured at the database, please try again later.’ do you know what that means?

  7. Hi my Poptropican`s name is Yellow Singer or Rough Icicle.I live in the U.S.A in Savannah,GA.I am a seven year old boy.I love this blog Hijuyo!Thanks for it!I always have a little trouble on Spy Island,though.*sighs*I also have many blogs on WordPress!Look at my Gravatar to see another piece of my worpress account!:)

  8. This is a good help blog. I love to play on poptropica and have completed all the islands but spy, astro knights, and super power. Right now, I am doing astro knights. My favorite island is probably time tangled, since it is really fun and it has lots of facts about different places and times.

  9. Here’s a story!

    The Mystery of the Poptropican Ghost

    Chapter 1:Befuddlment and Confusion

    It all started one morning when Clean Sinker headed downstairs for breakfast. Her 3 sisters, Clean Eagle, Clean Snowball, and Clean Fly were fighting over puzzle pieces. Her 1 brother, Clean Icicle, was building with blocks, even though he was 15. “What’s going on in here?” asked Sinker. “I haven’t had a turn and they won’t let me go first!” whined Eagle. Eagle was 6, Snowball was 14,Fly was 12, and Sinker was 9. Sinker wore knickers and a cowl. Fly wore denim jeans. Icicle wore denim jeans. Everyone but Sinker wore denim jeans. “Alright, what is it this time?” asked their mother, Clean Paw. “MOM!THEY WON’T SHARE!” yelled Eagle. “Girls…”, said Paw, in her deep, low tone of voice that sent chills up Fly’s and Snowball’s spines. Snowball and Flu instantly scampered out of the room. “Befuddlement and confusion…”, mumbled Icicle.

    Chapter 2: The Deep, Dark Cave

    “You’ve GOT to be kidding me”, said Sinker. “C’mon. You’ve been fighting 24/7.
    Stop it.” The next day, Sinker got on the computer and went to Google Search. She typed, ‘How to stop fighting’. Then she saw a pop-up window that said: ‘PSN has stopped working’. ‘PSN’ standed for ‘PoptropicaSoft Network’. She turned off the computer. “TIME TO GO TO THE BUS STOP! Paw yelled from downstairs. “OK”, said Icicle and Sinker, sighing. “YAY!” screamed the other girls, which were Fly, Eagle, and Snowball.

    Chapter 3: Mystery at Recess

    “Oops, gotta go get my pencil”, said Sinker during writing. “BRB.” Sinker was in 5th grade, Icicle was in eighth, and the others were in Kintergarten. Sinnker was in Mrs. Green’s class. Today in writing, they had to write a spooky story. Invisible Coyote’s was about a black cat with a limp. Sinker’s story was about a bat who’s brain had been taken over by aliens and it was going insane until an owl pressed an off button. Later, at recess, Sinker met Icicle at the slide that was numbered ‘7’. All the slides were numbered from 1 to 10. Then they saw a white transparent figure. They thought at first that it was just a prankster, but it WAS a ghost. “I am Williamson Crimson…”, it mumbled. It was a boy.

    Chapter 4: Unexplainable

    “This is SO unexplainable”, said Icicle, backing up. Sinker backed up too. “Another word for ‘unexplainable’ is ‘paranormal’…”, mumbled Sinker.
    “Um…Uh..”, Williamson Crimson mumbled.

    Chapter 5: A Computer Virus… AGAIN!

    “AAAAARRRGH!” yelled Sinker. “MY PC HAS A VIRUS… AGAIN!” She turned the computer off and went to read her book called ‘Ghosts: The Real Deal & How to Fight Them’.
    The first page read: ‘The real deal is riddles. Williamson Crimson is a riddle master, a mystery of a ghost. How to Fight Them: Figuring out their riddles! The most common one is: ‘Find the silver emerald chalice.’ It’s up to YOU to find it!’
    “Ummm…”, Sinker said. She paused. “I’ve gotta tell Icicle!”

    Chapter 6: Our Mystery, Solved & Done

    The next morning Sinker told Icicle what she had read the previous night. “We’ve GOT to find the chalice!” said Icicle when he heard. “Yeah”, agreed Sinker. “The chalice.”
    Later at slide number 7 when they met, Williamson Crimson wasn’t there yet. “Page 34 said we have until midnight of October 31. Halloween”, Sinker told Icicle. “OK’, said Icicle, “But how will we find it?” There was a long pause. “What about Haunted House? It said something about a…”
    “Chalice”, Icicle finished Sinker’s sentence. “I know.” After school, they went to Haunted House. They saw a silver cup with
    emeralds on it. “That must be the chalice!” said Sinker, excitedly. “Quick, get it!”
    So Icicle picked it up and the next day they met at slide number 7 with the chalice. Williamson Crimson was there, waiting for them. “You have done well”, he said, “And you brought me the chalice.Your reward? 2,000 Poptropica credits. “Wow,thanks!” said Icicle and Sinker at the exact same time.
    “We’ve solved our mystery!” they said. “Our mystery, solved and done!” Their sisters stopped fighting.


    cowl: A long, hooded cloak
    knickers: loose short pants gathered at the knee



    1. srry if off topic
      this is my new story (i was Clean Sinker, get used to calling me Brokenfeather)
      DISCLAIMER~~~i do NOT claim to own warriors. or the copyright

      Warriors: The Biggest Secret: Book #1:
      One Moon Longer


      It was moonrise. “Birchpelt!” a voice called her. “Yes,Featherpaw?”
      “Can we go hunting yet?”
      “Err… well… okay.”
      Birchpelt’s voice sounded worried. Last time that Featherpaw had gone hunting, she had accidentally crossed VioletClan territory and almost faced a battle with their kittypet leader, Rainstar.
      Featherpaw stalked, broke into a run, pounced, and caught a vole. “Nice catche!” Birchpelt commented. “Don’t thank me, thank StarClan!” she retorted, but Birchpelt could hear a hint of laughter in her voice. Then Featherpaw caught the sent of fox. “Fox!” she exclaimed, “run! Head for our territory!” They both sprinted to BlackClan territory. “Cinderstar! Cinderstar!” Birchpelt called. “What is it?”
      “But foxes never come on BlackClan territory-” Cinderstar cut herself off. “What in the name of StarClan?” “Watch out!” Dapplestream shrieked.
      The fox grabbed Cinderstar and bit her throat. Tigerspots reared his head back and yowled, “Cinderstar!”

      Chapter 1:

      It was early dawn in BlackClan. It was the day after Cinderstar died from the fox attack. Birchpelt and Featherpaw told the BlackClan deputy, Reedfeather, the news. He yowled. “Reedfeather, calm down! Don’t you remember that part in the warrior code?”
      “Great StarClan, of course I do, Dapplestream!”
      “Then why are you yowling?”
      “Don’t you remember? We had to sit vigil all night! Now I’m so tired I could fall asleep on my paws!”
      “Just go do what you have to.”
      Reedfeather sighed. “Okay”, he said, “but I had a dream from StarClan. Dustclaw appeared to me, and he said ‘the wind will grow stronger, and the dark will face kittypets.'” Featherpaw flinched. “Well, I think we should leave him in peace to do whatever he has to,” she said. “I know”, Birchpelt said, “Tigerspots, Raggedwhisker, Flameclaw, and Brownpaw, you do the dawn patrol.”
      Chapter 2

      “I’m not Brownpaw’s mentor!” Raggedwhisker retorted. “You’re just doing a patrol!” Birchpelt retorted back.

      “Who made you the deputy?”
      “What? Impossible! Cinderstar isn’t dead!”
      “There was a fox attack…”
      “Alright, fine! Just don’t make me mentor that mouse-brain!”
      The argument was over. “Fireleaf! Tawnyfang is having her kits!” Crookedfur called.
      “Coming!” Fireleaf panted. “Now, what do we do when a nursing queen is in her kitting and has greencough?”
      “Catmint for the sickness, poppy seeds for the pain.”
      “Right.” Crookedfur grabbed some catmint and poppy seeds. “Here- give some to Tawnyfang, and to her kits in case it’s contagious.”
      “Okay, Crookedfur,” Fireleaf answered.
      He clutched some catmint in his jaws. “Tawnyfang! I brought the catmint!” he called. “Oh, thank StarClan!” she cried.
      “See that you’ve had the kits. They’ll need some.”
      “What are their names?”
      “Whitekit and Thrushkit.”
      Whitekit opened his eyes. “Where am I?” he wondered aloud. “You’re in the nursery,”
      Tawnyfang said.
      “And I’m your mother, Tawnyfang.”
      “Flameclaw, Brownpaw, Featherpaw, Raggedwhisker, you can go out on a hunting patrol,” Reedstar called, “Tigerspots, Dapplestream, Spottedfire, you can patrol borders along VioletClan and TreeClan.”

      Chapter 3

      “Wow, Brownpaw, you caught a rabbit!”
      Featherpaw called after him, “I caught a vole!”
      “Calm down, you two!” Bramblepelt called. Brownpaw stalked a sparrow. He pounced. “Wow! I never knew I could jump so high!” he contradicted.
      “Well, the rabbit was a useful catch,” Bramblepelt muttered.
      They sped past Twolegplace and they were soon back in BlackClan territory. Brownpaw and Featherpaw put their catches on the fresh-kill pile.”It’s too bad that Birchpelt is an elder now,” Featherpaw commented.
      “You can fetch some moss for her, if you like,” Reedstar called, obviously hearing her. “Sure,” she called back.

      Chapter 4

      “There’s some near StripeClan territory,” Brownpaw said.
      “I still don’t see why they’re called StripeClan; they’re not even striped!” Featherpaw said.
      When they reached the border, they gathered as much moss as they could.
      “It’s getting late, and Reedstar said we could go to the Gathering! I can’t wait,” Featherpaw commented. They headed past the Halfbridge and went to their territory. Featherpaw put her moss for Birchpelt’s bedding, while Brownpaw put some for Silverclaw’s bedding.

      Chapter 5

      “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting,” Reedsttar called. “Since Birchpelt is now an elder, we need a new deputy. I have found a warrior that is willing to become that cat. And that cat is Spottedfire.” The cats cheered. “Spottedfire, do you promise to stay loyal to and protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” The calico hesitated for a moment and then said, “I do.”
      “Then forward, you will be deputy.” Dapplestream detected a hint of amusement in Reedstar’s green eyes.
      Then Brown paw detected a scent, and saw Greenpaw, Yellowstripe, Rainstar, and the rest of the VioletClan cats in the bushes. “Invasion!” he yowled. Rainstar battled Tigerspots, while Flameclaw pounced on Greenpaw, yowling. Whitekit and Thrushkit were apprentices now; Whitepaw took on Yellowstripe, while Thrushpaw took on
      Hawkpelt. Featherpaw saw Bramblepelt fall down. “What in the name of StarClan is going on? Why are you invading our territory?” Reedstar challenged.
      “I saw a bunch of fresh-kill in our territory that had BlackClan scent on it! Mouse-brain! Prey-stealer!”
      “Crookedfur! Crookedfur!” Featherpaw screeched, “It’s Bramblepelt! Come quick hurry!” Seeing her panic glitter in her yellow eyes, Crookedfur sprinted towards Bramblepelt. He leaned his ear on Bramblepelt’s chest. “Oh, great StarClan,” he whispered, “another cat to StarClan, after Dustclaw and Cinderstar. I can’t take it any more.”
      Featherpaw and Brownpaw reared their heads back in an ear-splitting yowl.

      Chapter 6

      “Featherpaw, Brownpaw,” Reedstar said, “Do you promise to stay loyal to
      and protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”
      “We do.”
      “Then from this day onward, you will be known as Featherpelt and Brownclaw.”
      “Featherpelt! Brownclaw! Featherpelt! Brownclaw!” the other cats cheered.
      “We’re warriors!” Brownclaw meowed excitedly.Featherpelt kept silent until their vigil was over.

      Chapter 7

      “Whitepaw! Thrushpaw!”
      Tigerspots called, “time for some hunting!”
      Whitepaw blinked awake, while Thrushpaw flinched. They followed Tigerspots to the place with the tallest grass, but the most prey and the least ticks. Thrushpaw caught a vole, Whitepaw caught a squirrel, and Tigerspots caught a mouse. They carried their prey to the fresh-kill pile. “Whitepaw! Thrushpaw! Come up to the Highledge!” Reedstar called. They climbed up the Highledge. “Let all cats old enough to fetch their own prey gather beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!” he called.He licked his dark tan pelt and said, “Whitepaw, Thrushpaw,” he said, “do you promise to stay loyal to and protect your Clan, even at..err… at the cost of your life?”
      Whitepaw and Thrushpaw hesitated.
      “We do.”
      “Then from this day ownward you will be known as Whitefeather and Thrushfall.”
      “Whitefeather! Thrushfall! Whitefeather! Thrushpaw!” the Clan cheered.

      Chapter 8

      Featherpelt sighed as she collected moss for Birchpelt and Brownclaw collected moss for Dapplestream, who was now an elder. “Do you think this is enough moss?” Featherpelt asked. “Sure,” Brownclaw said, “can I tell you something?”
      “Yes. What is it?”
      “I overheard Tawnyfang say that you’re my kin.”
      “No way!”
      “Mouse-brain!” he giggled, “just ask Tawnyfang!”
      They made their way back to BlackClan camp and put the moss in the elders’ den for bedding. Then they stopped at the fresh-kill pile. Whitefeather was munching on a vole, while Thrushfall was gnawing and nibbling away on a squirrel. Featherpelt chose a nearly scrawny rabbit, and Brownclaw chose a fat mouse. “Not very hungry, eh?” he teased. “Mouse-brain!” Featherpelt snapped, “of course I’m hungry!” Brownclaw just stayed silent, munching away on his mouse.

      Chapter 9

      “Crookedfur! Tigerspots has been hurt!” Spottedfire cried. Crookedfur flinched. “Another attack?” he wondered aloud.”Yep, TreeClan thought that they saw Flameclaw climbing one of their trees, and attacked! But I saw Flameclaw climbing that tree, and he was on our side of the border!Now he has a gash down the side of his belly, and just to make it worse he caught some cat’s blackcough!”
      “Oh, StarClan help us!” Crookedfur yowled.
      “At least Mistyclaw still has Stonekit and Dustkit,” Spottedfire muttered. Crookedfur and Fireleaf fed Tigerspots plenty of catmint, and some cobwebs for the bleeding, and poppy seeds for the pain, but nothing seemed to work. “StarClan forbid!” Tigerspots rasped. He lifted his paw. It fell, his eyes closed, and he was silent. Crookedfur’s yowl seemed to split the air into two pieces. Reedstar came rushing to the medicine cat’s den. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “Tigerspots is dead,” Crookedfur answered. Reedstar called a meeting, and they all sat vigil in the quietness of the forest.

      Chapter 10

      Dustkit and Stonekit were now apprentices. Stonepaw ate a water vole, while Dustkit nibbled on a fat rabbit. When they were finished, they hunted, gathered moss, and helped Crookedfur gather catmint, cobwebs, and poppy seeds.Soon they were Dustfeather and Stonepelt. BlackClan had won 6 battles and lost 2. Now, TreeClan was determined to break the truce of the Gathering. Mossheart and Raggedtalon of StripeClan were the most determined to stop the breaking of the truce. VioletClan, BlackClan, TreeClan, and StripeClan were finally at the gathering. “Attack!” Crowstar ordered, so VioletClan attacked. Crowstar fought Raggedwhisker, while Blackstorm fought Spottedfire. “Stop!” Reedstar hissed, his voice raised above the rest, “there is a truce on the full moon. Do you think we come here just to fight, and to weaken our Clans? The moon is covered. StarClan is angry.” He exchanged worried glances with the other leaders. They announced their orders, and left. “Reedstar!” Crookedfur cried, “Birchpelt and Dapplestream are dead. They caught Tigerspots’ blackcough!”
      “Oh, great StarClan!” Reedstar yowled. They sat vigil, and everything was fine the next day.

      Chapter 11

      It was two moonrises since Birchpelt and Dapplestream had died. Featherpelt, Brownclaw, Flameclaw, Thrushfall, Whitefeather, and Raggedwhisker were patrolling the borders and hunting. Soon they were back at camp, with loads of prey.
      Spottedfire flinched, the patrol had been out since dawn, and it was now moonrise once more. “Aren’t you tired?” she asked. “Well, of course we are!” Flameclaw retorted, “you’ve been yearning for warriors since last moon, so this fresh-kill should help kits come, once each has a mate.”

      Chapter 12

      “Featherpelt!” Reedstar called, “come to my den! need to tell you something!”
      Featherpelt rushed to Reedstar’s den.
      “What is it?” she asked.
      “StarClan’s prophecy has come true,” he said, “the wind was strong on the night of TreeClan’s attack, and their leader was once a kittypet! Do you think that’s what their prophecy meant?”
      “And some of their warriors and apprentices and even kits are kittypets!”
      “May I leave now?”


      “Let all the Clan gather beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!” Reedstar called. “Yellowpaw and Tigerpaw are ready to become warriors. Yellowpaw, Tigerpaw, do you promise to stay loyal to and to protect your Clan?”
      “We do.”
      “Then from this day onward, you will be called Yellowpelt and Tigerstripe.

  10. I’m sad that Golden Eagle left, but I know it’s better for her. We will miss her. Good Luck GE! Have fun in the Real World!

  11. I know this is off topic, and I promise I won’t get off topic again, but since you’re a fellow Christian, Hijuyo, would you please pray for my friend? He was just diagnosed with cancer and he needs all the prayers he can get. If any one else would like to pray, too, please please please do!

    Hijuyo: I do hope your friend gets better!

  12. Well, I’m pretty much a girl who’s 9 and has a little blog that I will hope to get popularer. (IDK if that’s even a word) And I change my names alot. I have like, a million accounts but I’m usaully Speedy Crown. Awesome blog BTW! 😀

    -Zuzu :mrgreen:

    Hijuyo: You’re awesome, Zuzu! 🙂

  13. I’m so glad so many people are Christian. I’m Catholic/Christian.
    PS I don’t hate you if you aren’t Christian. I think that it is kinda cool to be different. Merry Christmas

  14. Hey PHB Team,I went on Gazek’s Blog and saw a Twitter Widget. he sent an SOS. Here’s what he wrote; Oh, finally, I have internet. I shifted house to massachusetts, and Have no internet. Anyway, I’m ata a sleepover at my friend’s.

    This means he has no internet,which is why you haven’t seen him in over 2 months!

    Hijuyo: But he sent that tweet a long time ago. 😐

  15. I’m only 9. I have a YouTube account called corncakeluv.

    P.S. I am also obsessed with Cheese Related Items! (CRI) And platypeople. And Pokemon, and Club Penguin, and Poptropica………

  16. I have a ?. One time I asked if I could join and you guys said you had enough. Now you’ve added 3 new members. Could I please join? Thanks!

    Hijuyo: If we want new staff members on the Poptropica Help Team, we will invite them – not the other way around. 😉

  17. Hey PHB Team,one of my Co-Bloggers (Dynaboa) found a new game thats coming out! I don’t wanna reveal the link (Unless its Coderkid so he can get the full view),but here is the description: The universe is upset,and its your job to make it happy again! Please respond (Coderkid,please respond and I’ll give you the link to do your magic on The PHB Chat in a PC)


    Hijuyo: If there is private information you would like to tell us, you can e-mail us at poptropicahelpblog@gmail.com or send a private message on the PHF.

    1. Got to Stats/Store/Stuff when you are logged on to your Poptropica account and click on Buy Membership at the bottom of Stats. Or you can just look on the homepage and click on Buy Membership. 😉

  18. Hey, PHB! I just wanted to ask you guys if I could post some things from here on a blog that I want to start. I will make sure that my readers know (if necessary) that I got the information from the PHB.


    Hijuyo: Yes, but if you copy word-for-word or steal images without giving proper acknowledgment, it would be plagiarism/content theft. Please clearly provide a link to Poptropica Help Blog [https://poptropica.wordpress.com] at the top of your post[s].

    1. Ok, I understand. In my About page, I wil make sure my readers know about the PHB. I will not copy anything. If I do, it will be purely by accident.

  19. I have a problem.
    I tried to get on the PHB Forums, but it said that since I hadn’t posted more than 3 times, I was banned forever. Can I please have the ban lifted? I would really like to use the forum and I’m sure I’ve posted at least twice, and I thought I’d posted more than that. Please email me if you can help (I know you know how to find it)
    I would have posted this on the forum, but since I can’t get there, I didn’t. : ( Please help!

    Hijuyo: Coderkid [the forum owner] would like all members of the PHF to participate actively, so if your account had less than 3 posts, it was deleted. What you can do is make a new one and contribute to the forum’s conversations more often. 😉

  20. I got a story! 😀 Here it is:

    How Happy Sword got a bunch of marshmellows and Happy Bear got a gun.
    One day Happy Sword was working as as a waitress at the Jazz Cafe.Why was she old enough to work anyways?I mean sieriously,I’m ten and Happy Sword is my character…
    Anyways,she was wearing the usual braid down her back and short bangs.Today,she wore that black dress from Spy island.She had a black nametag that said H.Sword in gold letters.
    She was oppening up and then,she stood by the middle table.Suddenly,two guys walked in and sat at the first table.
    Oh,no,not them.she thought.The guys were villans she and her paradox-like friend (Un)Happy Bear had beat.One of the guys was her (sort of)nemisis Dr.Hare.The other guy was Happy Bear’s nemisis,Director D.
    “Hey,waitres.Over here!” said D.
    The two villans had already done their time.
    So,she rememberd them.But,did they remember her?She would find out soon.
    “Hi! 😀 What would u like to eat?”she said cheerily,but feeling embaresed.”I’ll take the bacon and coffee pleas.”D.said,not looking up at her.
    “Hey,haven’t i met u before?”asked hare,his pink bunny outfit obiously looking silly (as usual)Happy Sword kept a staight face,blushing hard in the cheeks “Yes.Pleas don’t kill me yet-I’m sorta in a ressesion here and i want to get a new gold card.”she said quietly and embaressed.”Wait,why would i kill u?”asked Hare.”U don’t remember?”Asked Happy sword,clearly relieved and not on the verge of tears anymore.
    “It was that bad,eh?”commented Hare.”Yep.Wait,i changed my mind shoot me-now.”she replied,now actualy crying.This hate thing was so hard.Why couldn’t people just all be friends and never fight or punish?Now,she was cying up a storm.
    “Sheesh,she must’ve done something bad to me.
    What could’ve she done?I hope i find out and forgive her.I can’t stand her crying anymore,she’s making me guilty.”thought Hare helplessly.”What did u do? Pleas tell me.”Hare pleaded. “Here,take this.It’s not even mine.I stoll it to get in and-and-I blasted u to space…”she said,handing him her rabbot ears and thinking to herself,”He only tried an evil plot,but i (thankfully)stopped him.The thing is,i stole some of his stuff and banned him to space for perhaps eternity.”
    “Hmm..so you’re saying that you’re the one that banned me to space and foiled my plans drasticly.And,you’re apolligizing?”Hare said.
    Happy Sword nodded.”Interesting.I forgive u,though.”Hare said,hugging Happy Sword.”Thanks.”Happy Sword said,hugging him back.”Wait,I still have to get your order.A bag of carrots and a health shake,right?”Happy Sword said,getting all the orders.Hare nodded,and Happy Sword smiled.
    Then,Happy Sword gave both of the villans their orders.


    Meanwhile,Happy Bear was bored.So,she decided to go to the Jazz Cafe and talk to Happy Sword.When she got there,she was shocked.She had came from the back and was unnoticed.When she saw Happy sword finally get the orders,she was amazed.So,she said:”What in the name of cheesecake!”And then,heads started turning.
    “Well,well,well.Who have we here?”said D.
    “I’m the only one who doesn’t cry like a baby here.But,Some people preffer to call me by my name: Director Bear.CryHappy over there just calls me *roll’s eyes* Happy Bear.”Happy Bear said,being sassy just cuz she felt like it.”Hey,u know my name isn’i CryHappy!”Happy Sword said,pouting.”Sor-ry!”
    said Happy Bear. “Zap them.”said D to Hare.
    “But this is intersesting.”complained Hare.
    “Well i don’t care.”snapped D.
    So,then Happy Sword and Happy Bear stopped talking and turned around.Then,everything went blue (darn loading screen)-uh sorry,now everything went black (that’s better…).

    When H.S. and H.B. woke up,they were in a big cage in a room that was well furnished.
    “Why am i in a cage?And I want some cheesecake and cheese and mik.Put the milk in a bowl and the cheese and cheesecake in a plate.”H.B. said with dignity. Just then,D walked in the room and sneerd at H.B.,complaining about the disadvantages of drinking milk from a bowl.

    Soon,the fights of the two hero’s and two villans got bad.Hare came in,then, D and Hare got a couple mindcontrol guns.Then,H.S. got zapped and sang a love song about marshmellows.Then,H.B. gtot tierd of the horrid noise and broke out of the cage.But,it was a full moon and she turned a bit wherewolf,her tail all beat up.Then,she grew a very sharp fang that stuck out.D gasped.Now,he was totaly freaked out.
    Just then H.S. cried for marshmellows and toothpicks.H.B. groweld and Hare got H.S. a bunch of marshmellows and toothpicks.
    Then,H.B. somehow got a mind control gun.
    “It ends here.”she said to D.
    “You’ll never zap me.”he said,holding up his own.”They’re so dumb,right bunnyguy. :)”H.S.
    said to Hare.Hare then nodded in full agreement and together.Then,H.S. and Hare made a house from marshmellows.
    Anyways,H.B. and D. had a big fight.They shot each other back and forth,not stopping till H.B. finally shot D and hit!”Yes!I won! Take that! 😀 😛 8) I soooo beat you! 8)
    Oh yeah,I’m so cool! 😛 😀 “H.B.said,then noticed that D’s face was expressionless.”Oh,yeah i forgot.Wait,gimme some cheesecake.”she said and D. got her some cheesecake.
    “Ok,you’re free.”she said,and D.was not mind controlled anymore.”What just happend?”he said. “I won.”she replied simply,a smirk on her face.”Come on,Happy Sword let’s go.Oh,and u can take some marshmellows and toothpicks with u.”she said to H.S.
    “Yay! 😀 ” said H.S,jumping up in joy.
    “Wait,how’d u get freed?Unless there wasn’t a mind controll device in there to start with….”H.B.mutterd


    And that is how H.B. got a gun and H.S. got toothpicks and marshmellows. 🙂

    1. If you play Poptropica and you are no from the USA, I have a question for you. Is Poptropica in English everywhere? Or is it displayed in the main language of the country? (I’m asking this because the only country I’ve ever played Poptropica in is America, and it’s in English, but English is kind of the main language of America)

      Hijuyo: Poptropica displays as English all over the world, just like other websites will display in the language they were written in everywhere else unless there is an option to select the language. 😉

  21. Turtlepaw looked up at the sky, wondering witch star was Rufflestar’s spirit. “Hey,Rushpaw, look at this!” he said. “What is it?” Rushpaw asked. “Look, I see a constellation! Maybe it’s Rufflestar!” he said. “I see it to,” Rushpaw replied. “Scarpaw, come here,” Sparrowstar instructed. “CLAN MEETING!” she yelled. “Scarpaw killed a fox in the battle with one blow. Do you accept the warrior code Scarpaw.”
    “Yes I do..”
    “Then you’ll be called Scarblaze.”
    “Scarblaze! Scarblaze!”
    Pebblestripe walked up to Sparrowstar. “I’m going to arrange the dawn patrol,” he said, “Nightcrow, Whitefall, Boulder-eye, and Grasspaw, you go out on a dawn patrol.” Horizonfire looked up. “Growlpaw, do you smell SkillClan?” he asked. “Yes I do but its just a dawn patrol,” Growlpaw said.
    the end


  22. Congrats for setting up this blog. it’s helped me a lot. being the lazy slob I am, it’s a lot more fun doing it your way.
    I am Alexandra and I’m fourteen. People call me a kid for playing Poptropica, but it’s not like I really care. If you enjoy something, it’s okay (as long as its legal, and the last time I looked Poptropica was:).

  23. Hey, Neat Whale, I’m 11 years old (I just turned it in March), in 5th grade, and I too, STILL believe in that sort of stuff as well!
    i’m making a story about merfolk, and I’m on the second book of it! I’m THAT obsessed! I’m glad there’s someone my age here, and that is a lot like me! 😀 I’m a fantasy freak. I live my life in my head. 😀

  24. I want to ask that:
    Is Hijuyo originally Hong Kong-ese? and is Smockers originally American?
    Hijuyo is from HK and is Christian, and Smockers is from USA and is Buddhist.
    And I see that Hijuyo writes so good, i don’t think that Hijuyo is Asian

    Hijuyo: Smockers is Vietnamese. Hijuyo was born in Hong Kong, so he and she are Asian. Native English speakers aren’t the only ones who are fluent in their language. 😉

  25. Hi,my name is Sleepy Bird233.I’m ten,and I’m OBSESSED with Poptropica,and I’ve been there since it launched in 2007.I also have two other Poptropicans,their names are PinkFlower(AKA:Small Lepord)and DarkGhost(AKA:Zany Raptor).I really want to be an artist one day and I draw Poptropicans almost good as Green Seal.:).My Poptropicans are good at picking clothes.One of them is me,one is girly,and one is goth.SleepyBird233 is out,PEACE!;)

  26. I LOVE POPTROPICA!!!!It’s the best game EVER!! It’s better than Club Penguin.And I saw some Poptropica music videos on Youtube.I hope you hobos,I mean peps can see me on Poptropica.Wait,I’m not DONE yet,I am a 6-TIME WINNER on REALITY TV ISLAND!!!!yoo hoo!!;) =3 :o} !!!

      1. I’m a seven time winner! 😀 It took me FOREVER to get to seven! But hey, I got there! 😀

    1. I have actually won it 16 or 17 times…but your accomplishment is greater because it took me 10 months to do that (because of the stupid boar)

    1. It’s a little nickname we call her. The facts of mytholoy about Athena matches Hyper Star a bit I think. Athena is probably her favorite goddess though. 😉

      1. Me too, Once I slammed myself in my locker, luckily I told my friends the com. I was in there 2 minutes, I don’t like the nickname of Albert, or people askin’ me questions

  27. hi fellow poptropica fans!!!! My name on poptropica is fast bug and i love POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!! I’m 11
    years old and I have a little brother who is 7 years old and who also plays poptropica. He can get very annoying but it is fun to help him with the islands.I’m a member and I am christian too!!!!!

  28. Hey.I`m a 8 year-old boy who loves video games,Poptropica,the greek gods(and myths),the Warriors series,the Percy Jackson series,and any type of game that fits me.I am commonly Rough Icicle and even more commonly Yellow Singer.My Yellow Singer acount has white skin and hair plus the templar knight shirt and the Prom King pants.My Rough Icicle acount has the goldfish hat and mouth and the spy gear(from the one on main street on headquarters rooftops).

    1. Yeah, Percy Jackson books are the best! my fav is the Last Olympian. i think the books are better than the movie. i am also really into Greek Mythology.

  29. Hi
    I’ve been wondering 2 things for a while:
    1. What was the first day the PHB started

    2.How did you guys become so popular!? I look at the blog and I see how many hits you guys get;how many comments you get.I have my own blog and wondering if I could get some advice.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Hijuyo: The PHB started on July 26, 2008, and we get readers because we post about what people here are looking for. 🙂

  30. Hijuyo, I checked out your character on the Avatar Studio and I think it’s awesome!!!!! Where did you find the unicorn horn and tail and where did you find the cheese? Thanks! 😀

    Hijuyo: I have my ways… 😀

  31. This website is awesome.I dont have a religion but I am not a Athiest.Then what do I believe in?The gods and godesses of Mytholigy(i think thats how you spell Mytholigy)Island.

    1. Yes! The website is absolutely awesome! The Help Team works super hard to help us with everything Poptropica! 😀

  32. I’m half-Christian half-Hindu. Yes, we should pray to Jesus, he created life on this beautiful earth. But, are we religious here?

    Hijuyo: Some of us are. 🙂

  33. lolz this is the best blog ever … im catholic but i belive in god 😀 anyways, coolio blog! and i love the chat too!!!

  34. I still cannot believe there are people on the PHB younger than me.

    Hijuyo: Well, Poptropica is targeted at a young audience. 🙂

  35. I haven’t been on Poptropicafor so long.. i joined in 2007 or 2008… Then i think they deleted my account.. I cant log onto it o.o

    Hijuyo: Accounts that have been inactive for 6 months are deleted, so that’s probably what happened. 😛

  36. I’m a catholic because I believe in Jesus’ message, his life, etc. But I’m not FANATICAL, I respect every religion and I have a spiritul-ish leaning. I live in the middle east (however I’m from latin america) so I just, like tag along with the islamic celebrations 😀 . Everyone can believe what they want, it doesnt matter so much as long as you have a god of sorts, I guess, But I dont have anything against ateists ether! 😀

  37. I didn’t know if you’ve noticed, but on the avatar studio if you type in the Black Widow’s username, you’ll see her. But with one of those Cheshire Cat smiles. Crazy, huh? 😀

  38. Wow, the PHB looks better than ever! Seriously, man, I’m starting to rethink quitting poptropica. Maybe I’ll join again someday, if Hijuyo accepts ;).

    Hijuyo: That’s cool. 😀

    1. Gazek! We thought you had disappeared!
      I was just thinking about how mysterious it was that you never posted again…
      And then I saw this!

  39. a few years ago i found this site when i was looking for help with time tangled i have visited it every day since i love this blog!

  40. Hi, I am Yay4Pop, Popyay4, and mmc.pop. (More, but those are just my main ones) I always have a cute costume on, so look me up on the avatar studio! I can only update my costume every Wednesday and Saturday because of family rules. 😦
    My main users are
    Pop names: Small Spider, Fast Goose, SOMETIMES Cool Leaf, Tall Seagull, Boy account: Grey Crown

  41. I have an idea and I don’t know where to post it so I’ll comment it here. You could have a page where you have all of the ideas for store items and can comment your idea of a possible store item, and even better put up a picture, like the costumes page. Maybe some would become made into a store item!

    Hijuyo: That would be pretty cool, but it would take a lot of effort. However, you could post your own ideas/pics of Store items on the Cool Stuff page. 🙂

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