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Fairytale Island: A storybook of many pop culture references 📖💫

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Barefoot Knuckle. Enjoy!

Hey everybody! It’s Barefoot Knuckle here and today I will be talking about the many similarities Fairytale Island has to other works in pop culture. Most of these are probably just a coincidence, but I think it’s very interesting to discuss, plus fun and hilarious at the same time!

Okay, this island has SO MANY similarities to other stuff, it’s insane. Of course there are the obvious easter eggs like the Poptropican Fairy Godmother being modeled after Shrek 2’s Fairy Godmother.

But Fairytale Island mostly reminds me of the Happily N’Ever After series from Lionsgate. Now although I only ever watched the first one, the second movie’s trailer was also reminiscent of the whole “Rumpelstiltskin causing Snow White to fall asleep” scenario.

The first movie (2006) was a lot like Fairytale Island though. You had one fairytale villain who seized power over all the happily ever afters and started messing them up so no one could have a happy ending. Then Cinderella learns how to be a strong, independent woman and everyone has different happily ever afters in the end.

Of course, they defeated the villain in the movie, and in the second movie as well, which was different from what happened in Fairytale Island. But other than that, Cinderella’s pink dress, Snow White’s purple and blue outfits, the dwarves’ tough looking design and the Prince’s personality and design all resemble how the characters are shown in Happily N’Ever After.

Another resemblance is the trend of showing fairytale princesses as modern, independent women. We saw this in Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018), where all the princesses gathered in lounge wear. And in Fairytale Island, the princesses are working girls. You can’t be lounging around the house when there are animals to cure, guitars to play, and pizzas to deliver.

(Also, comment if you want me to draw Poptropica’s princesses with Disney’s princesses and I will include it at the end of my next post!)

When Fairytale Island was first released, some fans noted that it was rare to see Cinderella as a Black woman, but it has been done before. In The Wonderful World of Disney (1997) Cinderella, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was portrayed by Brandy (yes, that is her name). Although there isn’t much similarity in terms of dress design, her hair and crown does share a similar style to Poptropica’s Cinderella.

Combined with Happily N’Ever After’s Cinderella with her pink dress and story arc (though she never turned into a rock star), Poptropica’s new take on the classic princess had a lot of throwbacks to past concepts on the character. Also, is it just me, or does the pink hair and punk style remind anyone of the rock artist, Pink?

Then there are the character designs in the “Red’s Food Delivery” side quest. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Red Riding Hood in a modern tomboy look, since the movie Hoodwinked (2005) (another movie I’ve only seen the trailer for) portrayed Red Riding Hood as a tough karate girl who wore jeans.

Now Poptropica’s Red Riding Hood doesn’t seem like she’s specialized in any defenses, but she does have that tough girl look about her. And even though they don’t share the same personality, the grandma in Hoodwinked and the grandma in Fairytale Island share a very similar look. And from what I’ve seen in the trailer, the huntsman in Hoodwinked seems just as weird as the huntsman from Fairytale Island.

The whole island is kind of like a couple other middle grade book series about fairytales, like Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski and The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. Red Riding Hood’s pet in Colfer’s series, Clawdius, is just about the equivalent of Fairytale Island’s Big Bad Wolf.

And what about that Gravity Falls similarity with these little guys, huh?

The final easter egg I’ll bring up has to do with the island’s villain, Rumplestiltskin. You know that part where the player says his name three times and apparently he’s free? Well, the same thing happens in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice (1988) when this ghost couple and this goth girl say a creepy ghost’s name three times and he’s free to help them get revenge or something. It was recently adapted into a Broadway show (with a song called “Say My Name” — and that’s all I know).

But what do you guys think? Is Fairytale Island just a mashup of pop culture references? Is Cinderella’s pink hairstyle a nod to rockstar Pink? Did the creators intentionally put a Beetlejuice reference in the script? And what kind of pop culture reference would you like to see in Poptropica?

For more trivia, check out the PHB’s Fairytale Island Guide. Keep an eye out for my next posts! I think you’ll like them!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Barefoot Knuckle. If you did, you might also enjoy other guest posts here on the PHB!

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Fairytale Fanfic Challenge: Dangerous Dragon

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous Dragon, made before the winners of the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge were announced yesterday. Enjoy!

Hi, DD here! I know everyone is sad about the old islands being gone, and I am too. At least we got a new one this year, Fairytale Island.

I think it rocked! Still, it wasn’t at its full potential. Yeah it got modern and I liked that the creators put cutscenes but it lacked gameplay. They could keep the cutscenes but also add more asking dialogue, like old times, plus add item collecting!

Don’t worry, I’m going to imagine extra stuff for the island. Remember the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge? Here’s what I shared with the creators:

Where did Rumpelstiltskin disappear to? Will he ever return?

So here he has gotten free after troubling every fairy tale. Back on his home planet, he has a secret army! He is training his army to come back and attack every fairy tale further.

What does the prince’s fate hold? Will he have to get a job?!

Since his father has disappeared (for now), he has no choice but to move on from his royal past and become a normal person. You’ll see him working clumsily, as he has never done housework before. Sad sad prince… FOR NOW.

What comes of the new happy endings for Red, Snow, and Cinder?

Red’s got some babies to take care of… pizza-eating babies!

Oh, Snow White? She’s gone to college to study different animals!

And Cinder’s doing a concert at PoptropiCon. She’s famous now!

What friendship blossoms between Little Red Riding Hood and the Seven Dwarves?

They all are happy. Red and the dwarves are working together to make pizza now, since the dwarves love it!

Does Snow White open her veterinary practice?

She’s started practicing on hamsters, dogs, cats, and other small animals, but she’s still studying how to care for the bigger ones!

Do the Huntsman and Cinderella fall in love? Hopefully the Huntsman’s left behind his homicidal hijinx…

The Huntsman goes to Grandma and apologizes for his mistake. He also gives her a wedding card… to celebrate his and Cinderella’s love! It seems like Cinder’s attention is not only on her music, but also her soon-to-be husband!

And what did Rumplestilskin do with the real king?

He is his slave now! Now the king is helping Rumple, sadly, but he wants to escape because he knows what a GREAT DISASTER is coming their way… THE GIRLS ARE HAPPY AND SAFE… FOR NOW.

What happens next is up to your imagination! Now, here are a few other ideas I had for gameplay on Fairytale Island…

🍕 Making pizza with Red: So instead of just starting the mini quest delivering the pizza, what if we would get to first find the ingredients inside a kitchen and then assemble a pizza?

📘 Finding a book for Snow White’s vet dream: Maybe along your adventures, you get a book from someone who was a vet, and later, you can give it to Snow to start her journey.

💄 Getting the lipstick as a real item: You get it in your backpack. Instead of Amelia telling you everything… you get a little suspicious. Then you discover that in the mountains, there lives a wizard who knows the difference between a good spell and a bad one. There’s another side-quest where you find this wizard, and when you find him, you show him the lipstick and he tells you it’s a trick. Then, going back to Snow, you find her “true love” (goat).

👗 Spending more time with Cinder: More parts to the journey with Cinder would be fun. Let’s say something happens to her dress, hair, makeup, and so on… you go through a few stages to get her closer and closer to the ball… and by the end, she becomes the fuming Cinder we know and love!

Thank you for reading! I liked the island, and I hope you like my opinions! If it won the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge, I would have tears in my eyes!

Keep Poppin,
DD 💜

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy getting to know him in his Popular Poptropican interview!

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Fans deliver fantastic Fairytale fanfics 📚 ✨

A little over two weeks ago, the Creators made a call for the Pop fandom to write and submit their own alternative endings for Fairytale Island—and, unsurprisingly, you knocked this contest out of the park!

Similar to the results of the Dream Island Contest, the Creators had trouble choosing just one entry, and instead ended up featuring four (very deserving) winning submissions.

Congratulations to Speedy Eagle, Mighty Fox, Slippery Sword, and Tall Cactus (from the PHC) on winning the Fairytale Fanfic Challenge! From the origins of Rumplestiltskin’s name, to the reveal of the real king, to an explanation for that mysterious tube of lipstick’s role in the story, your fanfics covered just about all we’d been wondering after Fairytale Island’s strangely abrupt ending. Read the full submissions here!

Between fan creation highlights on Instagram, the Fairytale Fan Art Challenge in April, and now this fanfic challenge, the Creators have been offering a lot of attention to their creative fanbase, and that’s great! It’s awesome to see them connecting with players as regularly as the Creators are, plus welcoming them to submit their own creations for possible features.

But asking players to write a whole new ending for an island, even if it won’t be canonified in the game, is slightly odd. Fairytale’s ending was generally unsatisfactory and left many important questions unanswered, which the Creators acknowledged previously in their blog post announcing the Fanfic Challenge. Where did Rumplestiltskin vanish to? What happened to that poor prince? Did somebody arrest the Huntsman for his attempted homicide?

Leaving these questions to be answered by the fanbase instead of simply including them in the island itself is… a bit weird, to say the least. Did the Creators not have the time to write a full ending for Fairytale? Are they planning on surprising us with a sequel, or are these fanfics the only endings this shorter island will ever see? 🧐

Either way, let us know what you thought of the winning fanfic submissions in the comments. And if you entered your own story, feel free to share it with us in a guest post! See you next time, Poptropicans.


Fairytale’s various characters may have gotten their happy endings in fan fiction… but what about the island itself?

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Get sugary high with the Fairytale-twisting Candy Crazed Mini Quest 🍭🍬

Hey Poptropicans, get your flexing fingers ready — as promised, the Candy Crazed Mini Quest is here!

To get started, head on over to the candy palace on the map, or find the one-legged Master Huggles on Home Island.

Upon arriving at this sugary heaven (which is canonically part of Fairytale Island), you’ll find (as leaked earlier) the prologue comic showing Hansel and Gretel nomming on everything in sight. But unlike the original fairytale, some of these sweet treats are sentient, including the beloved blue gummy bear Master Huggles! Horrified by the hungry humans, a little witch orders Nanny to cage the children…

…and that’s where you come in! If you can follow the treat tower’s trail and grab all 100 gumdrops along the way, the witch says, the kids will be freed. So there you go — jump on gelatinous confections and bop your way to the top. With all the heights and slippery objects, it’s not as simple as it appears, but there’s no time limit!

When you’ve beat the game, you’ll get to see the end comic, in which the freed kiddos find Lady Licorice and begin eating her, too. You’ll earn 50 credits for each playthrough, so you can replay this to rack up credits!

You’ll also win a Little Witchy Follower. She sparkles!

Now that we’ve had a chance to digest this digital dessert, which comes at the heels of a similar Lost Cubs Mini Quest, let’s dish out some thoughts. This style of quick gameplay seems rather like the ad games of Poptropica’s somewhat distant past, but without the ads, although some players on the PHC reported seeing ads for Rugrats and other things. Ad-based mini-games are fine (and often fun), but they’ve never been the main highlight of Poptropica. Stories are.

And while there’s some story packed into this Candy Crazed mini quest, most of it takes place in the comics. We’re dropped right in the middle of the action to pick up a hundred gumdrops, and then we’re out again.

Still, the story itself is interesting — while inspired by the classic fairytale of Hansel and Gretel, it also brings the lively twist of new candy characters, like Master Huggles, Dot and Gummy. It’s too bad we don’t get to interact with them at all in the gameplay.

But perhaps that’s what separates an ad-like mini quest from a full-on island. Which is why, while mini quests might offer a fun distraction with cute new lovable critters, we’re going to keep saying it: Bring back the old islands (or make new ones that go beyond mini quests)!

That’s a wrap for this post. What did you think of this mini quest? Does it make you think Pop Rocks or it’s just worthy of Snickers? Was it a Milky Way (to go) or a Milk Dud? Pop on over to the comments and let us know!

~Slanted Swedish Fish 🐠

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Fairytale’s fate left to fans with flair ✏️💫

Hey Poptropicans! This post comes to you with a few updates: an official contest, the return of a legend, and more fan art features. Let’s pop in!

First, the Pop Creators have announced a Fairytale Fanfic Challenge, calling Poptropicans to write an original ending for Fairytale Island.

Acknowledging that questions were left unanswered in the island’s ending, the Creators decided this little contest would be a fun way to open it up to us to decide what happens next for the characters we’ve come to know and love. Questions such as…

  • Where did Rumpelstiltskin disappear to? Will he ever return?
  • What does the prince’s fate hold? Will he have to get a job?!
  • What comes of the new happy endings for Red, Snow, and Cinder?
  • What friendship blossoms between Little Red Riding Hood and the Seven Dwarves?
  • Does Snow White open her veterinary practice?
  • Do the Huntsman and Cinderella fall in love? Hopefully the Huntsman’s left behind his homicidal hijinx…
  • And what did Rumplestiltskin do with the real king?

The Fairytale Fanfic Challenge is open from now until next Friday, May 21 at 8 pm PST. Send your rewritten ending as text or a file attachment to Poptropica’s submissions form for a chance to win some credits and be featured on the Creators’ Blog!

But also, what about that lackluster ending to Fairytale Island? While it’s exciting to get everyone’s creative juices flowing with these fanfiction writing prompts, fans also want to experience more complete narratives in the game itself, from the creators themselves.

The creators haven’t made any promises on changing the island’s ending in the game or adding an Episode 2, though some of the island’s dialogue hints at it. Could this be a compromise for wanting to add more but not having the time and resources to do it just yet? And is this what Perfect Crab, the Dream Island winner, envisioned for Fairytale Island? Whatever the case, at least we’ll be seeing some semi-canonical conclusions with the fanfic challenge…

While we’re talking Fairytale Island, a very special video playthrough dropped just this week. Some of you may recognize Thinknoodles, the popular gaming YouTuber who got his start years ago with Poptropica walkthroughs. Although he doesn’t play much Pop now, he dropped by with a “Road to Captain Thinknoodles” let’s-play for the OGs!

The vid starts with (a younger looking) Think playing through the new Home Island mini quest, but he soon makes his way to Fairytale Island, where he intensifies the jumpscare of the forest wolf, appreciates the “aged up” jokes, and even sings along to Cinder’s guitar riff. Enjoy!

Last but not least, here’s the latest round of fan art features from the creators’ Instagram stories, with OCs and villains galore:

That concludes this update! You’ve got about a week to come up with a better happily-(or sadly?)-ever-after for Fairytale Island and might win some credits for it. Plus, rack up some more by playing through the new Lost Cubs mini quest. 🐻 Keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️