Unreleased Store Items: from Amazonian to White Out

Hello everyone! This post is proof that I am not dead, no matter how socially awkward I may be.

Anyway, today’s post features several unreleased items from Poptropica, that we may or may not be seeing in game. Thanks to idk for the pictures by the way.

As you can see, these items (costumes) consist of the Amazonian Woman,Loon’s Head Cane, Secret Society Trooper, Shakespear in Love, Stun Baton, Terror Captain, and White Out.

To me, these all seem like costumes that would be found as bronze cards in the Store, but we may not even end up having any of them. I say this because the “Stun Baton” reminds me of the ZMB Unit costume that was for members only when Zomberry Island was first released, since that costume includes a similar handheld item. It would seem repetitive to make such a similar item available.

Still, all these costumes and items seem pretty interesting! Tell us what you think of them in the comments below. 😛



Crisis Caverns, Deep Dive, & Membership Makeover

Heyo everyone! SD here with another update. So let’s get to it!

First up, credit to idk for an entire album of Crisis Cavern themed Daily Pop sneak peeks! Too many to list in fact, but they’re there, so I suggest you check them out! 😛

crisis caverns sneak peek

Second up, credit also goes to idk for finding two cool test scenes for Deep Dive Island, now known as Mission Atlantis of course.  In both, you can explore and interact with a few things, but it was just a test so there isn’t much else to it.

deep dive test

While on the topic of Deep Dive Island, or Mission Atlantis, an unused diving suit was also found! As you can see below, it was all black instead of the yellow one that ended up being used. Pretty neat, huh?

deep dive suit

Lastly, credit goes to WimpyKidFan for noticing that the Membership page for Poptropica has a new design! While it does look new, improved, and sleek, is this really what we want the Creators’ to be focusing on? Don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty cool! But it does seem like a small step towards “New Poptropica.” And don’t get me started on new islands.

membership redo

Anyway, that’s it for now guys! If you’re already on summer break, I hope you’re having a blast! Or at least relaxing. If you’re almost there, I believe in you! Hang in there! If you don’t have a summer break… then, uh… *shrug*


Keen in green – the final Feats of Speed race!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here to tell you guys about what’s happening!

Once again, another sneaker color had gone out of trend – blue is old news, and now, we have what the Creators say will be the final Feats of Speed race: a race for…wait for it… green sneakers!

Although sneakers for our Poptropican have grown to be routine at this point, it was interesting to say the least. Once again, Speedy Sam is waiting for you over on Home Island, and is ready to challenge you to the final race: this time at the Galactic Hot Dogs Ghost Ship!

Spooks and creeps are about in this maze as a test of concentration is bestowed upon you. Don’t pay any mind to any of the terrors that the ghost ship would jump out at you with. Instead, focus on the race. If you manage to make it to the space zombie pirate captain in under 30 seconds, you’ll earn yourself a pair of green shoes! (For a video of this event, click here for a video by Pinku Randomness!)

As it was before with the previous week’s sneaks, the sky blue shoes are now available on the mobile app to those who can scale Mocktropica’s Mount Funshine faster than the world record!


Either way, these green shoes signify the end for the Feats of Speed event here on Poptropica. What will come for us in the future, then? Will it be more information about the New Poptropica? Will it be some other event to keep us occupied? Tune in here to find out, and we’ll let you know when we hear more!

BT out!

Blue is the new maroon – the sneaker race of the week!

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with an update on the sneaker race of the week!


Did you hear? Maroon is sooo last week! This week, Speedy Samwow has a new pair of colored shoes to offer us if we beat this week’s race and world record. This time, we are heading towards the self-aware island of Mocktropica as we scale up Mount Funshine!

If you are able to scale this test of endurance and reach the Jardine Juniper Tree in under 40 seconds, you’ll earn those good ol’ Poptropica-blue shoes!

However, despite all the flack I’ve given maroon, you still have a chance to get them – on the mobile app that is! Now, you can race Speeding Sam at the Arabian Nights lair of thieves on the Poptropica app!

So as we wait for more details on anything related to New Poptropica, at least we still have the opportunity to make “What are thooose?” jokes for just a bit longer.

BT out! 

Feats of Speed, Week Two: I’m Red-dy, I’m Red-dy!

Wihi folks, Cobalt here!


Man, last week sure sped by fast! 😉 What’s the prize this week?


If you’re slow (wink), you wouldn’t have been able to tell my sneak peek post pretty much proves each week’s prize will be a different colored pair of running sneakers.

Anyway, meet Speedy Sam(wow5) on Home Island by his treadmill, and you’ll soon be met with another race. This time, it’s on Arabian Nights Island in the thieves’ lair! The race is a tad harder, but I still beat him on my first try, so odds are you can too. 😛

Screenshot at Apr 28 17-03-32.png

And of course, the walking effect is re-colored as well.


If you also play on the Poptropica app, you’ll be happy to know you can now race Speedy Sam there as well! The update is available for iOS and Android devices.


Have fun with the sneakers and keep running, Poptropicans!


First Day of Spring, We’re Sneezing!

Hey guys, Slip here!


Spring has finally come, and Poptropica’s celebrating by giving us two free items— the Flower Power and the Sneezing Powder! Sorry for those who are living in the southern hemisphere, since you’re experiencing autumn right now.


The Flower Power has always been the star of the Spring season. Originally debuted on August 2009 and updated on May 2010, this item is pretty special. Not only does it work as a power where you can plant flowers, but it also works as a costume for your player! Now to spread that springtime cheer…


Moving on to the next free item: the Sneezing Powder! Originally released as a members-only prize in celebration of the release of Virus Hunter Island, this item is now free for all! When you press the spacebar, powder flies out into the distance, making you and the closest Poptropican next to you sneeze! Perfect for pranking friends! Let’s open the can to see what it’s made of — oh, pollen grains! Aaa… aaahhh-choo!


What do you think of these Spring gifts? Are they fun? Make sure to leave a comment below! Bye!


-Slippery 💦

St. Patrick’s Day gifts – Leprechaun Follower and Costume!

Hi Gs,

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and Poptropica is recognizing this with a couple of free items – the Leprechaun Costume from the Store is free for today, and a new Leprechaun Follower which can only be obtained if you visit Mythology Island. Odd placement!

On the follower, it says to go the 24 Carrot Island diner, mix yellow and blue, and drink it to get green hair. It also has a button that allows you to travel to the diner.


For the costume, if you press space bar while wearing it, you’ll do a comical little Irish jig! Here’s a gif of Skinny Moon doing the dance.

skinny moon does a jig.gif

It’s also notable that the post on the Creators’ Blog about these items is the first post by “Skinny Moon” (Jessica from social media). I’m excited to see future posts from her! 🙂


Update: In other news, Poptropica Realms is back! Bugs have been fixed, so the experience should be smoother. Check out our Realms Guide and get building!