Astro-Knights Island

Incoming Black Hole!

Poptropica has released yet another Astro-Knights island sneak peek.  This time it’s about a strange vortex in the middle of space. So watch out space bukaneers, It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Danger Danger!

Blog Post Title: Danger Danger!
Description: Beware the Black Hole [>Translated from binary code.<]
Image URL:
Image Name: blogblackhole.png

Underneath there was a binary code posted that was translated into this:


BewareTheBlack Hole


Stay tuned for later today the secrets to wearing Dr.Hares costume will be revealed.

So until then check down below for all our other posts.

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PHB Sneak Peaks: The New Knights of Poptropica

February 8th, 2009 #3


-Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks-

Welcome to another week of ‘Poptropica Help Blog Sneak Peaks’. These posts are posted every week on Sundays. In every new post there will be stories that only we have. And only we post them. These stories are classified and are very secret.
This weeks story is ‘The New Knights of Poptropica’, todays stories are all about the new island ‘Astro-Knights’.

-The New Knights of Poptropica-
They’re heroes just like you or me…But in shiny new armour.

Friday the 7th.  Just like any other day. But any other day was always a different day for Codien, encountering Pirates and strange dancing men in hats was just the usual-unusual thing.
Today as Codienwas walking to the ‘Hair Club’ to get his hair cut and re-curled, he almost tripped over as his eyes shifted to a giant object hidden behind one of the buildings. He forgot about his trip towards the Hair Club and found himself walking towards the massive shape. Getting closer to the object it became recognisable. Hiding behind the vast skyscrapers was a giant spaceship. It reminded him of the Space Buddies Spaceships but this one was silver with red and yellow stripes.
Codien edged closer to the spaceship only taking a tiny step towards the spaceship each second. It was only when he was a few meters away from the ships door when it shifted open with a strange hissing noise. From the blinding light pouring out of the opening, Out stepped two objects shrouded by light. Slowly floating closer and closer the two objects became visible appearing as two Poptropicans, well at least Codien thought they were, dressed in brown robes. One of the two stepped forward with an outstretched hand gesturing for him to come closer. He spoke, “We need your help, the whole kingdom is in danger!’
Without even a chance for Codien to answer they pulled him into the light with the door closing behind them.

Birds were twittering, the sun was beaming down upon him. Codien had woken without any memory of the sudden trip. All he could remember was the light that brought him here. But where was here?
Glancing around Codien found himself in front of an old building with a telescope gaping out of the roof. Taking in more of his surroundings he figured he was in the middle of an old town full of bustling Poptropicans. It was an old town with high powered telescopes, satellite TV, electricity and the weirdest thing was that most of the poprtropicans walking around were half robotic.
Codien had been taken into the past of the future. The world was a collaboration of both worlds.

Codien still didn’t know what he was doing here. The Poptropicans with brown robes were no where in sight. Looking through the crowds Codien couldn’t find anyone he knew. It was from the corner of his eye he noticed one of the brown robed poptropicans enter the building to the right. Getting up in urgency Codien went to investigate. Peering through the windows Codien saw a room full of  majestic armour and weaponry. With curiosity he entered the building only to be confronted by the two poptropicans that brought him here and and a stranger dressed in Purple robes.


The next 10-20 minutes Codien was told about the unfortunate events of the King and Queen. It only got really exciting when they decided i was going to rescue them. The Blue robed man took many measurements and left the room. He came back with two different outfits in hand. Red and Blue amour.  Both were amazing.
But which one should i choose?

These outfits will be the two sets of armour that you will be able to choose from, like in Super Power island, and customize. How cool do they look. The blue one has a futuristic helmet with a medieval body. The red one has a medieval helmet with futuristic body. I love it how they both have aspects of the future and the past.

I’m sorry its just the one story this week guys. I had another but it was about the ‘A very special dog’ which ended up being the Space Buddies advertisement. 😛

So that’s my Sneak Peaks this week. Next week I’ll have more sneak peaks on the upcoming island Astro-Knights.
See you next week.


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Astro-Knights Island Gets a Name!

To all island-loving Poptropicans out there:
Breaking News!

The mysterious “Mechanical/Medieval” island has a name now – Astro-Knights Island! Thanks Legodude12 for this piece of exciting information. According to the Poptropica Creators, this island is expected to be released this spring!


The cool banner above can also be found on the homepage of If you click on it, it’ll bring you to a page where it tells you all about the quest plot for the upcoming Astro-Knights Island! Here’s what it says:

Astro_Knights Island Coming Soon!

Launch thyself into a new adventure on Poptropica! The fair princess King and Queen hath been kidnapped and taken to the far reaches of space. Thou must assemble a space vessel and fly among the stars on an inter-galactic quest to rescue her.

Taken from
If you were wondering why “the fair princess” is crossed out, it’s because Poptropica changed the description to “King and Queen”. Thanks Penguin Girl!

Now does that sound cool or what. We’re so excited. Look at all the places. You can see the ‘Mechanical Jungle’ there, and there’s the Spaceship. We assume we will be flying the spacecraft, like the plane in Nabooti, to different regions in space to collect items. The different regions will be like a Fire Place, Snowy Mountain Place, that mysterious Jungle.
Looks like we’ll be taking a long ride through space to rescue the royal couple! Awesome! :mrgreen:

But what does that mean for Reality TV Island? They started making that island ages ago.

Tomorrow Codien will be posting another ‘PHB Sneak Peak’. It will have some more info on the FL Pirates and also some new stuff coming out. He has promised to get some sneak peaks of the costumes from the latest island Astro-Knights.
STAY TUNED…remember it’s ‘CLASSIFIED!’

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