Astro-Knights Island

Incoming Black Hole!

Poptropica has released yet another Astro-Knights island sneak peek.ย  This time it’s about a strange vortex in the middle of space. So watch out space bukaneers, It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Danger Danger!

Blog Post Title: Danger Danger!
Description: Beware the Black Hole [>Translated from binary code.<]
Image URL:
Image Name: blogblackhole.png

Underneath there wasย a binary code posted that was translated into this:


BewareTheBlack Hole


Stay tuned for later today the secrets toย wearing Dr.Hares costume will be revealed.

So until then check down below for all our other posts.

Nabooti Island, Sneak Peeks

Choose Your Own Adventure: Rail Ride

The Poptropica Creators have released the first sneak peek of the upcoming Choose Your Own Advernture book(s) about Poptropica! You can read about it here: and view the sneak peek image here:

The Poptropica Creators’ Blog calls it “Danger in a Diamond Mine” and the image is titled “Rail Ride”.ย Sounds like we’ll beย riding a cart on a rail in a dangerous diamond mine!