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Gear up for a Christmas in Haxe πŸŽ„

Heyo, Poptropicans! Yet another week has gone by, and that means another store rotation. The holidays have reached Poptropica in this latest store stash!

Many items have remained the same, although there is a good assortment of new apparel as well. Let’s take a look at the newest fashion in stock:

  • Costumes: Glam Gamer Girl*, Comfy Vibes*, Boss Babe, Neon Rockstar, Pretty Tough, Aqua Rebel, Boho Beauty, Coolin, Cozy Coca, Elf Costume*, Little Candy Cane*, Crazy Candy Cane*, Pop Star, Angel, Robin Hood, Holiday Ball
  • Followers: Dolphin*, Mini Dr. Hare*, Chick, Atlantis Drone, Dryad, Charlie the Choco-Monkey*, Elephant, Deer
  • Powers: Binary Rain*, Bobblehead*, Torch, Cinnamon Fire PopGum, Spark Shower Wand, Electrify
  • Pranks: Sticky Notes, Sneezing Powder, 8-Bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power, Inside-Out Power*, Octo-Prank, Jellyfish Prank, Spitball Shooter

11 items out of the entire store are members-only, with 5 member-exclusive costumes.

Most of the Christmas costumes are for members only, but there’s nothing wrong with sporting a glam pop star look instead! After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. 🎢

Going caroling on Home Island.

Apart from the store festivities, here’s a little reminder of the little time we have left with Flash came very recently. PHB staffers Gentle Dolphin, Sporty Boa, and Spotted Dragon reported logging onto Poptropica on their Flash accounts and finding themselves in Haxe instead. I logged on and didn’t experience the same issue, as I was still in Flash. Perhaps it has something to do with logging in on the mobile app before I logged in on a computer? Who knows?

The good news, however, is that whether you show up on Haxe or Flash, the old islands (for members only) will still be available until the end of the year! (And will hopefully be open for non-members too in the future.) Make the most of Flash before it’s gone for good!

Maybe the good old classics will be in Haxe one day…

A final tidbit of news is that the Creators, true to their promise, recently shared a second Video of the Week! This one has been dug up from the archives of 2016, and highlights Pop founder Jeff Kinney showing how to draw a Poptropican on Fox & Friends. (Check out the clip in their post.)

That’s the scoop for today! Has your account been mysteriously converted to Haxe? And whichever format you’re in, is your Poptropican avatar dressed for the winter holidays? Tell us in the comments, and I’ll see you soon!

~Purple Paw πŸ’œ

Cryptids Island, Store

Chupacabra in the limelight

Entangle yourself in a string of brightly colored festive lights, with three blinking patterns to choose from. Free for Poptropica members and 75 credits for non-members, the “Tangled in Lights” costume is sure to be a holiday favorite. Batteries included. (Wait, this stuff runs on batteries, doesn’t it?)


Or, put someone else in the limelight… you might be interested in learning about the legendary cryptid Chupacabra, who you might just be able to encounter very soon on the next Poptropica adventure, Cryptids Island!

Know Your Cryptids: Chupacabra

Chupacabra: ΒΏQue es?

Cryptids Island is coming on Monday to Poptropica! Before you take on some of the world’s most fearsome mythical monsters, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the legends.

“Chupacabra” is Spanish for “goat-sucker,” and that’s exactly what this creature is said to do. Unlike many cryptids, the Chupacabra is a relatively recent phenomenon. The legend began in Puerto Rico in 1995, when a farmer found that several of his animals had been killed overnight, and the blood drained from their bodies through strange puncture wounds.

Since then, the stories have spread to Mexico and the United States. But accounts of the Chupacabra vary widely: sometimes it is reported to be doglike in appearance, and sometimes, as in the drawing above, as an alien creature that walks on two legs. The only thing that unites all the tales is the creature’s bloodsucking behavior.

Recently, a Chupacabra body was thought to have been found, but was proven to be a coyote with mange. So the questions remain. Is the Chupacabra a new, unknown animal? Is it a space alien? Or is it nothing more than a legend dreamed up by angry farmers? Perhaps one day we will know the truth.

Do you believe in the Chupacabra?

avatar image

“Goat-sucker”? o.O …hmm, maybe we don’t want to encounter this cryptid…

[Distantly, you hear a noise]
Captain Crawfish (what number are we on? 8?): AAAHHH!
(You hear slurping.)
Chupacabra: Yur yummeh, Crawfeesh.
Captain Crawfish 8: NOOOoooOOoo! I’ve still got to live! Please, don’t suck my blood! Heck, I’m not even a goat!
Chubacabra: Ewww! I only eat GOATS! *spits Crawfish out*
Captain Crawfish 8: Whew! I survived!

[His panicked footsteps come closer to the PHB set and he emerges, out of breath from running for his life.]
Captain Crawfish 8: Hey, guys! It’s me!
Captain Crawfish 8: …whoops.
(The crowd descends on Captain Crawfish!)
Chupacabra: *reappears* Where is he? I don’t care if he’s fish, I want him too! SHARING IS CARING, PEOPLES!

(Due to violence, the rest of the scene has been censored.)