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Pop Petition: Let us levitate! 🎈

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post by Dangerous Dragon. Enjoy!

Hey Poptropicans, DD here! Today I’m going over things that I want to see in Poptropica, and they all have to do with levitation.

Yes, the modern Jetpack from the store lets us fly around, and that’s pretty sweet. But in this post, I’ll be imagining some other ways of floating above that I think should be part of the new Poptropica. Let’s go!

#1: Levitating and Teleporting Boots

It would be awesome if we could get these boots and then fly in the sky! Unlike the Jetpack, though, these boots could teleport us places. We would disappear and then land somewhere near the place we started, or better yet, jump to a new scene altogether — perhaps traveling across the islands?

#2: Bring Balloon Boy back

Remember Balloon Boy? He’s been seen floating around in the skies on many, many Poptropica islands. Is it finally time for him to land? Imagine seeing a TV broadcast on one of the new islands showing that Balloon Boy has returned to earth! What do you think he’ll say? I imagine the conversation going something like this: “Phew! A long long journey! I’ve visited every island! I’m becoming older!”

Balloon Boy first appeared on Counterfeit Island in 2009 and was seen still floating in many future islands.

#3: Sky Balloon with a Mini-Game

Another item idea I’ve got floating around (heh) is a sky balloon! Not only do you get to hover with it, you can also activate a mini-game where you fly around, dodging birds and other things, like the Hang Glider game from the original Reality TV Island or Flappy Bird. Of course, you’d also encounter fun Poptropica sights, like Balloon Boy — and eventually, when you reach space, it’ll be time for you to come back down.

Hang gliding on the original Reality TV Island.

#4: Throwing Cute Pillows

This next item idea would lift up not our character, but a handheld item. I’d love to carry around cute pillows on Poptropica like I’m hugging them. Then when we tap the space bar, we throw the pillow into the air! And when it comes back, we jump, land on a bed and fall asleep… with snoring Z’s.

#5: Ding! Elevators

Remember riding elevators in places like the mall on Night Watch Island? That lift-off mechanic is pretty fun. I think one place Poptropica could install an elevator would be the inside of the store. After all, the store has so many items, it could use a second floor (and a third, and more…). Then, we would take a lift and go up up up!

The great glass elevator in the bonus quest of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, which could go in all directions.

That’s all I’ve got for levitation, but I also wanted to throw in another quick Pop Petition to wrap up this post: Poptropica should bring back asking questions in the arcade! I was inspired by a comment White Fox (or as I say, White Foxy) recently posted on the PHB:

I miss the old way of talking. Back then, you could say, “Do you like to read?” or “Do you like getting mail?” or anything. Nowadays, you can start conversations with “Your costume is awesome!”. While the compliments are fun and appreciated, I feel like conversations and friendships should be based off of something more than “You’re great!” “Thank you!” “You’re cool!” “You’re the nicest!”

Compliments just going back and forth tells you nothing of the person you are friending. I want to know my friends’ personalities better, and more questions that ask about that person would be great.

White Fox (from this PHB post’s comments)

Yes, questions do make it easier to get to know your friends on Poptropica. Bring them back, Poptropica!

Thanks, and this is DD popping out! Keep popping, Poptropicans!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Dangerous Dragon. If you did, you might also enjoy their guest post “Pop 5: My Favorite Islands.”

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Poptropica Worlds

My dearest Balloon Boy, it’s a Poptropica Worlds trailer!

So, my dearest Poptropicans,

Today was a weird day. Not like talking cats weird… more like meeting a chipper little boy who takes selfies with immortal gods and hangs out with identical spies kind of weird. These bizarre antics and more are captured in this new Poptropica Worlds trailer:

Well, this video is certainly… interesting. Clearly, one of the aspects that stands out most here, for better or worse, is the running dialogue narrated by an excitable young child named Manfred who’s writing to Balloon Boy about his adventures on Poptropica Worlds. Since Poptropica has never been one to use voice acting, this change has definitely perked some ears.

From the sound of the kid’s voice, the video sets a very clear vibe of being something that hopes to appeal to children. And while Poptropica is a game targeted to kids, there is also an older player base around, many of whom grew up with the game from when they were children, for whom the attempt to appeal is lost in the childlike voice acting.

A commenter on the video, Messy Wolf (WonderfulFilms), writes that “the voice acting was a little bit overdone and catering to a much younger demographic.”

However, another commenter, Kenzie Backlin, had a different opinion, suggesting that “they should do voice acting for all characters.”

Whatever your thoughts on the kid’s narration, we’ve also got the rest of the video to look at. Something that’s more of an unequivocal observation among Poptropicans is that the animation continues to impress, in keeping with the Poptropica style with perhaps more detail than before, especially with the Worlds-style avatars. Good stuff!

dr hare shock
gif by naps (astroknightsisland) on tumblr

Another element that’s important to take note of is the actual content being displayed in the trailer: namely, the islands. We see the boy, Manfred, writing his letter on his desk in his house on Home Island, where he also spins the daily wheel and decks out his place, which he calls his “clubhouse.”

Anyway, could this letter-writing business be a sign that the currently unreleased “Inbox” feature on Worlds is soon to arrive? And that we get to send messages to Balloon Boy, who’s up in the stratosphere? It’s nice to see his presence continued in Worlds, at least.

worlds menu

We also see Manfred run through the other islands currently on Worlds, Crisis Caverns and 24 Carrot. However, he also meets Zeus on Mythology Island, which exists on Poptropica Original but not Worlds – could Mythology be the next island? And perhaps more curiously, how did he get the irritable Zeus to smile for a selfie?!

zeus selfie
gif by naps (astroknightsisland) on tumblr

Beyond that, there are a couple more that are not so familiar: in one scene, a “phantom” colored in pitch black jumps out at him from what appears to be a stage. In another, a horde of spies appears, then disappears in the next moment. The background is that of Zomberry Island with a side of a soundstage from Back Lot, but these characters don’t appear anywhere in the original game, suggesting that these will be brand new islands.

Anyway, what do you think of the new Poptropica Worlds trailer video? What islands are you looking forward to next on Worlds? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Return of Balloon Boy, Tweets on Tumblr, Monster High ad, Best of Land Villages, & more!

Hey guys! There are a lot of recent tweets and posts to cover, so let’s get started! First off, I want to emphasize this new video that has been added to the Creator’s “Inside Poptropica” YouTube playlist:

…Does this mean that Balloon Boy, who has been floating aimlessly since the release of Counterfeit Island, may be returning soon? Part of me is thrilled and part of me is sad that we may not be able to look in the sky and find him there any longer. Here is what has been said on the subject:

balloon boy talk

As you can see, Balloon Boy may soon become a Balloon Man

In other news, Poptropica is still buzzing about Tumblr! The awesomeness has even spread to classrooms, and look, even the PHB’s 1D costumes are in the mix! (Click to view full images!)

Ugh, I hate it when I’m stuck on the loading page with a ton of vines across my screen. 😛

Plus, some more concept art has been released! The first two shown in the gallery are for the current Monster High: Freaky Fusion ad (see below). There’s also a just-for-fun sketch captioned “tongue tied” where a Poptropica artist experiments with crazy tongues on characters, and another of a boy Poptropican shooting hoops on the moon (and here they link to the Lunar Colony trailer).

For girls only, a Monster High: Freaky Fusion ad is available on Night Watch Island (there’s even an icon on the Map you can use to get there). Inside, along with a quiz game and the promo posters, there’s a freaky portal on the right – it doesn’t have a purpose, but it does look cool.

You’ll find two prizes on the top floor: Sirena Follower and Fusion Power (see below for images – thanks to Scary Plug of PWSP for the pics and insight!).

monster high freaky fusion

The Poptropica mobile app has gotten a couple of updates: first, Survival: Escape! (episode 5) is now available for 99 cents. (Although, of course, you can just play it for free online! Plus, if you need help, check out our Survival Island Guide.) Also, 3 free Halloween costume packs have been added to the Shop on your home island, and the app icon has even gotten a Halloween makeover! Cute.

The Best of the Land: Villages have also been announced! Check them out:

Click here to go vote for your favorite! The poll, from now until Monday, should be to the right of the page. As of now, these are the results:

  • Cool Sponge (14%)
  • Creepy Goose (4%)
  • Friendly Heart (9%)
  • Ice Age (6%)
  • Mad Comet (8%)
  • Neat Tiger (13%)
  • Popular Shadow (3%)
  • Serious Bird (23%)
  • Silver Lightning (7%)
  • White Flyer (7%)

The next theme in the contest, which runs from October 24 to 26, is Obstacle Course. Check out our Poptropica Labs (Land) walkthrough for help. Good luck everyone!

As for The Best of the Land: Dream Houses, Zany Clown’s treehouse ended up as the best of the best according to readers’ votes. Congrats, Zany Clown! 😀

From Zany Crown, this is a treehouse that stays true to its roots. Just beautiful.
From Zany Crown, this is a treehouse that stays true to its roots. Just beautiful.


Sneak Peeks

Balloon boy on Shrink Ray Island?

The title may say it all, but that’s not true. Hi, everyone, it’s Elmopwns here to cover some a new post I missed. This one dates back a few days ago to a sneak peek of a boy holding a Shrink Ray Island balloon.

Balloon Boy returns?


Not exactly. But don’t be surprised if you see more and more Poptropicans toting around this balloon in the days to come.

Remember balloon boy? Veteran players might remember on Counterfiet Island when Poptropica’s parody of the balloon boy took to the air…no, not in a giant one…in a helium balloon smaller than someone’s head. As far as we know, the poor kid is still up there. Imagine flying thousands of feet above the ground…holding onto a baloon.
Impressive isn’t it? I’m pretty sure the FAA is gonna be in some kind of trouble. A first look at this image from the creators blog might have gamers confused. Is that balloon boy? Nice try, but unfortunately no :(. This post is actually just showing a poptropican holding a baloon to advertise the upcoming Shrink Ray Island with the Shrink Ray gun on it, the logo of the island.So sorry balloon boy fans…he hasn’t landed yet :/. Hopefully the creators set him down on some island. These balloons are currently being spread around Poptropica! They do not come from the store, so my guess is a creator spread it! Customize to get your own Shrink Ray balloon!
Quick note:
There’s a new costume in the Poptropica Store! To kick off the start of summer coming VERY soon for most of us, the creators of Poptropica have released a beach volleyball costume! Can’t wait for Summer vacation when the fun begins. :). what about you guys? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Elmo Pwns out!
*Rides on a flying cow!*