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Pop’s 7th birthday balloon: in Store for all!

Hey everyone! Quick post to let you guys know that a new birthday balloon for Poptropica’s 7th birthday is now available for free in the Store for everyone.ย Happy seventh birthday, Poptropica!


To celebrate, the PHB willย be having a Poptropica party on the PHC and in Multiverse rooms โ€“ and as an added bonus, I’ll be celebrating my own b’day too! Stay tuned for more details about the party, and in the meantime, enjoy your color-changing balloon! ๐Ÿ˜€


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Happy 4th Birthday to Poptropica!

Guess what? It’s getting close to someone’s special day :D. Especially someone who’s been providing us with quality entertainment and exciting adventures for almost…that’s right, 4 whopping years of fun! Guess who it is? That’s right, happy birthday to Poptropica!

What started out as a small online game advertised on the Funbrain website has now become A GLOBAL phenomenon. Poptropica has really, really, really grown in four years. So far there’s been 21 islands, tons of minigames, HUNDREDS of sweet costumes, lots of gold cards, many new and cool features, and MILLIONS of players worldwide.

To celebrate it, the creators announced on the PCB the 4th B-day and what they’ll be releasing to us to celebrate it!

According to the PCB, all September long Poptropicans will have a chance at winning a special costume! By visting multiplayer rooms, anyone will get a chance of finding a special birthday present. The present is the special “4” balloon that marks Poptropica’s 4th birthday. It’s sort of like the “3” balloon last year. Once you find the 4th balloon, you can pop it to get a special present! The present apparently is a limited edition cake suit. It’s featured in the PCB image above.

Another thing the creators are releasing to us is a members only exclusive item. Yep, members now have a limited edition chance to obtain special gold costumes like the Light Ninja. These were limited edition costumes, previously out of the Poptropica Store. Now members have a chance of obtaining these items for another limited time. If you missed out on your first chance, here’s another try. Each week in September, two of these items will be re-released again.

And lastly, everyone gets a special “4” balloon just by claiming it in the Poptropica Store. These balloons are for everyone, so head on over to the store to get your very own commemorative balloon.

So for everyone on this blog, one word: PARTAYYY! Poptropica’s 4th birthday is looming near, and I’m encouraging all players to celebrate it. ๐Ÿ˜€

You can visit the official 4th birthday page here:

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Balloon boy on Shrink Ray Island?

The title may say it all, but that’s not true. Hi, everyone, it’s Elmopwns here to cover some a new post I missed. This one dates back a few days ago to a sneak peek of a boy holding a Shrink Ray Island balloon.

Balloon Boy returns?


Not exactly. But don’t be surprised if you see more and more Poptropicans toting around this balloon in the days to come.

Remember balloon boy? Veteran players might remember on Counterfiet Island when Poptropica’s parody of the balloon boy took to the air…no, not in a giant one…in a helium balloon smaller than someone’s head. As far as we know, the poor kid is still up there. Imagine flying thousands of feet above the ground…holding onto a baloon.
Impressive isn’t it? I’m pretty sure the FAA is gonna be in some kind of trouble. A first look at this image from the creators blog might have gamers confused. Is that balloon boy? Nice try, but unfortunately no :(. This post is actually just showing a poptropican holding a baloon to advertise the upcoming Shrink Ray Island with the Shrink Ray gun on it, the logo of the island.So sorry balloon boy fans…he hasn’t landed yet :/. Hopefully the creators set him down on some island. These balloons are currently being spread around Poptropica! They do not come from the store, so my guess is a creator spread it! Customize to get your own Shrink Ray balloon!
Quick note:
There’s a new costume in the Poptropica Store! To kick off the start of summer coming VERY soon for most of us, the creators of Poptropica have released a beach volleyball costume! Can’t wait for Summer vacation when the fun begins. :). what about you guys? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Elmo Pwns out!
*Rides on a flying cow!*