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Return of Balloon Boy, Tweets on Tumblr, Monster High ad, Best of Land Villages, & more!

Hey guys! There are a lot of recent tweets and posts to cover, so let’s get started! First off, I want to emphasize this new video that has been added to the Creator’s “Inside Poptropica” YouTube playlist:

…Does this mean that Balloon Boy, who has been floating aimlessly since the release of Counterfeit Island, may be returning soon? Part of me is thrilled and part of me is sad that we may not be able to look in the sky and find him there any longer. Here is what has been said on the subject:

balloon boy talk

As you can see, Balloon Boy may soon become a Balloon Man

In other news, Poptropica is still buzzing about Tumblr! The awesomeness has even spread to classrooms, and look, even the PHB’s 1D costumes are in the mix! (Click to view full images!)

Ugh, I hate it when I’m stuck on the loading page with a ton of vines across my screen. 😛

Plus, some more concept art has been released! The first two shown in the gallery are for the current Monster High: Freaky Fusion ad (see below). There’s also a just-for-fun sketch captioned “tongue tied” where a Poptropica artist experiments with crazy tongues on characters, and another of a boy Poptropican shooting hoops on the moon (and here they link to the Lunar Colony trailer).

For girls only, a Monster High: Freaky Fusion ad is available on Night Watch Island (there’s even an icon on the Map you can use to get there). Inside, along with a quiz game and the promo posters, there’s a freaky portal on the right – it doesn’t have a purpose, but it does look cool.

You’ll find two prizes on the top floor: Sirena Follower and Fusion Power (see below for images – thanks to Scary Plug of PWSP for the pics and insight!).

monster high freaky fusion

The Poptropica mobile app has gotten a couple of updates: first, Survival: Escape! (episode 5) is now available for 99 cents. (Although, of course, you can just play it for free online! Plus, if you need help, check out our Survival Island Guide.) Also, 3 free Halloween costume packs have been added to the Shop on your home island, and the app icon has even gotten a Halloween makeover! Cute.

The Best of the Land: Villages have also been announced! Check them out:

Click here to go vote for your favorite! The poll, from now until Monday, should be to the right of the page. As of now, these are the results:

  • Cool Sponge (14%)
  • Creepy Goose (4%)
  • Friendly Heart (9%)
  • Ice Age (6%)
  • Mad Comet (8%)
  • Neat Tiger (13%)
  • Popular Shadow (3%)
  • Serious Bird (23%)
  • Silver Lightning (7%)
  • White Flyer (7%)

The next theme in the contest, which runs from October 24 to 26, is Obstacle Course. Check out our Poptropica Labs (Land) walkthrough for help. Good luck everyone!

As for The Best of the Land: Dream Houses, Zany Clown’s treehouse ended up as the best of the best according to readers’ votes. Congrats, Zany Clown! 😀

From Zany Crown, this is a treehouse that stays true to its roots. Just beautiful.
From Zany Crown, this is a treehouse that stays true to its roots. Just beautiful.


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Poptropica has Tumblr-ed over and can’t get up (plus more!)

Hey guys! The Creators have been checking out micro-blogging site Tumblr recently, taking screenshots of specific posts they liked and re-tweeting them (they even re-tweeted the PHB’s tweet about this post after it was published!). Check them out! (click to enlarge)

Cute! Sadly, there haven’t been any behind the scenes images for any islands recently. However, they did post these random sketches (made by bored Creators in their downtime):

Also, the Creators’ “Inside Poptropica” YouTube playlist has been updated with another video, in which a “QA tester” has found a bug in the most recent unreleased update to SUIs – not being able to swim in the water on Mythology Island.

Meanwhile with the Land Public Preview Challenge, the Creators have already tweeted a couple of their favorite Dream Homes so far (click to enlarge).

For help with Land, check out the PHB’s Poptropica Labs (Land) Guide, which was recently updated to reflect some new changes: now including a detailed chart of what you unlock at each level (as well as how much Poptanium is needed per level, which is no longer the standard 15 – it now varies)!

They’re also seeking advice for the future of the Land project over on Twitter, and so far suggestions have included changing the health effects of water in different biomes, plus the ability to name your own Land and have it seen by people on the Map. Both sound pretty neat! 😀

Heh. Well, good luck in the Land contest, everyone! 🙂

Lastly, on Night Watch Island for a limited time, there is is a dance party for girls only (sorry guys). It’s an ad for Lalaloopsy Girls, which was covered a bit more in-depth on the PHB last week. You can chat, battle, make friends, and get two costumes and a Dance Party power. Visit it before it’s gone!


Umm… sparkly… 😛