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Pop Petition: Bring Original Features Back

This is a guest post written by Tallmeloniscool, a Poptropica player in the community. In this post he’ll be talking about what features he wants to see returned to Pop Original. Enjoy!

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For all the talk of focusing on Poptropica Worlds as the future of Poptropica, the Creators are still updating the original Poptropica. This strikes me as a bad move—once Flash goes away, won’t all these updates not matter anymore?

I’m not sure why they’re still updating Poptropica Original—maybe they don’t have enough Unity coders working on Worlds?—but since they haven’t let it go just yet,  here are the features I’d really like to see return to the original Pop.

#1: Bring back Realms


Lots of people want Poptropica Realms to return. I see people in YouTube comments, the Poptropica Help Chat, and many other places wishing that Realms was brought back. Comments like this: “I have never been to Poptropica Realms, it looks really fun” or “I really wanted to finish my house.”

What I find even worse is that the Poptropica Creators never told us why Realms is down or when it is going to be fixed. So if fixing Realms is going to take longer than it already has, then the Creators should at least make a blog post on the Creators’ Blog saying what’s wrong with Realms.

#2: Bring back the old visual map


If you’ve been playing Poptropica for a few years, you might remember on the non-SUIs, you had this map where you can see where you were on the island. But when the Poptropica Creators made it so that the SUI (sound-updated island) menu shows on the non-SUI islands, it ended up removing the classic maps and replacing them with the home map where you choose islands.

What I recommend to the Poptropica Creators is to change it so when you click on the map it would show the old visual map. Then add a new button that teleports you to the home map. That way we Poptropicans can have the old map, and a way to instantly go to the home map.

#3: Fix the way the islands are organized on the home map


The way the islands are currently organized on the home map needs some fixing. For example, Mission Atlantis (a medium-hard island) is in the easy category, while Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth (two of the easiest islands!) are listed among the challenging islands. Also, the adventure category could definitely list more than four islands.

This “Map Mishaps” PHB post from a year ago covers more of the issues present that are still crying out to be re-done.

#4: Add a way to answer pop quizzes


When the home screen changed so that it took you straight to Home Island as opposed to the old home screen, Poptropicans could not access the home screen and answer the pop quizzes anymore. What will a new Poptropican do to get these quizzes?

My solution would be to bring the quizzes to the Home Island billboard, so we’d have another reason to log in again!

#5: Bring back old store items & costumes


In my opinion, the Poptropica Creators took a real step backward by removing so many old store items, even though they’re rotating the stock every month. Why? Considering that Poptropica Original won’t be playable after the year 2020, what they should do is add back as many store items as possible—all the limited time items and costumes, and even ones that were forgotten.

This would allow old players to feel nostalgic about these old items in the game, and for the newer players to experience the old and limited time items. Though this may degrade the rarity value of some items/costumes, since Poptropica Original is not going to last forever, I really think this does not matter. What matters more is that we get to enjoy this version of Poptropica while it lasts!

So that’s the end of my guest post on the PHB. I hope that you enjoyed and agreed, and I hope you have a great day. BYE!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Tallmeloniscool! If you did, be sure to check out another guest post of his: Pop 5: Ideas for Multiplayer Features.

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11 thoughts on “Pop Petition: Bring Original Features Back”

  1. I agree with pretty much everything that was brought up! Something else I’d like to mention: bringing back the old method of organizing inventory. I always go to a non-SUI to look through my items, just because it’s so much easier to find and load things.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! Like the SUI format was supposed to be an improvement to the old non SUI format. But for goodness sake it is actually worser then NON SUI islands. An inventory that still does not hold all of your items,no island map. Like just wow

  2. I agree with a lot of these points. Most of the updates in this game recently seem to be out of laziness instead of care. Every update or change seems to make the Poptropica experience just a bit less special. Why can’t we buy a ton of stuff in the store? Why can’t we buy credits anymore? The last Soup to Nutz strip was 2 months ago, so why keep it around? Why can’t we play Realms? Why is SUI still glitchy? Why are older islands becoming glitchy? Why does the movie theater on Home Island still not work after over a year? Why is Worlds practically ignored and why is it never updated? Isn’t Worlds supposed to be the future? I have a lot of questions that I don’t think will ever be answered.

    1. If you can remember, alot of Poptropica creators ended up leaving Poptropica, including CAPTAIN CRAWFISH!!!!!! So yeah when it comes to social media and stuff with Poptropica, our questions are so not going to be answered 😦

  3. I certainly agree with all this, especially the organization of the map.
    A teleportation feature would be pretty helpfull, but probably have it so it will be unlocked once the island is completed since something like that would be a bit too OP.

    Also, special actions must come back to, including the emotion actions that you do by pressing shift, alt and a number.

    And I’ve said it several times on this blog, they MUST bring back the common rooms, that including the mini games, even if they’re the old ones, and even if our ranking is all zero.

  4. Yes, Yes & Yes! I agree with absolutely all of these points. I even wrote a whole post about #3! I also think that they should get rid of all the Demo-Only Islands for nonmembers. At this point in time, only members can play Nabooti, Big Nate, Great Pumpkin, Wimpy Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Wimpy Wonderland. That’s six whole islands that an entire demographic of Poptropicans is missing out on! I know it’s a way to make money, but Poptropica should be one-for-all, not all-for-one.

      1. It kind of makes me wonder what sort of budget were they on when they announsed that. 😕

  5. I really think that they should bring back the old store items. The items are being updated every now and then, and there’s no way to get the old store items back. 😞

    1. Yeah, they’ve been bringing back some old store items, but in small quantities with the monthly store updates. The downside to this is that some of the items that were for non-members are becoming restricted for members only. Then again, some of the items what were originally for members only are being put up again for non-members as well. It’s pretty weird :/

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