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What’s going to happen to Poptropica Original?

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Today we’ve got Poptropica Worlds, but Poptropica Original is the game where it all began over ten years ago. However, the OG Pop is on its way out.

Though we’ve made mention of the situation a few times here on the PHB, we haven’t yet discussed it on the blog in great depth. The bottom line, however, is simple: Poptropica Original was built on Flash, a technology that will no longer be supported by 2020. That’s why Worlds was created to continue the legacy on a newer technology, Unity.

The question of what will happen to Poptropica Original is best explained in this Facebook post from the Poptropica Creators, written December 2017:

Here are the main takeaways of that post:

  1. With the departure of Flash by the end of the year 2020, Poptropica Original as we know it is likely to be inaccessible by the arrival of 2021.
  2. Poptropica continues to own the intellectual property that makes up Pop Original—all the art, characters, stories, etc. They’ll be using that, along with new ideas, in their future creations, as we’ve seen from Worlds so far with islands like the remade 24 Carrot or Mythology-inspired, yet original Greek Sea Odyssey.
  3. It’s not just limited to islands on the web or mobile—Poptropica hopes to go where kids go, which could mean more books, comics, or something new.

So that’s that. As it’s 2018, we still have about two years to enjoy Poptropica Original: all its nearly 50 islands, tons of customization options (especially with glitching!), multiplayer functions, and more. Make the most of it and go explore, collect, and compete your heart out on this digital playground while you still can!

And where can we expect the new Poptropica Worlds to lead?

While Pop Original will still be around for as long as it’s able to stick around, expect most updates to come through on Worlds (though, oddly enough, we’re also getting March Prizes on Pop Original?). We’ll continue to keep you all posted with the latest news, both Original and Worlds, but the Creators haven’t been offering much on social media lately (and their blog hasn’t seen a new post since December).

With the recent layoffs of several high-up Poptropica Creators, a mass unfollowing of fans on Twitter, and now, this tweet from former Pop social media manager Jessica Devine (Skinny Moon), it seems things aren’t looking so good with the current management at Poptropica HQ.

In Jessica’s tweet, she links to a Verge article (link warning: some strong language used) about the “toxic culture” at another game studio that started out small, then grew so fast that it often pushed employees too hard in the race to put out new content. According to Jessica, “not all of it, but a good amount” resonates with her (and former coworker Mitch Krpata’s) experience working at Poptropica.

Whatever’s going on at Poptropica HQ right now, it’s leaving a lot of Poptropicans confused and apprehensive. Current Creators, if you are reading this, please step up your game (literally). Don’t burn yourselves out, but do give us an update here and there!

In the next two years, let’s hope that Poptropica Worlds can catch up some more with the original game, and bring us more of that Poptropica magic we’ve been in love with for so long. But we could use some more assurance from Pop HQ.

As much as we loved the original, we know it’s not going to last. But let’s build a brighter future on Worlds (and beyond, if Poptropica lives up to its statement of being a whole ecosystem). We’ve got lots of ideas. It’s not over yet.



55 thoughts on “What’s going to happen to Poptropica Original?”

  1. Man, Adobe Flash (also YouTube) made the golden age of the internet.

    Do you know how many games and other stuff (presentations, idk) were built on this engin?

    Sites like Miniclip, NewGrounds, including Poptropica, amd many, many more are gonna go down soon enough.

    1. There must be a lot—many browser-based games made in the 2000s probably used Flash. If they’re still around today, they’re going to have to learn to adapt, just as Poptropica did by making Worlds.

      1. Yeah, but I’ve played many flash games, and I’ve found plenty that are great (Fancy Pants, Club Penguin, a few Nitrome games, SSF2, this one definetely, etc.).

        Also, there is a great majoraty of flash games over anything else soo…

      2. I’m not sure what you mean… yes, many games started on Flash, but they’d need to adapt to newer technology if they want to continue past 2020. Club Penguin, for example, was somewhat recently rebooted into Club Penguin Island.

  2. Poptropica’s going to die, for everyone.

    Poptropica already died for me, over a year ago. The Poptropica era is almost over with. Both the writers and commenters should just stop wasting their time on here now. Move on. Keep up with the latest news of another game. Something.

    1. Sure, it won’t last forever. Most things don’t. But until it’s officially done, there are some of us who remain interested because of its impact on our lives—and that’s our choice.

    2. No, No, and NO! Maybe I am wasting time on Poptropica but I still have hope that Poptropica will revive. We just have to keep trying. Sure many people will quit but not me!!!!!! “Tallmeloniscool is always going to be there with Poptropica! “

    3. Anonymous. I have a feeling you are Tall Cactus in Disguise. Or maybe you could be skaky skunk. I do not know you are the 2 people who used to like Poptropica but now hate it and wants everyone to move on

    4. if they keep some of the orignal potropica aspects in there, it will not die. I have faith that Poptropica will figure out what they are doing wrong here. So no, I don’t think Poptropica is going to die

  3. I’ve been playing Poptropica on and off for a while (8 years) and it really is amazing. I totally agree that it isn’t just an online site, it is its own world. I think that at this point I would follow Poptropica wherever it goes, even if the creators stopped working on the site and started producing something else relating to Poptropica like books, shows, heck, I’d still enjoy Poptropica if all they produced was juice boxes. What I like most about Poptropica is the world they created. Every time I finish a Poptropica island, I want more. Not in a bad way of course. I mean if I just finished Mythology Island, the first thing I’ll think of is “Now I want to read a book/watch a movie about Greek mythology” This is true for basically whatever theme the island has. I lately just finished Steamworks and have been looking for good steampunk books or movies I could enjoy. If the creators are reading this, that is quite an accomplishment you guys managed to pull off 🙂

    So yeah, sorry for the long comment. I just wanted to say that even if Poptropica stopped producing content, I’d still consider myself a Poptropican 😀

  4. *sniffle* WHY FLASH WHY! WHY CREATORS WHY! *sigh* RIP Poptropica 2007-2020😭 They may do great things on Worlds, but it will never be the same as PO. Hopefully millions of heroes in golden blimps will save PO. I just don’t know what will happen.-RT

    1. As the Facebook post explains, it’s not so much about “saving” Pop Original (which isn’t likely at this point) than it is about moving forward. The hope is that we’ll still enjoy what’s to come for the Poptropica universe!

  5. I wonder how long is it going to take until they acknowledge the fanbase’s paranoia to be honest.

  6. I can image the year 2020 when flash stops being supported. When the day before flash stops being supported i can image the goodbyes and nostalgia videos and blog posts happening and being incredibly sad. While many are going to say goodbye to Newsgrounds and miniclip and Y8 and soooooooooooooooooooo many flash games, in the Poptropica’s side of the community (WELL if the Poptropica community is still around) Poptropica blogs and the few Poptropica Youtube Channels would be flooded with those sad goodbyes of Poptropica. Realizing that after 2020 Poptropica will never NEVER be able to be played ever again and the only things we have of Poptropica are videos and blog posts of Poptropica. Along with many other flash games and things that run on Flash. Man enjoy Poptropica and enjoy those flash games while we can because now the games on Mobile are replacing Flash games on the computer. Man so sad…..

  7. A lot of bloggers are leaving the community and “moving on” as well. poptropica isnt just the same as it was before. i started playing in 2016 so i never really knew poptropica like some of you guys have, but i have grown to love the game and it will be missed by many.I have already closed down The Splat (my blog) and my new blog the TAPB only has two posts and i opened it a while ago! Of course, that does not mean i am leaving my job as a PHB and LWBOF reader and commenter. You will still see me in da comments :). I am also definitly attending this years Poppies! i cant hardly wait! Sry for the long comment.-RT

  8. All we can do is pray and hope that they will change their minds and that flash will continue to be supported.

  9. Im 12 going on 13 and ive been playing pop since i was 5. This game was such a big part of my childhood and its sad to see it go 😦

  10. When Poptropica Original dies in 2020, I’ll probably quit the game entirely (though I pretty much have by this point).

    This blog was always really fun to post in, though. The community’s changed a lot since 2012, but I still do appreciate this blog as my first sort of internet community. It’s been fun being with you all for so long 😃

    1. If I were to choose which first, it’ll either come down to Spy, Steamworks, Red Dragon or a Legendary Swords sequal (it will also be nice if they had their own exclusive soundtracks, at least the majority in each island).

      1. Yep! I love the sound effects, I wish they’d update all islands with them. It feels weird playing Reality TV etc without those. I’d love for super power island to have sound too.

  11. I just wish there was some sort of option to use the original style for the characters and stuff in the new game; the art style is one thing I’ll really miss. And maybe an item transfer, so Poptropicans don’t lose years worth of stuff they’ve earned. One of my accounts has stuff from almost 10 years ago.

    1. Also… I really the mobile version of Poptropica. I would love for that to get fleshed out more so we can log in with our desktop accounts or something. And it should also get the rest of the islands. I prefer to play on PC, but I will definitely keep playing mobile if you can make this happen 🙂

  12. I can’t believe that they changed it. who is with me that they shouldn’t have changed it! I think the store changed too. its like only for members now!

    1. You mean change Pop Worlds or the original Pop, because, they haven’t changed all that much to be honest. About the store, only like half or less of the stuff is for members, and for a reasonable product for that price (mostly) if I do say so myself.

  13. I’ve played Pop from the very beginning — I remember the time before the blimp, when you just fell through a hole in the character creation screen — and I hope they try to get back into what made Pop so good in the first place. Original ideas that anyone can connect to, like those behind Shark Tooth, Time Tangled, and Super Power Island.

  14. yo does anyone wanna drop the link for the original poptropica bc I lost my password to my old account and wanna get back in ASAP

  15. What happened to all the old poptropica islands? i saw it on coolmath and went to get back into it but a lot of the old islands like big nate and astroknights arent on the map

      1. I am also having this issue.. There is no tab for the old islands on my map. There are only 9 tabs on my map. I have recently started a new account … is it because I need to complete the other islands first?

      2. I don’t think completing the other islands has been made a prerequisite to accessing the old islands. As I mentioned, you may need to update Flash to see them.

  16. I’m poptropica user Happy Fish and I’ve been on this site for literally a decade. The island shave always been so much fun and have helped me calm down whenever I was over-stressed. I’ll probably stay on poptropica but I am really going to miss the original, I love it so! This has always been the site where I could bask in nostalgia; my closet is so vast and I have so many medals. What a shame. Truly and end of an era.

    Is there anyone we could download the original???????

    1. Currently, there’s no download for the original — Poptropica is still a browser game. There is a Poptropica app for mobile devices you can download, but it’s about the same as the online version (but with fewer islands).

  17. Its never going to be the same as the old poptropica, because for one thing it was alot of varity and it was simple and easy to play it and im just in love with the old one. But it left me feeling disapointed that I have to now adapt to a newer poptriopica which I have played the newer islands added in with the random part 1, 2 and 3 in the island. I thought that was unneccessary and just to fill up the space. And I replied to them on an email in 2018 saying that they would bring back the islands back or somewhat and they havent made any progress in bringing back more old islands. Instead adding new ones, and honestly flash is still usable and accessed after december as the people in google saying that they arent shutting it down completely. At least have another poptropica website for the old islands, all 50+ of them… all the awards i got for passing the islands are completely wiped off as if I never played them!!!

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