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Map of mighty changes

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish. Let me just check the map real quick to see where we’re going today — huh? It looks like things have moved around! Take a look for yourself at Poptropica’s indecisive GPS:

(Thanks to Quick Fang for the tip and pictures.)

Categories have improved since the last map update in 2017, which had raised a lot of questions. The new categories, which generally make more sense than the previous ones, are as follows:

  1. The Adventures Begin (Home, Monkey Wrench)
  2. Adventures of Time (Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, Mythology)
  3. Adventures of Atlantis (all 3 episodes of Mission Atlantis each with their own “island,” with some new icons)
  4. Adventures of Destiny (Mystery of the Map, Escape From Pelican Rock, Shrink Ray)
  5. Adventures of Survival (all 5 episodes of Survival each with their own “island,” with some new icons)
  6. Adventures of the Mighty (Poptropolis Games, Virus Hunter, Monster Carnival)
  7. Adventures of Heroes (all 3 episodes of PoptropiCon each with their own “island,” with some new icons)
  8. Adventures of the Strange (Galactic Hot Dogs, Timmy Failure, Mocktropica)
  9. Adventures of Nights (all 3 episodes of Arabian Nights each with their own “island,” with some new icons)
  10. Old School Islands (spanning 8 map pages, containing the rest of the islands, which are non-SUIs: not Sound Updated Islands)

Considering the categorization of “Old School Islands” (which simply means they’re older) and how they’re relegated to the end of the map pages, it looks like those islands, because they lack the newer technology that gives other islands their bigger screens and other features, may not be as much of a priority for Poptropica.

It’s not clear whether they’re working on bringing those islands into the newer tech, so that they can be accessed after the end of Flash, so if you like those islands — play them while you can. As for the other, larger-screen islands, it looks like they’ll be around for the future.

In other news, there’s a new ad around for The LEGO Movie 2, which is already in theaters. The game is simple: click to dodge obstacles in your path as you (playing as either Emmet or Lucy) drive an automobile while being chased by a Duplo alien.

At the end, you’ll win a Planty Follower (which bounces!) and an Angry Unikitty Follower.

There is also an ad for Frosted Flakes, but upon trying to hit the slopes, I only get sent back to the main area and can’t play the game. If it works later on, though, this post will be updated.

Check back later for more Poptropica news — we’ve got a post coming about the spring store updates!

Keep on ‘tropping, Poptropicans.

30 thoughts on “Map of mighty changes”

  1. To add to the news, there’re also three new items in the store:

    Chick follower

    Egg launcher

    And a wand that gives everybody (except the player) a pink bunny costume

  2. Just a quick question: Does anyone not have the old islands? I can’t find them on my map, and I only have the pages up to Adventures of Nights? Or is that because I don’t have membership?

    1. I’m having this problem too! Anyone know what I can do to fix it, or do I just need to wait?

      1. Appearantly, the old islands are gone and being worked on cause of flash being removed next year

  3. I don’t like the category of “Old School Islands” because it is a huge category that I feel makes the other islands not as special or interesting. An island is an island, music or not. Having more categories that include the older islands would also organize it in a much better way, and you’d know more about what islands you’re looking at, not just some “Old School Islands.”

  4. I’m a bit late, but we needed this. Now only old school Poptropicans will remember Early Poptropica was labeled as a “Challenging” island 😏 (Which made absolutely no sense). However, I would argue that the map is now 17 pages long, which makes it a bit hard to navigate if you’re looking for a specific island (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this problem). I think they should add a feature where you can open a menu with a list that has the names of all the islands set alphabetical order or something like that (similar to the dropdown menu when you check your inventory in non-sui islands) and you could just go from there.

    1. Honestly though, why not put it how it was before and order them based off of their debut. It was simple, it made sence, and was fine the way it was. I don’t understand why it was changed to begin with.

  5. Can anyone tell me if the store is meant to have barely anything in there? There used to be so many items and costumes, and now there’s like 10. I’m not sure if this is a glitch because:
    1. It’s been ages since I’ve played Poptropica.
    2. I’ve already got a glitch where I don’t have the old school islands.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Yyeahh.. they trimmed down the store to only have like a couple of items (and don’t ask why the majority of them are casual outfits).

      Which reminds me, they should change the bag menue to how it basically was before honestly. Not saying the modern one is bad or anything, but when it comes to store items, it takes a HECK a lot of time to scroll through to find the gold card you want, especially when you got a lot of stuff, like me.

      At the very least have a orginization option or better yet, seperate them into pages. (Also have them be accessable through non-SUIs as well)

    1. Hey! I’ve got the same problem too! Apparently, it’s a glitch that should clear up (read above), but mine still doesn’t have them.

      1. I contacted Poptropica support and they told me that the older islands have been turned off for some players due to “browser compatibility issues” while they’re making everything work without Flash– which I totally get, but I still want my islands back! 😦

  6. i have the old islands, but why can’t i play them yet, because i’ve always wanted to play super power, when i try to play them they won’t load properly, is it because it’s on maintance or lack of update, or what, pls respond, so i can if i can play the old school islands, instead of looking at them on my screen. can anyone solve this problem.

  7. First of by the time it comes every player in poptropica will leave. Second can’t they build them from scratch in stead of using to old stuff. Like we would have a ~few old islands by now. To the developers plz just use my advice and let us player have a ~few old classic islands. To PHB plz don’t be rude to my comment I just had an idea.

    1. We do have a few old islands by now, including Time Tangled, 24 Carrot, and parts of episodic islands. Also, they are rebuilding from scratch while using their old content including art and gameplay, and as their progress shows, it’s easier said than done. Slow but hopefully steady.

      1. Thanks for clearing out. Also two thinks when do you thinks old islands are coming back. And can you friend me my username is ib2012

      2. We don’t have a timeline for when old islands are coming back, but Poptropica is currently working on bringing back episodic islands. And you’re welcome to send me a friend request with the username slantedfish 🐠

  8. I think the membership is totally unfair😒 It’s also getting out of hand. Regular players are like second class(in a poor way)and members are like first. I understand that somebody created the membership to make poptropica more “interesting” and have an excuse for cool more stuff and a nice feature, you name it. But it’s just a way to give members equal treatment just cause they paid money. Also it makes regular players left out. And that’s not even the worst part. Some kids who play poptropica are lucky cause teens who have their own money are able to pay for it and are okay being charged. Younger kids also have parents with money to be charged and pay for it. While some kids (including teens) who play poptropica may not have as much money as we think. The same can go for their parents. The membership also reminds me of an injustice in history where you had to be rich in order to get access to certain things. While the poor were treated badly. (It still happens today in some parts of the world. For example, korea is currently having a big famine right now because the poor didn’t get as much food supplies etc. but the rich got most living essentials.) Poptropica is like that but modern and virtual. It’s literally a whopping 90% for members and only 10% for non-members. The percentages represent the fairness. If you are reading this, please notice that I’m not really complaining, but making a statement. Members and poptropica workers please do not feel guilty but take it seriously. the fact that I brought up a sad, sad story may upset some, but in the meantime I hope you felt comfortable reading this long, reasonable comment. Please respond. *air hugs and happiness to all*

    1. Membership has its problems, but it does help support the game’s development (Poptropica, like any business, needs to pay its staff). Also, non-members still have access to a decent amount of content — I’d say maybe 75% of the game — although with membership locks appearing in many areas, perhaps it doesn’t always feel that way.

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