Bonus Items, Time Tangled Island

Get Time Tangled-up in Silly String!

Hey Poptropicans! The last of the March Prizes is here!

Head over to the unnamed building on Main Street of Time Tangled Island on Poptropica Original, to the right of Pendulum’s Lab, and hop up the windows until you reach one to the very right that has the can of Silly Streams. Grab it while you canโ€”this week only!

As it’s the last the week of March, this is probably going to be the last March Prize. Previous prizes from this month are the Dr. Hare Plushy and Lucky PopGum, which are still in your inventory if you grabbed them earlier.

That’s all for this post. Have fun with the silly string (which, by the way, is also typically available as a gold card item in the store)!

Keep on popping, Poptropicans.


9 thoughts on “Get Time Tangled-up in Silly String!”

  1. Silly string? That’s just silly. I’m that silly, I don’t want to look silly.
    (That moment when you just repeated yourself a lot and called it an Ok comment)

  2. Wait what?

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