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A lucky Odyssey for all, from home to gnome

Hello, everyone! Lucky Joker popping in to announce, first of all, that Greek Sea Odyssey is now available to everyone on Poptropica Worlds!

greek map

Poptropica hasn’t made an official announcement yet (get on it, Creators) — but the membership lock is indeed gone from the map. If you need a hand, check out our Greek Sea Odyssey Island Guide here on the PHB, complete with pics, trivia, and more!

I’m also here to walk you through an advertisement on both Poptropica Worlds and Poptropica Original. The ad is for Sherlock Gnomes, which premieres in theaters on March 23. There are many prizes to be earned, so let’s pop into it!

On both Poptropicas, you should be able to find the ad on Home Island. It’s worth playing the game on both because there are different prizes to win for each.

Upon entering, Sherlock Gnomes will send you off to find five gnomes.

Sherlock Gnomes 3

You’ll have three whole minutes to find the missing gnomes, but it shouldn’t take longer than a minute. Here’s an image GIF to help you if you can’t locate all of them. (5).gif

The four prizes you can earn between both games include: a funny looking Gnome Hat on Worlds, plus Gnomeo and Juliet followers and a Shrink Power card on Pop Original. Also inside the ad, there’s a printable color sheet you can click on.

Additionally, there’s a free Lucky PopGum on Home Island of Pop Original on top of the arcade—available this week only.

Looks like it’s part of something called March Prizes, so maybe there will be more? This gum comes just in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend.

Well, that about wraps this post up. Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to you in the next one.

– Lucky Joker 🍀

14 thoughts on “A lucky Odyssey for all, from home to gnome”

  1. FINALLY! I have been waiting 4EVER! I’m gonna go play it right now! *runs to computer* (I’m typing this on my tablet)

  2. *reads sherlock gnomes*



    *COUGH* *COUGH* i think ive been screaming too much. *cough*

  3. Wait, so… if the last members of the game’s production team are gone..
    Who is left to make new islands and content for Poptropica?
    HMMMMMMMM, abandon ship???

  4. Yeaah… 😁

    Remember when I was screaming “YEEAAAAAAAAAHH!!!”?

    me neitha

    Okey so I’ve completed Greek Odyssey, aand… It’s mediocre. (SPOILERS DOWN BELOW)
    So to start things off, you come a cross your self walking in a weird angle, AKA, sloppy programing. You also come across this kid who apparently stomping infront of a fire in a small hole(???), and tells you that Zeus is angery and stuff and Greece wants to control themselves (although, wasn’t there already a ruler or something?). So you go to this building under construction. There is this platform you need to get to, and this is when the programing get’s noticably stupid. So theres this seesaw and a statue that is in your way (out of all obsticals?), so you pull this lever (of which I could’ve sworn I heard a electronic sound effect) to get this statue. Okey I’ll stop there. So the statue does not apply to gravity, so it SLOWLY desends. Messing around with this is so hilarious yet ridiculess. You CAN’T tell me that the programers couldn’t put in proper gravity physics to that thing.
    So anyway, you use the top of the statue to make the board move to the other side you need to get to the platform (oh yeah, and you also float with it as you push). So you come across this daughter of Zeus (forgot what her name was) and tells you to get these three items.

    So you get to this dock and find this guy who I suppose is trying to stop a leak in his ship, so here are the four things that are unconsistant with this. First off, the guy doesn’t look like his trying to stop the leak at all, second, t h e s h i p i s f l o a t i n g, third, so you need to get lumber to fill the leak, just hOw did that work?! Lastly, why the heck does the guy need to come with me? It isn’t like he does anything (most like all NPCs who say they are your “sidekick”). Oh yeah, inside the ship, there is aparently this museum with all this stuff. So I’m starting to see a trend here. Why the heck is Poptropica starting to have these museum things in their current islands? Not saying it’s dumb, but just unnessisary. What? Oh yeah, there are also this hog head which sneezes out snot and this head that’s a disco ball… *sigh*

    So you get to the island where that maze is at with the minitore in it. So (I forgot their names so bare with me) this guy has his (I don’t care, if I call him emo or not, it’s just that I hate those steriotypes) kid trapped in a cage, so you gotta go and find the keys. So you come across this cyclops who has a key, you ask if he’s using it, he says no, so you ask him if you can have it, he says no. Just why does he say no when he says he is not using it? Anyway, you play a game of rock-paper-scizzerrz, and get his key. You get this key from this skeleton, then come across the minitore who looks more ugly than menessing, all you do is give him a carrot, get the key, and free the kid. So the guy (father of the kid) makes the wax wings and gives you his lyre you need , so you go play a game of Flappy Bird and get to the feathered creature and land to the next place.

    So here you find this guy who is feeling very ill and this old dude says he’s dranken too much black bile or something. So you gotta get the ingredients to cure the guy, so you get some grapes, a pinecone, honey by scaring the bees with a stick with fire (of which disapears with no animation), and a cows horn of which you get by DROPPING A BOULDER ON TOP OF HIM so it comes out!! So after commiting animal abuse (poor cow), you mix the ingredients to make the cure. So the old dude gives you Hippolyta’s Gridle (oh yeah, while I was coming down to get the horn, I accsadently landed on the table which had this girl’s birthday cake, and it flew into another girl’s face; it was hilarious).

    So then you go to the last place of which has this giant snake who (says a meme as you go talk to him) won’t let you get the Golden Fleece unless you play a smoothing song. So you use the Lyre you had and just play a game of simon. This does not compare to the flute in Mythology island. You had to challenge your self to memorize the notes (except for the gate to the maze which has it right on it). You do not do anything like that here, infact the thing isn’t even that long enough to be decently challenging. So after doing that, the snake lets you go get the Golden Fleece. So then you and that guy go to Mount Olypmus, wait no, only you go up there because NPCs are aparently lazy.

    So as I get up to Mount Olympus, I imidedatly saw it was the game of “go up the slopes and jump over the ball things”. So Zues notices your presense, so he zaps elcetric balls rolling down the slopes, and I gotta say, these hit stuns are SO glitchy that it’s ridiculess. I was trying make like an idiot and try to run through them, but I ended up running while an electric ball was pushing me, I stopped and it was still pushing me (what the heck is this programing?!) So you come to Zues, and his duaghter brings his wife back from being petrafide, with the items you’ve brought. AAnd the story just ends there…

    and it took like fifty minutes in my first playthough…
    Resent islands like Pelicant Rock took quite a while to beat in my first playthough.

    So I’ll just give Greek Sea Odyssey two stars ⭐️⭐️. The island did had some neat and cool ideas, but it is just short, glitchy, has some cheesey lines, and has not so great humor. Not saying this island is bad, it’s just that it isn’t above average, or at least desent, in my opinion.

    P.s: Sorry for the long essay, it’s just that this island didn’t give me a good impression (no effence to the devs). 😕

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