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The Poppies 2018: Time to Vote! โ˜‘

The voting poll is now closed. Join us at our livestream party to hear the results!

poppies 2018 vote

Come, all you people…ย The Poppies are in town, and it’s time for the voting round!

Not sure what’s going on? You should probably get caught up on what the Poppies are!

As I was saying, your nominations in the previous round have been tallied up and the 2018 Poppies hype intensifies as we enter the…


In this round, you, the awesome fans and viewers, will get the opportunity to vote for who or what you think deserves to take home an epic, golden Poppies trophy! How exciting!

Okay, here’s how it goes down: You’ll have 10 categories, each with several of the most popular nominations as options to choose from. Note that a couple categories (Best Poptropica Worlds Island and Best PHB Author) have been automatically set, so you may not have caught them in the Nomination Round.

The Voting Round ends next week, on Wednesday, July 25. So without further hesitation, open up our poll and vote, vote, vote!

Then, start putting together your snazziest outfit and mark you calendars for the party of a lifetime on July 26, 7 p.m. Eastern time,ย in which we’ll be announcing the winners via livestream while celebrating the PHB’s 10th anniversary on Poptropica and the PHC!ย (More details about the party here.)

So until then, stay tuned for more Poppies news, and don’t forget…

โœจย Vote now for your faves in the Poppies! โœจ

See ya on the blue carpet!

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