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When in quarantine, play Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans. By now, you’ve probably heard of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping over the world, causing school shutdowns, closing businesses, and more. With life on lockdown, why not turn to Poptropica to pass the time?

Like the postcard? You can download Virus Hunter Island printable postcards from Poptropica and send them to your friends!

Real talk, though: we haven’t heard from Poptropica in about a month, and with all of this going on, Poptropica Creators may have their workflow disrupted, too. That could mean a lull in activity for Poptropica, despite earlier promises about updates for this year. We’ll have to wait and see.

Anyway, whether the virus has been on your radar for months, or has just started to affect your area in the past couple weeks, at least one thing is clear: staying away from crowds helps keep you and everyone safe.

The outside world may be falling apart, but on the flip side, the online world is thriving. Here on the PHB, we’re bringing you recommendations for enjoying the best of Poptropica while under quarantine. There’s plenty to do inside!

Can you stomach the comics? 🦠

One obvious island comes to mind: Virus Hunter. In this island released in 2013, your mission is to locate the person harboring a dangerous new virus, then enter his body to remove the disease before it spreads! There couldn’t be a more relatable adventure in these trying times, and whether it’s your first time playing or you want to revisit it, the PHB has a guide for you.

Before the island came out all those years ago, Poptropica created a six-page comic called Pandemic Panic as a prelude to Virus Hunter Island. Check it out below, and read tons more official Poptropica comics on the PHB!

More island adventures, for all the benchers 🏝

Besides Virus Hunter, Poptropica is also filled with lots of other great island adventures to play. If staying at home is starting to feel like jail, try busting out of prison on Escape From Pelican Rock Island. If you miss large gatherings full of people, mingle with the cosplayers on PoptropiCon Island. Or if you prefer to strike it out on your own, embrace the solitude of Survival Island. There’s something for everyone, and we have all the guides you’ll need!

Here’s an open secret: the islands currently on the map aren’t the only ones you can play. With the Old Island Directory, you can play about 30 more old school islands, which Poptropica had taken down from the official game due to the older technology causing bugs. Since Flash is going down, now’s the time to play them before they’re gone for good!

Create or compete, staying upbeat 👩‍🎨

Even beyond the decades of islands, Poptropica still has a fair amount of fun to offer. The Photo Booth is back, your club house could use a refreshed design, and worlds are waiting to be made on Realms. And while you’re at it, maybe you’ll enjoy giving your character a new look, too!

Meeting up in real life may not be a great idea these days, but you can still hang out with friends online! Drop by the arcade at the same time and you can play games like Star Link together, or head in solo and find new buds. You can also challenge yourself on solo games like Blaster Attack.

And last but not least, join in on the PHB’s Community Creations challenge! This month’s theme is Hobbies, and all this downtime is a great opportunity to explore some (within health precautions, of course). Whatever the hobby, you have until the end of March to capture it for us Poptropica-style. Details here.

What have you been up to in this pandemic panic? Share your stories in the comments, keep washing your hands, and take care, everyone! 💪🧼

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Daily Pop Sneak Peeks, Sneak Peeks, Virus Hunter Island

How a bot a shaking virus, islandception, and dead captain?

The Poptropica Creators have hinted that we don’t have much longer to wait for Virus Hunter Island with this sneak peek animation of a twitching virus to keep us interested! Still don’t know the island release date yet, but it sounds like it’ll be really soon. It might even be the first island with full sound & music!

Now let’s take a look at some Daily Pop sneak peeks!

How a Bot That – Nobody told these guys about Asimov’s three laws of robotics.

Remember the earlier sneak peek of the battlemechs which might possibly be for the promised ‘battle arena’ of Legendary Swords? Well, how a bot this?

How a bot that

Operating System – When technology meets talent, anything is possible.

Designing a Poptropica island while on a Poptropica island? I call islandception!

operating system

Unfinished – Finishing this scene will be a phase 2 initiative.

Looks like the third location from the above ‘island design’ sneak peek. A happy scene set in stone. Now to put the rest of the colors in place…


Captains Courageous – Learning to appreciate poetry, one explication at a time.

‘It is some dream that on the deck / You’ve fallen cold and dead.’ So sad, so sad.

captains courageous

Higher Learning – Molding young minds for a brighter future.

At a university, perhaps studying poems like the one above?

higher learning

Well how about that? What are you looking forward to most for the future of Poptropica? 🙂