Blaster Attack

3, 2, 1, blast off! You want to master and hack the art of Blaster Attack? We’ve got you—just hold on to your spacecraft and get ready to shoot.

To start a game of Blaster Attack on Poptropica, visit the Blast-off Arcade on Home Island and look for the Blaster Attack game machine in the top corner. This is a single-player game, so it’s all on you to see how long you can go!

How to play

The gist of the game is simple: you control a blaster by moving your mouse around, careful to either dodge glowing asteroids or press the space bar (or just tapping if on mobile) to shoot them out of your way. You can also pick up purple satellites to give your blaster a boost.

The first step is to choose your blaster. There are three options, and it doesn’t matter too much which one you pick. Try different ones to see which one you like controlling better!

Below, you can see how each of the three blasters shoot. The two smaller ones are pretty similar, except they shoot different colors, while the bigger purple blaster shoots two at a time.

Tips & Tricks

As you move your blaster through space, shoot as much as possible! Obliterating asteroids not only gets them out of your way, but also helps you rack up points. If you can’t clear an obstacle in time, swerve out of its way.

The two bars at the top indicate different things: the blue bar tells you how close you are to the end (which takes roughly one minute to reach), while the red bar beneath it shows you how much damage your blaster has taken. Each collision adds to the damage count, and if you rack up nine hits, it’s game over.

When time is up, you’ll be presented with your score. How high can you go? Your high score is recorded on the game machine in the arcade, so you can always come back and try to beat it—along with the weekly high score!

Did you know? Blaster Attack first launched in late 2018 under the name “Blaster Crazy” and was decorated as an ad for LEGO Star Wars sets.

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3 thoughts on “Blaster Attack”

  1. currently i think am holding the highest score which is 23500 . so my tip for it is just keep pressings your space bar to blast al the rocks all the in your way .this will not only give you a high immunity but will give you a higher score

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