Clubhouse, Home Island

Welcome to your clubhouse!

What’s up, Poptropicans? It’s Lucky Joker here with big newsโ€”clubhouses are here!

Once you log in to Poptropica and land on Home Island, you’ll notice the “coming soon” sign has been removed off of the front door of the clubhouse and you can now enter. Welcome to your clubhouse!

clubhouse open
picture credit: Poptropica Girl

If you pull the “switch room” lever next to the door, you’ll find that there are three different interior models: a treehouse, castle, and diner.ย However, only the treehouse style is available to non-members.

You’re started off with a handful of furnishing which includes your very own mini Poptropica blimp, as well as a rope, vanity dressing table, couple of plants, mole (how interesting…), and wallpaper (the stone and brick wall ones are for members only). Start decorating by clicking the paintbrush icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Also, you can shop for more items if you click the credit (green coin) icon next to the paintbrush. Prices vary, and some items are for members only (marked by the yellow bar and icon). Here are the wall decor options:

Just like the housing store on Poptropica Worlds, you can click on the other tabs for other categories of decoration. Here are the items available for furniture:

And these are the offerings for lighting and smaller objects, which include a range of food items, sporting equipment, potted plants, wild animals, and more:

Finally, there’s a category for wallpaper:

In general, these items are pretty different from the ones on Pop Worlds, so the Creators must have spent a fair amount of time designing these. It would be cool to have the Worlds decorations too, though Worlds itself hasn’t been updated for quite some time! It seems Pop Original might be replacing Worlds, its original replacement, after all…

One PHB reader, Poptropica Girl, even noticed another player avatar in her clubhouse. It’s not clear how they got there, since the upcoming friends profile redesign, which includes a link to one’s clubhouse according to the sneak peek, has yet to be released.

In any case, you’ll find that the chat and emoji options from the Blast-Off Arcade have also made it here, so you’ll get to interact with people once that feature does get released.

people in clubhouse
picture credit: Poptropica Girl

What are your thoughts on the new clubhouses? Discuss in the comments! And stay tuned to the PHB for a rewind look back on the past year, coming out New Year’s Eve…

โ€“ Lucky Jokerย ๐Ÿ€


10 thoughts on “Welcome to your clubhouse!”

  1. Even for how stiff and how unflued Pop Worlds feels compared to Pop original, I want to see more of it. New islands, better controls, the comback of the old stuff, new and creative costumes, returning ones, power cards. This sequal to Poptropica could be what Pop original couldn’t.

    … how large is Poptropica’s dev team compared to the past years? ๐Ÿ˜•

  2. Actually, it’s Poptropica Girl. Poptr is a glitch. It’s said it for awhile. I’ll try logging out and then logging back into Word Press.

  3. So the Poptropica Creators took the idea of houses from Potpropica Worlds and added it to the original Poptropica….. Well done Potpropica Creators. An entire year of Poptropica wasted. All those hopes and theories about new Potpropica, wasted, all that time and effort it must of taken to make Poptropica Worlds, wasted. Just wow. Just wow.

    1. For pete sake, did they or will they tell us what their solution to keeping Poptropica alive? For crying out loud this game has been boring for too long.


      1. I know. In the original Poptropica, we have not had a new island in like forever! If the Poptropica Creators had never started new Poptropica then the original Poptropica would of been having so many updates by now,,,,,,, Thats why it’s so sad if it’s confirmed that the Poptropica Creators stopped working on Poptropica Worlds

  4. I was looking in my friends list, and in the medallions section, I noticed that there was a medallion that I hadn’t won yet. It said: Clubhouse Island not yet completed.
    The medallion had no picture on it, and I’m not too sure if this is a glitch or the creators are creating an island called Clubhouse Island.
    But if they are, then why aren’t they telling us? Maybe we can get the medallion if a certain number of people visit our clubhouses? Or if we’ve bought every item (not good for non-members)?
    I’m really intrigued and I can’t want to find out what this is about! Share your thoughts!

  5. I bought a wallpaper, and I don’t like it!!! so please if anyone knows how to go back to the original white wallpaper let me knowww!!

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