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Under the sea with the Little Mermaid, Dork Diaries and Desmond Pucket

Deep in the Poptropica sea, you might find some bored-looking fish who couldn’t care less about the diver in the bright blue – at least in this sneak peek. Maybe it’s for Poptropolis Games 2013?

There’s also a few ads currently in place around Poptropica. The Little Mermaid Diamond is on SOS Island and you can play a game to help Ariel find her voice. You’ll transform into a mermaid and swim with Flounder, and a bar at the top shows you how close you are. Avoid obstacles and watch your health in the top-left corner. At the end, you’ll win a Sebastian Follower and Dinglehopper power, which gives you a fork (press spacebar to make your or others’ hair go crazy).

little mermaid

Dork Diaries can be found on Back Lot and you can get the Dork Diaries Power upstairs, which gives you a baton (spacebar to have the DD logo flash onscreen).


Desmond Pucket can be found on Zomberry, and your task is to help him pull off a prank by avoiding hall monitors until you reach the cafeteria at the bottom. Desmond will tell you what to do along the way to help you get there safely. At the end, you’ll win a Desmond Costume and Ricky’s Whoopee Cushion (spacebar to plant one on the ground and step over it for the sound effect)!


Also, remember that Virus Hunter Island has been out for quite a while now! Have you checked your finished ranking on the World Champions Player Map yet? Where did you place? If you haven’t completed the island yet, be sure to check out our Virus Hunter Island Guide!

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Black Flags flag, clothing characters, Beta bugs fixed

This new Daily Pop sneak peek might be another hint that Poptropolis Games Island is returning! Check out that glorious Black Flags tribe flag. (Of course, not as cool as the Flying Squid tribe!)

Plant your flag – …which is kind of hard to do when there’s no solid ground around.

plant your flag

Also, when you’re buying Poptropica clothing from the Shop, you can now select from some of these popular Poptropica characters (funny how they’re all villains). Sadly, they don’t come with their cool poses (or carrots in Dr. Hare’s case).

If that’s not enough, check out our Friend Finder page for more awesome usernames! You could even get a shirt of a Poptropican Jesus Christ, complete with costume and custom name, by entering the user thejesus1. Just putting that idea out there.

The Creators have been busy making fixes to 24 Carrot BETA Carrotene Island, thanks to all the members who beta-tested and gave feedback. There are more details in their post, and don’t worry, they even said they’d be “implementing the classic movement cursor”! So that probably means no cumbersome common room cursor – sounds like everyone got what they wanted.

Lastly, the PHB has a new slogan on the header! It says “pop inside the PHB – we’re your Poptropica key.” Simple, still includes the obligatory “pop” pun, and tells who we are. Hope you like it.

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The Mall Mystery!

Hey there fellow Poptropicans! There is a new Creators Blog post today about what seems to be the setting of an upcoming Island. Isn’t it nice to take a break from all of the conspiracy bad news circulating Poptropolis Island?

After hours

I went to the mall to exchange some holiday gifts, but I got there too late. They were closed.

Don’t you hate that? It’s not as though you can have any fun at the mall after it closes for the night.

avatar image

What type of fun can we have in a mall after closing time? What type of quest could this involve? The mall mystery. This one little post raises a lot of questions about the premise of this upcoming Island. Recent Daily Pops have been pointing at a mall themed Island, could they hold all of the answers? Well, we will just have to see when we get to Twin Palms Mall.


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There Can Be Only One Winner…

Ha! Bet you thought I was talking about Poptropolis Games, huh?


Well, I’m not. You see, humans tend to have self-centered thoughts at times. This is no exception for Shark Boy. For example, if someone were to declare him “Best Shark”…

Well, I bet he’s thrilled. He made a whole post about it, just to get the point across. According to Shark Boy, “I’d like to thank the little people.”

Did anyone happen to notice that Shark Boy is, ah, smiling? Yes, smiling! Well, anyone would be smiling if they won a contest. Do you think Shark Boy is the best shark, or do you think there’s a better shark in town, uh, Poptropica?

And, if you are having trouble with Poptropolis Games, and you fear that the one winner can’t be you, remember to check out our Island Help. There, you can find the Poptropolis Games Guide (or click HERE) written by PHB author Icy Comet and you can be the one and only champion! Just keep in mind that there’s no tribe like Pathfinders. 😉

~Super Thunder

Poptropolis Games Island

Are You Ready To Begin?

Non members, grab your javelins! Members, move over! We had our turn, but on this  June 14th (Thursday), Poptropolis Games will be available to all! Which tribe shall you join? I hear one of the most popular is Wildfire. I considered briefly joining that one, until I remembered I’m scared of fire. I can’t even light a candle. It’s kind of embarrassing to finally light a candle, and then drop it and scream. So I joined Pathfinders. I don’t know, it sounded like something a water person would do.

Isn’t it odd to see an old-timey person holding a microphone?

Members can spend their last day as the inhabitants of Poptropolis Games redoing the island, before the flood of non members rushes in. Non members can spend tomorrow training for Poptropolis Games. That is, if you’re up for the challenge.

Remember members, you get an epic gear pack, and non members, you get, well… Tell you what, I’ll give you guys a cookie! Consider yourselves lucky, I never let people have my cookies!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The games begin in two days!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and the wait is almost over. Poptropolis Games will be available to all this Thursday. Get ready to choose your tribe and compete for glory!
Remember, only Poptropica Members can get the Poptropolis Games gear pack, not to mention the bonus quest that takes place once the main competition is over.
Member, non-Member — in the Poptropolis Games, we like to think everyone’s a winner!
avatar image

Take one.

P.S. Did you notice that last sentence? Member, non-Member — in the Poptropolis Games, we like to think everyone’s a winner!

Equality for all!

P.S.S. Happy Poptropolis Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

~Christine (Super Thunder)