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Under the sea with the Little Mermaid, Dork Diaries and Desmond Pucket

Deep in the Poptropica sea, you might find some bored-looking fish who couldn’t care less about the diver in the bright blue – at least in this sneak peek. Maybe it’s for Poptropolis Games 2013?

There’s also a few ads currently in place around Poptropica.ย The Little Mermaid Diamond is on SOS Island and you can play a game to help Ariel find her voice. You’ll transform into a mermaid and swim with Flounder, and a bar at the top shows you how close you are. Avoid obstacles and watch your health in the top-left corner. At the end, you’ll win a Sebastian Follower and Dinglehopper power, which gives you a fork (press spacebar to make your or others’ hair go crazy).

little mermaid

Dork Diariesย can be found on Back Lot and you can get theย Dork Diaries Powerย upstairs, which gives you a baton (spacebar to have the DD logo flash onscreen).


Desmond Pucket can be found on Zomberry, and your task is to help him pull off a prank by avoiding hall monitors until you reach the cafeteria at the bottom. Desmond will tell you what to do along the way to help you get there safely. At the end, you’ll win a Desmond Costume and Ricky’s Whoopee Cushion (spacebar to plant one on the ground and step over it for the sound effect)!


Also, remember that Virus Hunter Island has been out for quite a while now! Have you checked your finished ranking on the World Champions Player Map yet? Where did you place? If you haven’t completed the island yet, be sure to check out our Virus Hunter Island Guide!

12 thoughts on “Under the sea with the Little Mermaid, Dork Diaries and Desmond Pucket”

  1. @Slanted Fish — Can I have some advice?

    I’m stuck on “Spy Island” and I can’t get past the part with the yellow zappers. I get the 1st, and 2nd, but whenever I’m about to reach the top with the laser pen, I fall back down. I use PHB for everything (that’s why I have 19 islands done), but I just don’t get the help blog for Spy island!

    1. @Bronze Boot – It’s important to be patient and wait for the zappers to disappear. Know when they’ll be coming back so you can avoid them in time! As one flashes off, another will flash on, and you want to keep moving to the ones when they’re off. There’s a video guide on the PHB’s Spy Island page if it helps to visualize it. Also, remember to post comments where they’re relevant (in this case, the Spy Island Guide, not here). Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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