Poptropolis Games Island, Virus Hunter Island

Virus Hunter for all & the rise of Poptropolis Games 2013!

Virus Hunter Island is now available for everyone to play! The PHB’s Virus Hunter Island Guide (with pictures) should complement your adventure nicely, so do check it out! It even has a walkthrough for the members’ bonus quest (thanks Strange Cat,Weirdo), which was also just released.

vh here

Also on the rise is Poptropolis Games Island, which was released in 2012 and sank back into the ocean in January of this year. Looks like it’s about to make another big splash on the map, complete with the music and bigger screen we’ve seen on Virus Hunter:

Poptropolis Games 2013 also brings two new events that weren’t around last year: Volcano Race and Octopus Volleyball! There’s also a new desktop wallpaper and printable poster on the island tour page to get you in the spirit of the games – so much for rising “once every 100 years”! Seems like 1 year in our time is 100 in Poptropica. Crazy, isn’t it?

Stay tuned to the Poptropica Help Blog for more news on the next island!

12 thoughts on “Virus Hunter for all & the rise of Poptropolis Games 2013!”

  1. Woo! The poptropolis is back again! 🙂
    But wait…what if you already finished the first island and there’s two new sports coming?

  2. I’m sure the reason they removed Poptropolis at all was so they could buy more time for something that would take much longer, like finding an entry for the island contest!

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