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New merch coming to boys and ghouls! ๐Ÿ‘•๐ŸŽƒ

Hey, everybody! Yesterday, we received some exciting news from the Poptropica Creators: a new line of Poptropica merch is coming soon!!!

As we’ve seen from their wide variety of products, Poptropica is no stranger to merchandise. Long-time players may remember that Poptropica once offered certain items such as clothing and wall decals, and it looks like this new merch line will provide that and then some.

The announcement post teased a few items that will be available for purchase. We have a sweatshirt with the Poptropica logo, a puzzle of one of the game’s wallpaper, and a blue and white ballcap with the iconic golden blimp. The designs of these items are simple yet recognizable.

Are there any particular products or designs that you would like to see in this new store? The Creators will be taking suggestions until November 4th, so let your ideas be heard!

With Halloween on our front doorstep, many dedicated celebrators are making their costumes. In the holiday spirit, the Creators asked Instagram users to share their in-game Halloween costumes with the hashtag #popghouls for a chance to be featured on the Creators’ Blog! Don’t miss out on this scary cool opportunity!

Whenever we talk about Poptropica and Instagram, we also need to share the cool fan content they highlight on their stories. The Creators featured some spooky and groovy artwork as well as Lucky Joker’s Golden Guerilla costume!

Speaking of costumes, tomorrow is the last day to submit your entries to the PHB Halloween costume contest! Make sure you submit before October 30th 11:59 pm EST for a chance to win a Poptropica membership! Also, feel free to make some spooky stuff for Poptober and Community Creations, which are ongoing until the end of October.

Good luck to everyone submitting, and have a happy Halloween!

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The (Epically Awesome) Poptropica Island Creator Kit

(Before I begin this post, I just want to say sorry for not posting in ages!ย  I know that my last two posts have started this way, but, like I’ve said before, life’s been kind of crazy and hectic for me recently.ย  Nothing bad has happened, I’ve just been super busy.ย  Hopefully, now that it’s summer, I’ll have time to post more!)

Creating an island on Poptropica must be extremely complicated.ย  I know that you’ve probably never had that thought cross your mind before, and, honestly, before today I never thought about it either.ย  But take a moment to sit down, calm your brain, and just think about all of the things that the Creators have to do to design an island.ย  They have to come up with a story line, bad guys, good guys, they have to design the backgrounds, buildings, all of the items, all of the clothing, they have to do all of the drawing, they have to do all of the coding, and they have to do about a million things more to make sure that Poptropica is the wonderful place that it is.

So, how do the Creators do all of that and what steps do they take to do it?

On August 1st, in the form of a book, the Creators are going to reveal all of their secrets.ย  …Well, maybe not all of them, but that’s beside the point.ย  Yesterday, the Creators announced a new book that will come out in a couple of months.ย  The book is called the Poptropica Island Creator Kit.

According to Captain Crawfish’s post,

The Poptropica Island Creator Kit is an activity book that will walk you through all the same steps we take when we make a new Island. You’ll come up with a storyline, create characters, and design puzzles. There are some surprises in store, too.

The book is available for pre-order onย  Click here to go see the page.

Right now, the book is priced at $7.19.ย  And, like I said before, the book comes out on August 1st.

So, what do you think of the book?ย  Do you think you’ll be getting it?ย  Hopefully we’ll find out more about it soon!


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Dragon Dress-Up

The Poptropica Creators are showing another “super-special” outfit on their blog. Thanks, SpiderGirl, for the news! Picture below:

Blog Post Title: Dragon
Description: Here’s another “super-special” outfit.
Image URL:
Image Name: dragon.jpg

Thirsty Eel, one of the PHB’s commenters, says thatย this dragon costume mayย have pieces from the rumored Monster Carnival Island, and predicts that they may be combining Astro-Knights with Monster Carnival. It’s just a theory, since nobody’s actually sure if this is really for Astro Island… but who knows?
(For more information regarding Monster Carnival’s item leak, see this post.) Let us know what you think!

Oumer26 has informed us that there is a new poll on the Creators’ Blog: What Poptropica merchandise would you most like to own? The options are:

  • Bobbleheads
  • T-shirts
  • Magnets
  • Giant wall stickers
  • Customized cell phone skins
  • Plush toys

Plush toys is winning so far.

This poll may be hinting that Poptropica could be selling real life merchandise soon. It looks a lot like they’re trying to make money out of this game…

Also, I’m not sure how long this has been here, but I’ve just noticed that the Poptropica Creators’ Blog has a slightly different header! Here’s what it looks like:


They’ve changed the words “Creators’ Blog” to a light orange-ish color. It used to be white!

Also, a little โ„ขย  sign is now next to the “A” of Poptropica at the top. “TM”ย is short forย “Trademark”, which is kind of like a tag, symbol, or mark that shows that a company/business owns something.

Anyway, remember to check up on the posts below!

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