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The (2nd) First 10 to Save the Mall – take 1, take 2, take 3!

(Scroll down the post for news on the members’ Back Lot Island gear pack!)

Something for the Non-Members:ย For the first time ever, the creators have announced the first 10 Non-Members to complete the latest island. Not only that, it is the first time that the “Top 10 Finishers” has been presented in this new 1-photo format.

Top 10 Night Watch Public Launch

Something for the Members:ย The new Members Only suit for Back Lot Island has been released! The Director Costume! Looks like it’s time to make this summer’s big hit blockbuster!

I will admit, I love yelling action and cut and pretending I’m J.J. Abrams just as much as the next guy but… I do wonder where in the world are the other two items, the Silent Treatment power, and the Clapperboard item? I guess only time will tell. Let’s hope that we see the next two items and a release date for Back Lot Island some time soon!

Edit: The Clapboard item has now been released! Thanks to Thing 1 for the heads up. When you activate it you yell “Take 1”ย  “Take 2”ย  and “Take 3” and slap the Clapboard together. Now we just need the final power!

Yet another edit: The final power has been released: the Silent Treatment power! You can now turn the world of Poptropica into a black-and-white world of film history with the click of a button!

Aaaand… cut!

Poptropolis Games Island

The Games Begin!

Non-members, you’ve been forced to sit on the sidelines, watching as members bring honor and glory to themselves.ย  And, though you wanted to compete so badly, you could only just sit there, slowly nibbling the only cookie that Super Thunder would let you have.

But!ย  That all just changed.ย  Because, now, Poptropolis Games is out for all!ย  Now, non-members, you have a chance of getting the title of champion of Poptropica for yourself.

Poptropolis Games is now available to all!

Poptropolis Games is now available for everyone to play. Visit Poptropica now to play Poptropolis Games.

We’ll see you on the medals stand!

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…Of course there’s always the chance that you’ll do something like trip over ten hurdles in a row, or power-up your javelin just a little too much and end up doing a face-plant in the sand.ย  But, if that does happen, try not to smash your computer into a million pieces.ย  You’ll get it eventually.ย  It may be a hundred years before you get it, but you will get it…someday.

Mystery Train Island

Mystery Train Island soon free for all

Are you not a member on Poptropica? Are you tired of always having to wait for the next new island to be released to non-Members? Always tired of having to wait and wait and count the days?

The wait is over, non-Members! The creators will soon be launching the all new Mystery Train Island to all.

It used to be off course that you could only do a sneak peek of the first part of the island for non-Members. Now, you can go beyond that sneak preview starting from this Friday. The all new island will be released the coming Friday of this week for all.

For members and non-Members alike, if you’re stuck on a part in Mystery Train Island and just cannot get through it…we got solutions for you guys ;). Check out the Island Help page for a written guide, map, video, and info for this new island as well as past islands.

EP out!


Daily Pop, Wild West Island

Members get to have big homes, drive trains and get cheered for and non-members have to work in a drycleaners

Whew! a long title!

First an announcement from the PCB

(King’s trumpets sound)

Captain Crawfish: Ahem hem hem…

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wild West Island will be available to everyone on March 11 — two long, long weeks away. Members can play it right now. If you’re not a Poptropica Member yet, you are really missing out!

Take the Membership Tour to discover all the great benefits of being a Poptropica Member. Your parents or guardian can buy you a Membership online, or you can get a Poptropica Game Card from Target and other great retailers.

We have a lot of Islands planned for this year, not to mention some fun new features. Make sure you’re getting the most out of Poptropica. Become a Member today!

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Well, that’s pretty much the “Let them eat cake” isn’t it? (For those who don’t know, “Let them eat cake” were the words that started the French revolution) If that doesn’t start a non-member revolution then I don’t know what will. -___-
Changing the subject, here are a few sneaky peakies from the Daily Pop.
Home Sweet Home: Just a quiet house in the suburbs. Or is it? Yes, it is.
No! It’s home to the chicken, who, quite famously, crossed the road. :O
Track Changes: You might want to watch out for anyone from the wrong side of the tracks. But which side is that?
Oh, dur. It’s the right side that’s the wrong side! Uh, wait no, it’s left that’s right and right that’s left! Um, no, I got it, the right is half wrong and the left is half right, but how much more half wrong or right than the other side? It’s tough to say. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
Old School: This is Poptropica — you know there’s more here than meets the eye.
Yep, there are cheerleaders hiding inside the lockers, ready to leap out and cheer the new cheer. Or the lockers are revolving doors that lead the cheerleaders into the tryouts. Or………….. *suspense*…………….. it’s a school! *SCREAM!!!*
Dryer Eyes: Even more fantastical adventures await. Behold, the Laundromat!
Yeah, fantastical! Socks, breeches and britches!
We did not know you were real,
But the creators reveal these pictures!
Round and round and round you go,
making the wet clothes dry!
It sounds so exciting,
so in our blimp we’ll fly!
To laundry island! The island of clothes!
And washing machines, I’ll bet!
Everyone’s cleaning, and washing their clothes!
Be careful not to get wet!
But now the soap is running out,
and the clothes are clogged with mud!
Everyone pays for brand soap,
But the mixture is actually a dud!
So you catch this fraud, this crooked thief,
The one who everyone blames!
The wicked soap maker, who is called,
Ironically, Dirty James!
Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Later, peeps. Green Boa