Daily Pop, Wild West Island

Members get to have big homes, drive trains and get cheered for and non-members have to work in a drycleaners

Whew! a long title!

First an announcement from the PCB

(King’s trumpets sound)

Captain Crawfish: Ahem hem hem…

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wild West Island will be available to everyone on March 11 — two long, long weeks away. Members can play it right now. If you’re not a Poptropica Member yet, you are really missing out!

Take the Membership Tour to discover all the great benefits of being a Poptropica Member. Your parents or guardian can buy you a Membership online, or you can get a Poptropica Game Card from Target and other great retailers.

We have a lot of Islands planned for this year, not to mention some fun new features. Make sure you’re getting the most out of Poptropica. Become a Member today!

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Well, that’s pretty much the “Let them eat cake” isn’t it? (For those who don’t know, “Let them eat cake” were the words that started the French revolution) If that doesn’t start a non-member revolution then I don’t know what will. -___-
Changing the subject, here are a few sneaky peakies from the Daily Pop.
Home Sweet Home: Just a quiet house in the suburbs. Or is it? Yes, it is.
No! It’s home to the chicken, who, quite famously, crossed the road. :O
Track Changes: You might want to watch out for anyone from the wrong side of the tracks. But which side is that?
Oh, dur. It’s the right side that’s the wrong side! Uh, wait no, it’s left that’s right and right that’s left! Um, no, I got it, the right is half wrong and the left is half right, but how much more half wrong or right than the other side? It’s tough to say. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
Old School: This is Poptropica — you know there’s more here than meets the eye.
Yep, there are cheerleaders hiding inside the lockers, ready to leap out and cheer the new cheer. Or the lockers are revolving doors that lead the cheerleaders into the tryouts. Or………….. *suspense*…………….. it’s a school! *SCREAM!!!*
Dryer Eyes: Even more fantastical adventures await. Behold, the Laundromat!
Yeah, fantastical! Socks, breeches and britches!
We did not know you were real,
But the creators reveal these pictures!
Round and round and round you go,
making the wet clothes dry!
It sounds so exciting,
so in our blimp we’ll fly!
To laundry island! The island of clothes!
And washing machines, I’ll bet!
Everyone’s cleaning, and washing their clothes!
Be careful not to get wet!
But now the soap is running out,
and the clothes are clogged with mud!
Everyone pays for brand soap,
But the mixture is actually a dud!
So you catch this fraud, this crooked thief,
The one who everyone blames!
The wicked soap maker, who is called,
Ironically, Dirty James!
Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Later, peeps. Green Boa

49 thoughts on “Members get to have big homes, drive trains and get cheered for and non-members have to work in a drycleaners”

  1. Poem. At the end. Hiliriarous.
    Also, I had no idea “Let them eat cake” was the words that started the French Revolution. I thought it was what Stevie the gecko says to the lemeurs in Madagascar 2.
    VEEEEEEEEERY Interesting. I get what that Stevie meant now.

    Track Changes- I still can’t figure out which side is the wrong side. And you have confused me more than when I first saw the picture. CONGRATS!!!

    Also, have you seen the Over the hedge comics on the Pop? CREEPY.
    I wonder how much Red Bull Hammy drunk to end up on the moon with neil armstrong.

    Maybe we could harness his power to take us back to the time of the dinosaurs so I can bring one back to present to keep as a pet named fluffy. or fang. Whatever’s funny and ironic.

    1. What about Snooky?

      I like all the comics, especially when I forget to check them for a few days, I feel like I get more out of the big picture.

      1. No, a name for your dinosaur, Snooky! But yes I love the Peanuts comics πŸ™‚

      1. Hey, pinch & punch 4 first day of the month!!!!!
        And I just had sponge cake 4 desert. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

  2. The uncoloured ones are a diary of a wimpy kid island. The clues:

    One of the daily pop previews says “Maybe this time we wont fill in the blanks” and it is a black and white snow covered house. It looks like Rowley’s in Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

    Another two pictures have the same drawing and writing style of the books. The Cheerleader one has the tryouts in the front cover is very similar, but without the splatters. And the laundry is drawn and written in the same way as Greg’s drawing style.

      But go figure, one of the Poptropica creators are Jeff whatizname, author of the wimpy kid series so naturally they’d make a wimpy kid island

      1. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!! It is soooooooooo funny…. I guess some peoples just don’t get how freaking funnyyyyy it is!!!!! Anyways I was gonna sayyy what bobbychen was gonna sayyy – it does indeeed look like something outta Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!! Fingers crossed for a DOAWK Island!!!!!!! :))

      2. I find a lot of things funny, but somehow, DOAWK just didn’t applease me as much as I thought it would.
        Which is weird coz usually I find shows like it funny. :/
        But my best friend when CRAZY for it.
        All week she was like ‘LET GO BABY HIPPO!!!!!’

  3. Cool post Green Boa. Just seeing that house makes me wonder if that will be members “houses”. Members getting their own house and school in the future? I don’t think that will happen but it could.

    1. That would be awful if members got their own house!
      Hey who wants to start a non-member rebellion?? ;D

  4. the wrong side is in the train tracks silly! πŸ˜›

    Green Boa: But if you were more or less not partially correct, and the inner side were classified as a side and not a position the accurate answer would logically be estimated to be a more half likely possibility that was not applied and…… maybe we should just stick with your answer πŸ˜›

    1. 8/
      You lost me at partially correct.
      Are you taking off Pinioccino in Shrek the third?

  5. I’m really fearing that it will be called wimpykid island cuz its all colorless just like the book and it doesn’t seem to have the poptropican style. ( you know what that is right) I know for one thing that by looking at the luandromat that it will be black and white… at least by looking at the black socks it appears so…

  6. Cheerleader tryouts and the laundry thing have the Diary Of a Wimpy Kid font. They are probably sneak peeks of the ad for the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules.

  7. hmm… you forgot to eat captain crawfish

    Hijuyo: It seems as if many of the PHB crawfish eaters are getting a little tired of the taste, unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, I’m sick of Crawfish too. But for those who miss eating Capt Crawfish, be in for a treat! Here’s what happened behind-the-scenes of this post.
      CC: Great post.

      GB: Thanks.

      CC: So….are….umm…..aren’t you going to eat me? You people usually do.


      CC: YEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I’VE WAITED FOR THIS MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!…………. Or at least, since the first time you ate me.

      MB/S/MKG: Hey wait a second…….. dis guy ain’t doin’ the pirate accent.

      GB: YOUR RIGHT!!!!!

      GB: (whisks off CC’s head) OMG!!!!!!!! *8O

      MB/S/MKG: It’s comic book guy!!!!!!

      GB: haven’t seen you in a while.

      CBG: Uh…..yes……..I’m comic book guy……….

      GB: You sound pretty false.

      MB/S/MKG: I suggest we see if he’s wearin’ two heads.

      GB: Okay πŸ˜€

      CBG: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      GB: It’s Dr. Hare!!!!

      D.H: MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

      MB/S/MKG: Hey, what diet are we on again?


      MB/S/MKG: you know, there’s nothing about not eating Doc Hare in that diet…..

      GB: Shall we eat?

      MB/S/MKG: Oh yes lets

      (entire PHB crew devourer Dr. Hare)

      The moral of this story?

      Dr. Hare is nice barbequed.

    I saw movie & it bored me.
    Also, it’s started an epidemic. At my sister’s primary school, kids randomly touch their friends and go “CHEESE TOUCH!!!” And the person with cheese touch then chases the other person to get them back.
    And you try being in a car with your sister and her best friend screaming ‘CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSE TOOOOOUCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ at the top of their lungs whilst they hit and poke each other trying to give each other the cheese touch in the back seat whilst your fave son gis on the radio. IT AIN’T NICE!!!!
    IT’S AN EPIDEMIC PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah the movie isn’t as good as the books, READ THE BOOKS & you’ll love them!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

    2. Yeah I see what you mean about the whole cp member/nonmember controversy.
      Even with membership,its gets boring at time. XP

    I think that they should really do away with membership ( 😑 ) Cause it is really unfair ❗

    1. yeah…. I’m a non-member, but, honestly, I don’t really mind. i mean, I dislike the longer wait for islands, but in strange sort of way, it’s okay, because those with membership have time to write up island guides for other members and non-members before it’s released to the public, so, peeps who are stuck, don’t have to wait for a guide to pop up.
      Also, Poptropica membership isn’t as unfair as some OTHER online games…… That’s right, I’m lookin’ at you, CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!

      1. I have nothing against it, I’m just daying that it’s really annoying how unfairly non-members are treated. AND, they’ve made even more games and activities “members only” since the start of this year. For example, I love playing Aqua Grabber, and my fave level was the soda seas (I even know the trick to gettting the crab’s treasure!!) but now, soda seas is members only. Also, in Catchin’ waves, I was really good at it, and won loads of competitons, and I even completed the “surival” level. But now that and the competitsions are also members only.
        CP’s okay, but it has gotton worse somewhat.

      2. IKR. Being a non-member on CP is really, well, let me show you.
        *dies of boredom*
        See? Before Disney bought CP everything was OK. No membership at all. Yeah, Rsnail! Even though it was 365,000,000 bucks it doesn’t mean you had to sell it to a greedy company like Disney!!!!!

  10. OMG! Go to the Creators blog they announced the next island! Diary of a Wimpy Kid island! I am not kidding!

    Hijuyo: Looks like Greg Heffley is definitely starring in the next island, but the official island name has not been released yet, so let’s not get ahead of ourseleves. You may be right though.

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