Daily Pop, Wild West Island

Members get to have big homes, drive trains and get cheered for and non-members have to work in a drycleaners

Whew! a long title!

First an announcement from the PCB

(King’s trumpets sound)

Captain Crawfish: Ahem hem hem…

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wild West Island will be available to everyone on March 11 — two long, long weeks away. Members can play it right now. If you’re not a Poptropica Member yet, you are really missing out!

Take the Membership Tour to discover all the great benefits of being a Poptropica Member. Your parents or guardian can buy you a Membership online, or you can get a Poptropica Game Card from Target and other great retailers.

We have a lot of Islands planned for this year, not to mention some fun new features. Make sure you’re getting the most out of Poptropica. Become a Member today!

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Well, that’s pretty much the “Let them eat cake” isn’t it? (For those who don’t know, “Let them eat cake” were the words that started the French revolution) If that doesn’t start a non-member revolution then I don’t know what will. -___-
Changing the subject, here are a few sneaky peakies from the Daily Pop.
Home Sweet Home: Just a quiet house in the suburbs. Or is it? Yes, it is.
No! It’s home to the chicken, who, quite famously, crossed the road. :O
Track Changes: You might want to watch out for anyone from the wrong side of the tracks. But which side is that?
Oh, dur. It’s the right side that’s the wrong side! Uh, wait no, it’s left that’s right and right that’s left! Um, no, I got it, the right is half wrong and the left is half right, but how much more half wrong or right than the other side? It’s tough to say. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
Old School: This is Poptropica — you know there’s more here than meets the eye.
Yep, there are cheerleaders hiding inside the lockers, ready to leap out and cheer the new cheer. Or the lockers are revolving doors that lead the cheerleaders into the tryouts. Or………….. *suspense*…………….. it’s a school! *SCREAM!!!*
Dryer Eyes: Even more fantastical adventures await. Behold, the Laundromat!
Yeah, fantastical! Socks, breeches and britches!
We did not know you were real,
But the creators reveal these pictures!
Round and round and round you go,
making the wet clothes dry!
It sounds so exciting,
so in our blimp we’ll fly!
To laundry island! The island of clothes!
And washing machines, I’ll bet!
Everyone’s cleaning, and washing their clothes!
Be careful not to get wet!
But now the soap is running out,
and the clothes are clogged with mud!
Everyone pays for brand soap,
But the mixture is actually a dud!
So you catch this fraud, this crooked thief,
The one who everyone blames!
The wicked soap maker, who is called,
Ironically, Dirty James!
Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Later, peeps. Green Boa