Mystery Train Island

Mystery Train Island soon free for all

Are you not a member on Poptropica? Are you tired of always having to wait for the next new island to be released to non-Members? Always tired of having to wait and wait and count the days?

The wait is over, non-Members! The creators will soon be launching the all new Mystery Train Island to all.

It used to be off course that you could only do a sneak peek of the first part of the island for non-Members. Now, you can go beyond that sneak preview starting from this Friday. The all new island will be released the coming Friday of this week for all.

For members and non-Members alike, if you’re stuck on a part in Mystery Train Island and just cannot get through it…we got solutions for you guys ;). Check out the Island Help page for a written guide, map, video, and info for this new island as well as past islands.

EP out!


26 thoughts on “Mystery Train Island soon free for all”

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      1. Steve jobs was amazing. My mum says (and, she’s old enough to remember O_O ) he invented the desktop (like moniters, computer mouses, etc, ) and the idea of folders and the recyle bin. he was also the first to think of using computers to make documents and stuff like on published and paint.
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  1. I am really into Poptropica. I have finished 19 islands, found a cheat code you guys haven’t even found, and I have the Hypnotic Suit, Rattlesnake Wrangler, Viking Suit and Shark Fin. I have finished all mini-quests and only used cheats for 2 islands (Astro-Knights and Shrink Ray.) I also have found glitch on Nabooti that makes it actually easier to finish the island. PLus I know lots of other glitches not mentioned in the Poptropica Help Blog. I’d love to tell you guys about all this stuff but I don’t have email and there’s a bug on my computer so Poptropica Help Chat won’t work. Is there anyway, if you guys want to know all these cool Poptropica things, that I could contact you via the comments regulary?

      1. Shaggy Tornado is it possible I can help you Poptropica Help Blog guys out? I do know a lot about Poptropica.

    1. If you tell us the cheat code, the creators (who, as proved in the past, do look at this site occasionally) might fix the glitch. I fact, there’s glitches I didn’t even tell you people about that I found, in case they were deleted. But of course, ironicly, they were added to the page by other people, and the giltches haven’t been fixed.

      1. Well I don’t think it’s a glitch I think it’s on purpose. Trust me it’s on purpose. You can tell from what it is. Are you one of the Poptropica Help Blog creators? Do you want me to tell you what it is?

      1. Here is a hint. The glitch is on MOuntains of the Moon. In Nabooti. You know the second goat on the mountain? If you jump on his horns in a certain way, you can get propeled upward to the snowcapped area. This makes climbing the mountain much easier. However, I’m not saying HOW to jump on the horns until the POptorpica Help Blog guys ask me to.

      2. Yes, I am an author on the PHB. And yes you can use the goats to get up. But no it isn’t a glitch. I think.

  2. I know this is off topic, but I just thought I should say this. When you beat (or lose) Money Ladder, the ad thingie at the bottom says that Game Show Island will be avalible to members the 20th of October.

  3. Mystery train might be Friday in America, but where I live it’ll be Saturday. And with my Sister’s new bed coming tomorrow (Saturday), I’ll be hard for me to get on with the guys delievering the bed going past continuesly

    1. FINISHED IT!!!!! (I would of finished it faster if it kept having come up with not responding….. But wow, who’d have thought the island would end the way it did???

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