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Sound: Poptropica’s Biggest Makeover?

Hey guys, BT here. Now, I’m just shocked at this video. Shocked in a happy way. VERY SHOCKED.

Wow, I did NOT see that coming. Whew. Full sound and music in Poptropica after 5 and a half years… and with a full screen at that!

This is just stunning. So far, 24 Carrot Island’s redux seems epic (I’m loving the music and the effects of the crows and the crowbar and everything.)

I think this was the reason why we haven’t heard much of Virus Hunter Island in a while. I’m super pumped about this. This is a really big piece of news here, peeps.

BT out!

Hey everyone, Slanted Fish here:

The addition of music and more sound effects in Poptropica sounds great to me as well! It’s definitely been a long time coming. Anyway, here’s a bit more ear-related news for you: when Dr. Hare’s Lair reaches 7,500 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, we’ll be getting this Dr. Hare Ears Power!

Now we’ll definitely be well-equipped for when this big sound update comes out! Notice the new menu icon in the video as well! Plus, as Silver Wolf pointed out in the comments, the trusty blue/green arrow has been replaced with the common room cursor! The general consensus in the comments for that is… that’s a bad move. That cursor’s pretty annoying, and jumping around with it just isn’t the same.

Well, I’m looking forward to hearing more about what’s up in Poptropica. (Pun intended, of course!)

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The Return of…FRENCH ISLAND?!

Yes, I do realize I’ve been making all the posts of late. xD *cough* 😀

Anyway, the Creators have a new blogeh posteh! And it’s about time too, since we haven’t gotten any news on islands in forever. The blog post is titled “Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?” WHY SO MYSTERIOUS CREATORS?

The post itself:

Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?

Well, I’m finally back after a long trip of searching out new islands in Poptropica. I even had time to grab some hot chocolate along the way.

avatar image

Interesting indeed. What island do you think this’ll be? For some reason, I think it’s French Island. Maybe it’ll just be plain “Music Island” LOL. 🙂 A member of the PHF even suggested that it’s another part of Reality TV island, however I don’t see how it would fit in. :/

The cut-off stage background says “Jazz Cafe”. As some of you might have noticed, the microphone and stool look as if they’re from Spy Island (in the Hair Club) although the one at the Hair Club is blue.

Another new update is the new addition to the “Buy Poptropica Credits” page. It now allows you to buy credits from your mobile phone! (Credit to Deathstalker of the PHF!)

Personally, I think this feature is useless – who’s going to buy credits from their phone? I just don’t see the point.

And so I end this post with 2 questions for you PHB readers (please answer them in your comments!):

  1. What island do you think the Creators are referring to? French Island maybe?
  2. Have you ever brought credits, plan to, or probably never will?

Until next time,

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More TV Stars!

Yes – finally, another sneak peek for Reality TV Island! Thank you Funny Penguin for the news. I guess you can throw away all those rumors about the Poptropica Creators abandoning that island now that we know they’re definitely working hard on it! This sneak peek shows 4 more contestants you may be competing against on the upcoming island, possibly a sequel to this old sneak peek. Here you go:

Blog Post Title: Tough Competition
Description: Here are a few more contestants you may be competing against on Reality TV island.
Image URL:
Image Name: realityChars.jpg

Let’s see… from left to right, here are my guesses on what these guys are. The first one looks like a hiking scout, the second seems to be a music fan, the third one appears to be a sweaty athlete, and the fourth… I don’t know, maybe a magician? 😛

The Creators have also posted a Big Nate comic, and it looks like somebody isn’t having so much success with ice skating. Thanks for the news, Tough Claw!

Image URL:

Lastly, there’s a new poll on the Creators’ Blog: Who is your favorite character from the Big Nate comics? Predictably, Nate is winning (might be because nobody knows anything about the other characters!). 😆

Anyway, that’s all the news for now! Remember to read up on all the other posts, too. Check out the links below to learn more about Reality TV Island, an island coming to Poptropica in the near future!

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