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The Return of…FRENCH ISLAND?!

Yes, I do realize I’ve been making all the posts of late. xD *cough* πŸ˜€

Anyway, the Creators have a new blogeh posteh! And it’s about time too, since we haven’t gotten any news on islands in forever. The blog post is titled “Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?” WHY SO MYSTERIOUS CREATORS?

The post itself:

Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?

Well, I’m finally back after a long trip of searching out new islands in Poptropica. I even had time to grab some hot chocolate along the way.

avatar image

Interesting indeed. What island do you think this’ll be? For some reason, I think it’s French Island. Maybe it’ll just be plain “Music Island” LOL. πŸ™‚ A member of the PHF even suggested that it’s another part of Reality TV island, however I don’t see how it would fit in. :/

The cut-off stage background says “Jazz Cafe”. As some of you might have noticed, the microphone and stool look as if they’re from Spy Island (in the Hair Club) although the one at the Hair Club is blue.

Another new update is the new addition to the “Buy Poptropica Credits” page. It now allows you to buy credits from your mobile phone! (Credit to Deathstalker of the PHF!)

Personally, I think this feature is useless – who’s going to buy credits from their phone? I just don’t see the point.

And so I end this post with 2 questions for you PHB readers (please answer them in your comments!):

  1. What island do you think the Creators are referring to? French Island maybe?
  2. Have you ever brought credits, plan to, or probably never will?

Until next time,

88 thoughts on “The Return of…FRENCH ISLAND?!”

  1. I don’t think that it is from Reality or the French island. Maybe a new island? Plus I wouldn’t buy Pop credits through cell phones because
    A) I don’t have a phone
    B) Aren’t phones meant for talking and texting? ^_^

    1. well… it is kinda betta cuz when ppl r away from their computers (or in school XD lol jk)they culd use their phones to do stuff…. it wuld be betta if u culd play pop on ur phone (they mite hav dat already not sure but dnt count on dat lol)

  2. i hope its reality tv island ive been waiting for that island for ages but i think its French island….or maybe music island???

      1. IDk, i want a new island like RTV SOOOOO bad but RTV would be like in some middle of nowhere place not a jazz cafe

  3. It could stand as a battle of the bands contest on rtv, but that’s a long shot guess and it’s probably not right. Now it has the potential for being in the French Island (okay who wants to think of a new name for this island?), becuz it’s got the Jazz Cafe in the back and the right instruments to be in one of those underground sweet night club/cafe joints in France.

  4. French island or maybe a new orleans island? And I’m not allowed to buy credits. P.S. If anyone on the PHF is reading this, my only way of coomunicating with you guys is throgh the PHB. Darn parent controls…

  5. 1. I think it may be French Island.
    2. If they had gift cards like the CP coins (I think) Then I would get those.

  6. Hey! ok, so for your first question, what island do you think it might be for, I think that it may be possible that it is actully a new multiverse room. Y’know how they have the Techno rom (or somthing like that) and the brain room ect. It very well could be for a island though. To awnswer your second question, no. I would NEVER spend real money on poptropica (i hope ;D) because there are better things to spend my money on. But, that is just in my eyes…i may not want to, while someone else will.
    Coderkid, great post!
    – Small tiger (sorry my comment is so long…)

  7. First off: Yay! Comic Kid is back! I think the cafe may be referring to French Island, and, through the force of sheer willpower, I still have credits left on my accounts. I probably won’t buy them, but I’m not for sure.

  8. 1. Possibly another around the world kind of island? Like the other sneak peeks, the pictures of the Eiffel Tower… Roman buildings… the grapes could be New England cuz we grow grapes in New England! And this could be a Jazz Cafe in the South or Midwest like South Carolina or Michigan and such because of the blues played in these parts of the U.S…?
    2. Never bought credits…Hopefully will in the near and or far (preferably far)future…

    At least someone noticed my discovery that it says Jazz Cafe… I iz smart! (wow my comments long!) Rock on PHB..PHF.. Go Hippies.. Peace out.. This is prob. just something to make my comment even longer… xD
    -Hyper Star (HS)

    1. Actually, France, Grapes, Wine. Most wines are named after a grape or sometimes the city in france they are made in. All the posts refer to france

  9. Comment Questions:

    1. French Island, hopefully! I can’t wait to customize a beret from a French dude. πŸ˜€ I will combine it with the Hippie outfit to make… A FRENCH HIPPEH

    2. Yes, I have bought credits. πŸ˜› 3000 credits I got for other people in that contest… I’ve gotten credits for Motion, Gazek, and GE when they first joined the PHB as a welcome present (1500 credits)… I have spent approximately $25.00 on myself (2500 credits)… I think I have given credits to other people as random acts of generosity, but I don’t have any records of how much. So, I think that totals around maybe… 7500 credits? Just a rough guesstimate. πŸ˜€

      1. Hey smockers! I have a beret on my poptropican. Maybe we could got to a multiverse, and you could costimize me!
        2. I have gotten 500 credits so far using the internet. The phone app i think is just useless.

      2. sorry if this is off-topic but its kinda funny… i wear berets to school… i hav a straw one and a normal colored black one…

        on-topic: well i dnt really hav an idea of wat the island is and i neva bought creds… still just w8in until new islands come out lol XD

  10. Well Question 1: It could be Reality TV island or The French Island.

    #2: I don’t have a phone nor would I need the credits. I have 800 credits on my main account as Golden Rider

  11. Hey, my own blog post is the first automatically generated related post on this one! πŸ™‚ As I mentioned on my own blog, this could be a possible Music Island, with different areas designated to different types of music. I think that would be a pretty cool island.

  12. Who knows what island it is theirs so many questions to be answered. Or maybe its a picture from reality tv. Like one of those buildings you go into to collect stuff.

  13. Its definitly French Island with a dollop of maybe Reality TV Island. Too bad the creators shelved Reality TV Island like Monster Carnival Island. So its most likely not RTV. The creators probably are calling “French Island” a different name and we just suggested French Island because of The Eiffel Tower,grapes,statue,water coolers,and crepes. It actually could be a Around the World Island. The Grapes could be Italy, The Eiffel Tower and crepes could be France, The Statues could be Romania, The water coolers I have no clue. And now with the Jazz Cafe maybe New Orleans? I don’t know, but I’m just trying to piece the puzzle together. Could all together still be a french Island. What do you think? Comment below. Tell me if you want to hear my theory about the mysterious truck with the grapes.

      1. oh. those are some good ideas. i don’t know, i’m just making theories.and with the comments below, could have a lot to do with Rtv. But it says its a new island on creator’s blog. Here’s two new theories. the creator’s will give us RTV as a christmas present. and then this new island will follow. i think the plot of french island may have too deal with that mysterious truck. maybe criminals are stealing grapes from the vineyard and the police have asked you to follow the criminals across france. think about it. and then all the other french island sneak peaks may be things you will see during the journey. main street will have jazz cafe, the place with the crepes, eiffel tower, and then a multiplayer room. the jazz cafe could be the multiplayer room. if you
        like this theory, comment below.

  14. well I’m not sure what island the sneak peek is from,

    but i still think that the creators are being so mysterious because they are finishing up Reality T.V. island, which I still think will be released as a surprise for x-mas

  15. I really think its from reality tv cause remember you need to go to place and switch item with people or look for things so maybe you need to go to the jazz cafe collect something to run your show on reality tv (rember you need to be on a reality show). So maybe theirs music and all kinds of buildings their that you need to collect things from.

  16. I think it’s part of RTV. Like a building where you audition or something. IDK.

    I don’t have a cellphone apparently. :/

  17. Maybe A Louisiana Island Or New Orleans Island? That Would Be Cool! Also, I have an island idea! You know the cat on spy island? By Dr. Spyglass’s shop? Well it’s really a B.A.D agent! He Got turned into a cat by a good agent! She Was Stopping him! Well He wants to get rid of the good agents! You have to go in a factory, jump on platforms, avoid guards and machines, and get the tied up agents! Yet, you must disable the machines. You get tools laying on platforms witch are guarded. Then the guards try to get you, but you run away! You leave by cutting the door with a laser! Then, go to the bad agent and turn him human, then cuff him! it could be Spy Island 2!

  18. Jazz isnt french, so i doubt that’s it ^^

    Hijuyo: That’s possible, but Comic Kid is holding a cup in the pic. From the other French Island sneak peeks, there seemed to be a food theme. πŸ˜›

    1. Maybe it’s like the one cafe on my street ^^ tea is almost always served at cafes. But it makes me wonder what the creators have in store for us.

  19. was there a info page for monster carnival you know when you click on the island on home page and you see the info on the island please give me the link please

  20. hey what if it’s a marshmallow island?
    lol I’m joking, maybe it COULD be a music island with the microphone and the saxaphone and that it says “jazz island” so I’m going with music island

  21. opps when I said “says jazz island” I meant this: with the microphone and the saxaphone and that it SCREAMS jazz island….
    not says lol srry about my comments being so long

  22. 1. I don’t think t’s apart of French because jazz is not very Frenchy, but heck what do i know i’m not French/ But when you think of France you don’t think of jazz do you? I think it’s part of a new island
    2 I will never buy credits

  23. Maybe its a cafe from reality tv you know like the internet cafe on nabooit island, so this is a jazz cafe
    Or a mini quest like hunted house.

  24. 1. I agree, I think it’s going to be a music island. BUT it does fit into reality tv island, its MUSIC! Music goes into showbiz, not to be too snobby.

    Have you ever thought it could be a multiplayer room? Or a mini quest you have to buy, like the haunted house, only it costs credits?

    ALSO, the creators might just want ideas from this reading the comments.

    1. 2. Nope, nada, zilch. (Does that mean zero in a language??) I wouldn;t! Its worthless, and no point! Its just a game!

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