Virus Hunter Island

Journey to the center of Carl

Hey there!

This week has given us some new looks at Virus Hunter Island and the currently unnamed battle bot island (possibly Mocktropica Island). First off we got a look at a marvelous hero preparing to save Poptropica from the evil lurking within (literally).

Later, we were able to confirm that this was in fact a screen shot from… wait for it… the trailer for Virus Hunter which you can view below.

At the end we get a statement that Poptropica is “now in sound” which seems to confirm that not only this island will be released in sound, but that all of the previous islands can be looking for a full sound makeover in the possibly not so distant future.


The Daily Pop has also offered up some previews at what we can expect from this upcoming battle bot adventure.

Fastball – Watch out, because this bot is coming at you.
Rock of Ages- When bad guys come calling, you are the quarry.

The first preview appears to show a bot in action and the second appears to show  something that could possibly be a battle arena surrounded by on watching battle bots. I am getting very, very excited about how these battle bots are going to fit into a story. Is it just me, or are these journeys inside of bodies and giant battling robots reminding you of Jimmy Neutron too?

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Sound: Poptropica’s Biggest Makeover?

Hey guys, BT here. Now, I’m just shocked at this video. Shocked in a happy way. VERY SHOCKED.

Wow, I did NOT see that coming. Whew. Full sound and music in Poptropica after 5 and a half years… and with a full screen at that!

This is just stunning. So far, 24 Carrot Island’s redux seems epic (I’m loving the music and the effects of the crows and the crowbar and everything.)

I think this was the reason why we haven’t heard much of Virus Hunter Island in a while. I’m super pumped about this. This is a really big piece of news here, peeps.

BT out!

Hey everyone, Slanted Fish here:

The addition of music and more sound effects in Poptropica sounds great to me as well! It’s definitely been a long time coming. Anyway, here’s a bit more ear-related news for you: when Dr. Hare’s Lair reaches 7,500 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO, we’ll be getting this Dr. Hare Ears Power!

Now we’ll definitely be well-equipped for when this big sound update comes out! Notice the new menu icon in the video as well! Plus, as Silver Wolf pointed out in the comments, the trusty blue/green arrow has been replaced with the common room cursor! The general consensus in the comments for that is… that’s a bad move. That cursor’s pretty annoying, and jumping around with it just isn’t the same.

Well, I’m looking forward to hearing more about what’s up in Poptropica. (Pun intended, of course!)