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The PHB’s 7th Halloween Competition (and 20M Hits Bonus!)


Boo, Poptropicans! Halloween is approaching, and that means… it’s time for another Halloween costume competition here on the PHB! This will be our 7th year in a row, but we’re adding a special twist: with the recent Photo Booth added to Poptropica’s Home Island, you can enter a picture creation for a chance to win a membership from the PHB! Sound spooktacular?

Part I: Costume Competition

Traditionally, Poptropicans submit their best Poptropica Halloween costumes in the comments section by giving an Avatar Studio link and/or posting their username. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Be original! Mix and match to create your own unique costume(s).
  • There are some great Halloween costume parts at the ghoul gathering from the end of the Haunted House quest from the Store, as well as the collection of free costumes in the Store, but be creative and search in other places too!
  • Keep your costume intact until after the winners are announced, or we may not see it! If you don’t want to keep the costume on your main account, create a new one and post that instead.
  • To post your entry, go to the Avatar Studio, type in your username, click Load, click on the Link to highlight it, right-click and choose Copy, go to the comments section on this post, right-click and choose Paste, type in your comment and submit so we can view your costume by clicking the link! Name your costume and post the username if you want.

PRIZES: On Halloween (October 31st), we’ll make a post featuring the winning costumes, plus they will also be immortalized on the PHB’s Costumes page, where you can also see examples of past winners. We’ll have 10 winners for the costume portion, but wait, there’s more…

Part II: Photo Booth Competition

This year, to celebrate our recent milestone of 20 million views here on the PHB, we’re adding a new portion to the competition: the Photo Booth, where we’ll pick another 10 winners for a total of 20!

If you haven’t checked out the Photo Booth on Home Island yet, now’s the time! Poptropica recently added lots of Halloween props to the feature, and you can check out the PHB’s Photo Booth guide here. The objective of this competition is to create the best Halloween picture with your character in it using the Photo Booth, which means you’ll need a snazzy Halloween costume on (see part I)!

For anyone entering this part of the competition, you’ll also need to complete Part I and share a link to your Poptropican to prove that you own the character you use in your Photo Booth pic. This part is optional, but like the first part, we’ll be selecting 10 winners, and the PRIZES get better…

  • First place: 6-month membership
  • Second and third place: 3-month membership
  • 4th to 10th place: 1-month membership

That’s right, you can enter for a chance to win a membership paid for by the PHB!

Important: If you are selected to win one, you must be comfortable in privately contacting us with your login credentials (username and password) so that the membership may be awarded. If you have a currently active membership and are selected, keep in touch with us about when it expires and we will work something out (or, you can donate your membership prize to an honorable mention entrant). 🙂

How to enter:

  1. Create your picture with the Photo Booth on Home Island, being sure to include your character wearing a spooktacular Halloween costume somewhere in it.
  2. Press the green checkmark button to save the image to your computer.
  3. Upload the image somewhere on the web (for example, tinypic) that will give the image a URL.
  4. Copy and paste the image URL into the comments section along with the instructions from part I (Avatar Studio link of your costume and/or username). This will allow us to see the image online.

Note: For both competitions, you can submit as many entries as you like, but you can only win a maximum of one time. Have fun! You have until Halloween.

Happy Halloween, Poptropicans… 😈

May the spookiest rise from their graves.


UiPE Fan Art Contest Winners!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert. Two weeks ago, I began my fan art contest, and today it’s time to crown the winners! 😀


I got so many awesome submissions from each and every contestant and I’m so grateful for all of it! I had a really hard time picking my top 3 favorites, in fact, my bro gave me his thoughts to help me out. Took me about an hour, but I think I’m ready to announce them winners.

Third Place

I had a super hard choosing my third place winner, but I really love the pixel art from Ylimegirl. It’s really cool and deserved some good recognition.


Second Place

I really love this submission, called “Bad Traveling Plans”, by NiceFoxPop! The art style is really cool, and I love that she gave it a name, also. It really deserved a spot in the top 3.


First Place

And the first place goes to Master Pinpey! I love her art style, as well, and I couldn’t help but give her the win. I quite enjoy the background, as well, it looks really cool.


Thanks to everyone who submitted one of the 15 submissions in all that I received! I didn’t expect at all to get that many, but I’m so glad for it, and I hope everyone had fun making them! 😀

A little message to the 3 winners, as well – If you’d like your very own meme face (such as this one, but with your Poptropican), please email me your Poptropican’s username, as well as a meme face you’d like your Poptropican to have, and I’ll create your masterpiece. 😛

And for Master Pinpey, I’ll be creating a logo for you. So, if you have any specific things (colors, objects, characters, etc.) that you’d like in it. Or if you have some sort of idea already of what you’d like, then feel free to send me those ideas.

Check out the other submissions below, plus some more thoughts on them from me! You can click on the images to read my thoughts for each one.

Once again, thanks so much to all of the contestants! What did you think of all of the submissions? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •


Announcing the UiPE Fan Art Contest!

This contest has ended – check out the winners in this post!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here.

You may remember from not too long ago when HP started a little contest. His contest brought many talented artist to draw his Poptropican, with the prize of their drawing becoming his new avatar.

Well, everyone seemed to have so much fun with it. I don’t have a whole lot of fan art on my Wiki user page. So, I thought, why don’t I do another? Announcing…


You may make any sort of art. Computer, drawing, sketch, sculpture (although doubt anyone will do that), or whatever else. The piece of art must contain my Poptropican (either with or without the iPad, your choice). Shown below (you can see large versions of each by clicking on them):

(Extra: If you’d like to add more people to the drawing, may I suggest my twin Giant Hawk, username – joshuawesome8)

To submit your art, send it to my email: You may also submit your entries on DeviantArt, Tumblr, etc. if you’d like, and send me the link.

You will have two weeks to submit your art, as submissions will end on October 8. On that day, I will choose the top 3 winners.

  • The second and third places will receive a meme faced Poptropican (if they so desire), like the one I submitted for Andrew’s contest. They may choose any meme face they’d like, by sending me a link to it.
  • The first place winner will receive not only one of these, but also I will make them their own logo to use wherever they’d like. Winners will be announced the following day, on October 9.

So, get to work on your entries. I can’t wait to see what you all create! 😀

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

Poptropica Labs (Land)

Themes of the Land competition: revealed!

land previewHey everyone! Just a quick post to bring you some big Poptropica Land news! As you may recall, the Creators will be holding a Land-building competition in which everyone, even nonmembers will be able to compete starting tomorrow.

According to the countdown, the contest starts at 2pm EST/1pm CST/12pm MST/11am PST. Check out the challenge themes:

land competition

As you can see, there are four different themes you can challenge yourself in at certain time periods between October 16 and 30. Plus, the Creators’ Blog will be showcasing their favorites for each theme!

  • Dream Home — October 16-19
  • Village — October 20-23
  • Obstacle Course — October 24-26
  • Haunted — October 27-30

Click here to view the original post. Good luck to all when the time comes for the challenges! 🙂



Poptropica Help LOYALTY GIVEAWAY!!

Congrats! We’ve reached 4 million hits! The giveaway is now closed and winners will be announced shortly after whenever the PHF is back up (since that was part of this contest).

That’s right, your favorite Poptropica Help group is giving away 14 RARE Poptropica accounts and YOU have a chance of winning one! Click on ‘More’ to get all the details. 😀 Continue reading “Poptropica Help LOYALTY GIVEAWAY!!”