Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters

There are so many fun things to do on Poptropica – you probably just haven’t tried them all yet! See how many items on this list of 101 boredom-busting Poptropica activities you can check off – great for when you’ve got nothing else to do while you await the next island’s release.

  1. Jump on every windowsill at Main Street, Time Tangled Island. See how many you can jump on without falling off. (Note: If this is too challenging for you, try the windowsills on Poptropica Towers, Early Poptropica Island. It might be easier.)
  2. Make the crab on Main Street, Time Tangled Island, burst by clicking on it over and over again, as fast as you can.
  3. Keep trying to chat with the same player in a multiplayer room until they leave.
  4. Use the randomizing glitch (Ctrl + Shift + R) to change your outfit. Remember, it’s random! (Note: Do not try this if you do not wish to lose your current outfit.)
  5. Swing on the wires at Main Street, Time Tangled Island. When you get bored with that, try it with the clothes lines on Poptropica Towers, Early Poptropica Island.
  6. Knock down all the flowerpots on the windowsills of Poptropica Towers, Early Poptropica Island. You can also go to Down Town, Super Power Island and knock down the statues on the gray-stoned skyscraper.
  7. Get an extra Hot Dog for your inventory from the hot dog seller at City Park, Super Power Island after you complete the Super Power Island Quest.
  8. Get an extra bottle of Carbonated Coconut Milk for your inventory from the guy outside of the Coconut Cafe at Main Street, Shark Tooth Island after you complete the Shark Tooth Island Quest.
  9. Visit the bathrooms of both genders in Super Power’s City Park (boy/girl) by using a boy Poptropica account and a girl one. (Note: There is not much of a difference between the two rooms. Also, do not try this if you do not wish to lose your current outfit.)
  10. Read all the comic strips in the Klassic Komix store on Main Street, Big Nate Island. (If you want to read more, there’s plenty on under the ‘Big Nate’ section.)
  11. Read the Roald Dahl book excerpts in the Wonka Factory Outlet on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, Main Street. There’s even some unpublished content in there you can check out!
  12. Just type/write a journal, and pretend that your character is an explorer that is searching for discoveries. Good islands to go to are Nabooti, Astro-Knights, and Shark Tooth. Have fun!
  13. Go inside the Klassic Komix store on Main Street, Big Nate Island. Jump down the stairs and walk left, and you’ll see a chalkboard titled Oodles of Doodles. Hold down your mouse and trace anywhere on it, and have fun drawing a cool picture!
  14. Go inside the School Picture Guy’s building on Main Street, Big Nate Island. Walk right and hop onto the stool. Take a picture of your character by posing your character there, then pressing the PrtSc button on the keyboard. Open up an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint, and press the Ctrl + V (Paste) buttons. Then save it on your computer by pressing the Ctrl + S buttons!
  15. Play Mancala against the old man guarding the cave at Mountains of the Moon 1, Nabooti Island. See how many times you can win against him!
  16. Get the Viking suit from Time Tangled Island (Vikings’ time, the year 831). Check out our Time Tangled Guide for more information about obtaining this Viking suit from that tall cliff on the right side of the area.
  17. Make your Poptropican look like yourself in real life as much as possible. Especially try out different hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors, and glasses if you have any to see what fits you best.
  18. Raise your battle ranking by playing games in multiplayer rooms. Win as many games as possible, so you can improve your 5-star rank even more. (Tip: You can see how many times you have won/lost a game by going to your games inventory.)
  19. Fly off into space on your Astro-Knights Island rocket, go near the Jungle Planet (coordinates are 15, 15), and shoot some aliens! Use your Astro-Knights rocket to try to shoot at all the asteroids, sharks, aliens, and any other space obstacles out there! (Tip: Your rocket is on top of the Castle of Arturus.)
  20. On Astro-Knights, visit Pewter Moon and re-design your spacecraft (rocket) until it looks just the way you like it!
  21. Visit the Masks & Capes building on Main Street, Super Power Island. Ring the bell on the desk by clicking on it, and you’ll hear a little ”ding” noise.
  22. Visit Big Zeke at the Safari, Nabooti Island and take some photos of different animals with your camera! Take a look at our Nabooti Guide for further information about obtaining a camera.
  23. Complete all of the island quests, and if you’ve already done that, restart an island by going to your Map and replay it! (See our Island Help guides for tips and walkthroughs.)
  24. Read The Mystical Weapons of Arturus, which is one of the books you should find in the Astro-Knights Island Castle Library. Because this book happens to be rather damaged, it will be more of a challenge to read! Also, read The Life of Mordred: A Cautionary Tale, which is the other book you can find in the Astro-Knights Island Castle Library. Admire the awesome drawings on each page.
  25. Draw your Poptropican (click here for a guide).
  26. Create a meme image describing a Poptropica Problem using our PHB meme generator.
  27. Chew on the ‘Pack of Stale Gum’ from Main Street, Big Nate Island (it was from the owner of the Klassic Komix store). You can blow bubbles with this gum almost anywhere on Poptropica!
  28. Play ‘Don’t Touch the Ground’ at the Poptropica Towers on Early Poptropica Island. Using a jetpack is cheating!
  29. Visit a museum (eg. Pop Art Museum on Early Poptropica) and perform an emotion that describes your opinion towards the model on display!
  30. Shoot coconuts into the water on Shark Tooth Island so there’s a clear line of coconuts and try not to leave spaces of water.
  31. Climb up the Party Tower on Main Street, Time Tangled Island and jump off the right side wearing the glider to see how far you can go without touching any buildings.
  32. At the Timbuktu Inn on Time Tangled, put the jigsaw puzzle together again.
  33. On top of the Great Wall of China on Time Tangled, play the follow-the-tile game (talk to the person who you get the amulet from).
  34. Climb to the top of Mount Everest on Time Tangled.
  35. At Edison’s Workshop on Time Tangled, jump above the car while it is moving and try to land square on the seat.
  36. In your future sky home on Time Tangled, jump on the couch and see how many somersaults you can do while in the air.
  37. Dye your hair a different color in the Carrot King Diner on 24 Carrot Island, Main Street.
  38. In the Carrot King Diner, jump on the bouncy couches and try not to touch the ground.
  39. Take a shower in the old farmhouse on 24 Carrot, and be sure to sing if you have a mic from the Rock Singer costume in the Poptropica Store!
  40. Visit the criminals at the County Prison on Main Street, Super Power Island. While you’re there, why not make fun of them too?
  41. At the Super Power underground train station, squash the bugs on the dirty walls by clicking on them. Then visit the Reality TV Island motel and squash the bugs on those walls too.
  42. Fly throughout the Super Power Island city, getting close to buildings without touching them.
  43. In the Hair Club room on Spy Island, get on the stool on the top floor and pretend you’re the feature entertainer. Be creative – you could be a comedian telling a story, chatting with the other people (they could be your fans!) in the multiplayer room, making emotions, or playing an instrument from a costume you bought at the Poptropica Store!
  44. Hop across the wire at the top of the Spy Island Headquarters and jump onto the tower with the person who says, “Careful, it’s a long way down.” Jump anyway and see how many somersaults you can do or just try to perfect your falling technique.
  45. Ride the miner’s cart at the Nabooti Diamond Mine.
  46. Play Table Football in Big Nate Island’s Clubhouse and try to get a perfect score!
  47. Play Hangman in Big Nate’s Clubhouse and see if you can guess the word without getting any letters wrong.
  48. Race Big Nate to Sealsaw Rock on the jet skis!
  49. Go to the Photo Studio on Main Street, Big Nate Island and pretend you’re a model – try on different clothes and show off your best poses.
  50. Explore the outer space planets using your rocket, which should be waiting for you on top of the Castle of Arturus.
  51. Paint pictures at the artist’s easel on Main Street, Counterfeit Island.
  52. Play the computer game at the Web Cafe on Counterfeit Island.
  53. Come up with a different outfit to wear on each island, such as a superhero costume for Super Power Island. Mix and match outfits from the island’s native characters!
  54. Talk to all the non-player characters on Poptropica, like Ned Noodlehead on Super Power!
  55. Visit a common room and add a new friend!
  56. Meet up with real-life friends by going to the same Multiverse room and telling everyone the room code! (You will need: Multiverse item card from the Poptropica Store, which is free)
  57. Pretend you’re giving a tour of all the islands on Poptropica. Hit the F12 button on your keyboard to pull up a bar you can type into, and write what you’d say as the tour guide!
  58. Try making your Poptropican look as much like one of your favorite TV show characters as possible.
  59. Give players in multiplayer rooms silly (not hurtful) nicknames based on their outfit.
  60. On Counterfeit Island, use the balloons and try to jump from one end of the room to the other using only one jump. You can use the bouncy roofs.
  61. On Counterfeit Island, in the ancient tunnel, fly through the big hill using the floating balloons from the Clown Shop and try to get out.
  62. If you haven’t finished Counterfeit yet, click on the woman near the tunnel gate, then click on the gate, then a question you wanted to ask. She will ask the question instead of you!
  63. On Main Street, Time Tangled, try to get part of the wire stuck on the peg.
  64. On Spy Island, try to get the wire stuck on the ground and with you stepping on it.
  65. On Reality TV, bounce on the bouncy roof on top of the Billiards building and try to land in the blimp! 1 point if you land in the blimp. -1 if you land in the dumpster.
  66. Write a bunch of silly reasons why you should be on the Reality TV Island show on your application card. You can also use the pen to doodle on the postcard!
  67. Make your outfit look exactly like another person’s in a multiplayer room, and then they get all mad! It’s funny – except when it happens to you.
  68. Annoy Ned Noodlehead in his Super Power Comic Shop by ringing the bell.
  69. Use the buildings, trees, and shark statues on Shark Tooth Island to try to get from the blimp, to land on the sign!
  70. Go to your Games inventory and try to beat your high score in the single-player game of Switch!
  71. Jump on the spray can on top of the Hair Club on Spy Island, and have fun spraying mist!
  72. Replay the Reality TV Show and try to win again! If you do, your score (number of times won) will be displayed on your Reality TV Island medallion.
  73. Read the RTV Island tabloid.
  74. Answer profile quiz questions on the welcome page.
  75. Read comics and Creator Clips on the Daily Pop.
  76. Look at sneak peeks of upcoming exciting things coming to Poptropica on the Daily Pop.
  77. Check the Poptropica Creators’ Blog.
  78. Go to Game Show Island and enter Club Nouveau Riche, then click on the Cueball Dynamics Inc table and play a game of pool just for fun! Try to beat your high score.
  79. Play quick games on the Daily Pop.
  80. Time yourself going through the Minotaur Maze on Mythology Island and see how fast you can do this!
  81. Go to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island and use the Fizzy Lifting Drink to move in the air.
  82. Revisit the Museum Fantastique on Counterfeit Island and check out all the cool paintings. Check out the PHB post titled Ancient Artworks of the Counterfeit Island Museum to learn more about the art!
  83. Play the “Planet Slug Game” on the Smart Phone from Night Watch Island. It’s like a simpler version of Angry Birds Space!
  84. Try to win at every single challenge possible on the Reality TV show.
  85. On Super Power, when you push the statues off the buildings, try to make them land on the pretzel cart umbrella and watch them bounce before they break!
  86. Run between the two Aztec warriors on Time Tangled. Try not to get beaten up.
  87. Buy some fun items from the Poptropica Store with special space bar actions, and play around with them!
  88. Go to your inventory items for Mythology Island and choose the Reed Pipe. Play some random notes and create a song out of it! Write down the color order of the song you’ve just composed so you can share it with people or play it again. If you can, figure out how to play your favorite tune with it.
  89. Set a 10-minute timer and see how many doubloons you can get on Skullduggery Island before time is up.
  90. Click on the keg of root beer in Skullduggery’s Broken Barrel room, and root beer will spill into the cup below it.
  91. Go to Spy Island and run away from the B.A.D. agents on the docks without a Chameleon Suit and see how long you can go without getting hit.
  92. Form a Poptropica band with some friends – you can buy costumes with instruments in the Poptropica Store, publish songs, and pretend to play along with them by activating your instrument with the space bar. Invite your audience to a Multiverse room to cheer your band on!
  93. On Red Dragon Island, redo the training session and practice your ninja skills!
  94. Complete the MiniQuests available from the Poptropica Store: Haunted House, Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab, Don’t be an Energy HogLegendary Swords, and more.
  95. Try to beat your high scores in the Poptropolis Games events and see if you can get first place on all of them!
  96. Change your Poptropica Tribe on your profile (click here for instructions) and visit all the different tribe common rooms!
  97. If you haven’t already, earn the bonus “Rattlesnake Wrangler” costume on Wild West Island by talking to the cowgirl and rounding up 5 more cows with the lasso.
  98. Attack sea monsters and other ships for extra salvages on Skullduggery Island.
  99. Play darts again at the Pub on the Loch Ness area of Cryptids Island (but you won’t win any more prizes).
  100. Dial up a costume using your Nabooti cell phone. (eg. 1225 for a Santa hat and sack – for more codes, click here)
  101. Chat on the PHB’s friendly live chatroom community (with moderators) on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat).

Special thanks to the following for contributing to this list: Slanted Fish, Shaggy Tornado, Green Boa, Silverwolf1, Happy Horse, Moonlight91, Super Bear, Bony Moon, Clean Lightning, Meeeeeeeee, Pirate Axe, Neat Fire, aaronhui777600, Daniel

Still craving more to do or have another idea? Read and share in the comments below!

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365 thoughts on “Boredom Busters”

  1. i know what kind of thing you can also do in ‘ 101 things to do in poptropica with boredum busters ‘! it will make it 102! so go to super power island then go on to the roof of the dailly paper go on the bench where it takes you to the top and see how many times you can take it for a ride without getting sick of hieghts and not moving and what will make even more is that riding the toy rides and doing everything else in night watch island will do so.

  2. These boredom busters are the best! It’s fun as I completed almost every island in poptropica! ^_^

      1. I don’t remember as it was a long time ago, but maybe I was not sleepy or maybe the time shows according to your place 😉

  3. I have some Boredom Busters! 😀
    RTV :
    1) Try to doodle on the Application for entering to the RTV show, you could doodle hearts, stars, lighting bolts or even scribble the adress! Write funny messages on the reasons why you want to enter, either way, you’ll still get selected, good luck making Bucky Lucas a mustache!
    2)Try playing the show over and over again and set a goal to be and all-time winner.
    3)Go to the tv store and play with very tv, from the smallest to the largest screen.
    4)Whenever you drop on the island, you drop on a trash can, you must avoid dropping in it, if you do, simply go back up the blimp and return and keep trying not to land or even TOUCH the trash! Good luck! 😀
    5)Go to Mike’s market and play around with the trolleys– you can seperate ’em, push ’em ,ride ’em or even shove them on the mean cashier’s face XD
    6)Pretend that you are doing ACTUAL shopping at Mike’s and pretend that you are adding things to your trolley.
    7)Go to the Motel Office and try squishing some roaches, gross, yet fun.
    8)Go up to the helicopter and challenge yourself at reaching the edge of the blades, impossible, but you can jump, but that can put you off.
    9) Try bouncing from the billiards roof, to the stretchy wire and try getting on the helicopter seat, it’s frustrating, but fun.
    10)Once you fall in the trash can, activate the flies follower from the Classic Followers and pretend that they are swarming around you and run as FAST as you can to avoid them, once the flies touch you, consider yourself being OUT!
    11) Play don’t touch the ground, but you can’t jump on the trash can or even jumping on roofs of building (Billiards roof is fine).
    12) If you haven’t already completed the island, call Papa Pete’s pizza and try giving fake adresses rather than the ACTUAL ones, the answers are quite hilarious 🙂
    Soo that’s all I got 🙂

    1. Oh and 2nd boredom buster has a typo it’s AN not AND.
      2)Try playing the show over and over again and set a goal to be AN all-time winner.

  4. Fun game:

    1) Obtain an outfit you really shouldn’t have (using that one glitch, of course).
    2) Find a crowded multiplayer room.
    3) Wait for someone to click on you.
    4) Run.

  5. One time I randomly entered the Soda Pop Shop common room in Early Poptropica, and I don’t even know how many happy emotions I saw (probably directed at my awesomeness.)

  6. I have a Boredom Buster- Jump off of the platform with the spyglass on Skullduggery and try to land in your blimp (Don’t worry, you won’t go anywhere.) +1 point if you land in your blimp, 0 points if you land on your boat, and -1 point if you land in the water. My current points: 1.
    P.S. I’m not trying to spam but nobody has replied or posted a comment under my previous one.

    1. Another Boredom Buster…. sort of.
      Step 1: Go to Nabooti Island.
      Step 2: Go to the Diamond Mines on Nabooti Island.
      Step 3: Get underground.
      Step 4: Turn off the electric switch.
      Step 5: Move the oil barrel.
      Step 6: Turn the electric switch on.
      Step 7: Ka-boom!
      Here’s another-
      Ride the carts down the ramps at the diamond mines

    2. Here are some fun ones-
      -Make a costume for every holiday. (Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc.)
      -Make a bunch of crazy photos at the Photo Booth.
      -Get a superhero costume and make yourself a cool name. Try to see how many non-branded names you can think of. (Branded names are names like Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.)
      -Go on a SUI and jump on an awning until you fall off. Time yourself and see how long you can stay on until the sound drives you (or your parents) nuts.
      -Play tag with the seagulls on the map.
      That’s all I’ve got.

  7. Since Escape from Pelican Rock is coming out for everyone tomorrow, I have a boredom buster about it! Try to escape the prison in the least amount of days possible!

  8. +1 play with the things in the mall in twin palms mall such as the hat maker,the cover maker,the matching game( by clicking the vintage trading cards in the basecard shop), etc.

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