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The Forgotten Monkey!

Hey guys! Slip here.


I’m sorry for not posting for a while, I was just busy and, a bit under the weather. Enough with the drama, let’s head on to the news!

THIS IS JUST IN: A monkey was seen rampaging through the streets of Eastman last night. It dropped a few blueberries and is said to have become a zomberry! Please stay inside your lovely houses.

As you may remember,  monkeys have escaped from Monkey Wrench Island and are now roaming Poptropica. Now, the second monkey has landed on Zomberry Island! You can get your own Berry Scary Monkey follower in front of Joe’s Donut Hole (left of the Cinema).

This thing gives me the creeps and I feel uncomfortable with this follower. Just look at this monkey jumping up and down like a lunatic. Creepy right? It doesn’t make it cute with its purple hue. Still scary. Yikes.

Moving on from a nightmare, dreams do come true! In addition to the Mystery of the Map giveaways, Poptropica is also doing another sweepstakes for membership! Visit and enter for your chance to win a 1, 3, or 6-month membership!


That’s not all – for those of you who have wanted the Forgotten Islands game (walkthrough here), available on iOS devices and Nintendo 3DS, we’ve got good news! The game is currently 50% off ($9.99 on Nintendo and $2.99 for iOS)! Grab the game as soon as you can, because we never know when the sale ends. Buy go(ld), bye!

Also, our very own Brave Tomato was featured in a Creators’ tweet with her sketch of Mya and Oliver! Looks awesome, BT!

That’s all of the updates we have for now! Stay tuned for more monkey madness here at the PHB and make sure to enter the Monkey Membership Madness sweepstakes as well as the MotM Periscope livestream sweepstakes. You might win something!

So, got to go! Bye!

-Slippery 💦


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First Arabian Nights Daily Pops… and a new DS game?

Hey guys, BT here with a few updates from the Poptropica universe.

Somewhere right now in South Carolina, our CYDI winner Sarah must be squealing in delight, because the first two Daily Pops obviously for her winning island, Arabian Nights Island, have surfaced:

Desert and… desert station. This is really an obvious Arabian Nights Daily Pop – which leaves me to wonder if this island’s episodes are gonna criss-cross PoptropiCon’s episodes, just like Survival and Mission Atlantis.

Now anyways, if you’ve looked at the Creator’s Blog recently, you’ll notice that they changed their side format… again. Of course we have our two apps, the books, the shirts, and the video games links all snug next to each othe—


Wait…what is that picture next to the Video Games link? That doesn’t look familiar… It doesn’t look like the original Poptropica Adventures cover…


Yet I can kinda see the Ubisoft logo on the new cover….

It looks to me like there’s gonna be a Poptropica Adventures 2!!

But wait… when I look closer… I see two words… For some strange reason, it reminded me of the Forgotten Islands app… Yet I see pictures of the red ninja, the Aztec warrior, that pirate from Forgotten Islands and…I can’t tell who’s the last one.

What’s going on here?? I have no clue. After all, not an ounce of this is mentioned on the videogame page itself…

BT out with this puzzlement….

Oh, and don’t forget to check out HP’s post about PoptropiCon’s…er… officialness. Yay!

Forgotten Islands

But man, they made it 99 cents!

*bursts out into awesome Macklemore rap that none of you will ever get to see*

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here with a quaint little piece of Poptropica news. Forgotten Islands – Poptropica’s first iOS game – is now 99 cents on the App Store! That’s a whole $4 deducted from the original price! *The Wheels on the Bus plays as trumpets sound*

Timmy, track SEVEN! *SORRY!*

*2001: A Space Odyssey plays as a giant wooden sculpture of the app’s icon rises from a slit in the ground*


*smoke machines surround the icon as it rises up*

Yes, yes. Now you can explore Poptropica’s Forgotten Islands in your very own home, such as in these wonderful places… *points to blank Jumbotron*

Timmy, I TOLD you to have the ad playing for after I did my monologue! *SORRY!*

*the Poptropica: Forgotten Islands ad plays on Jumbotron*

Well, yeah. Big buildup for a little thing. Oh yeah, and if you want to check out what the game is like, take a look at the PHB’s full walkthrough for Forgotten Islands, with pictures! I have to go fire Timmy now, so stay popping, Poptropicans! *spotlight falls on me as I walk out*

Timmy, I TOLD you to use the NYLON rope! *SORRY!*

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Poptropica livestream & Halloween costumes for FI

Hey everyone! The Stream Team over at Massively from the gaming website will be hosting a Poptropica livestream this Friday at 4pm Eastern time – and a few Poptropica Creators may be tuning in to talk and take questions from viewers, which means it’s your chance to talk to a Creator!

Beau is going to show off a really neat kid’s browser-based game called Poptropica. If you like bright colors, adventure, and adorable characters, then check out this beginner’s guide!

If you’re planning to check it out, we’d love to hear about how it goes in the comments! What questions do you want to ask the Creators?

UPDATE: The livestream is now over, but you can view the archived video at Massively! You can listen in on Beau Hindman commenting on the game with a few of Poptropica’s Creators: developer Jordan Leary, senior artist Nate Greenwall, and senior producer Mitch Krpata. Here were a few interesting things that were mentioned:

  1. Beau asks about player housing – there’s a pause and then the Creators answer not currently, but it’s “something we’re playing with… that we know our fans want… do it when we can do it in a way that says Poptropica.”
  2. Poptropica is working on bringing all the current islands (such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory) on mobile devices (first for iOS) in early 2014.
  3. Music and the new navigation will be added to all the islands in the future.
  4. Poptropica has an official Twitter account, but it’s more of an industry account than for users.
  5. The Creators also check what readers say on fan blogs! And when asked about costume contests for players, fan blogs were mentioned again (in fact, the PHB has one right now!).

In other news, the Poptropica iOS game Forgotten Islands has a free update available! Some new Halloween wear was added to the closet so you could dress in style for the season. And if you want a guide for the game, check out the PHB’s Forgotten Islands Walkthrough (with tons of pictures)!

Speaking of spooky fashion, have you entered the PHB’s 5th Annual Halloween Costume Competition yet? You’ve only got until next Thursday, when winners will be announced on Halloween! There have been some spectacular entries, but there’s still time for more, so enter if you dare!

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Scifi Doctor costume & Forgotten Islands (iOS) Guide

Hey virus hunters! There’s a new free prize available for everyone on the vending machine on Virus Hunter Island’s Main Street – a Scifi Doctor costume. Last week’s Hazmat Suit is now sold out.

scifi doctor

Next week’s costume, available starting on the 12th, looks like a helmet that will be for members only. The week after that (Sept 19th) will have a final mystery prize for everyone, so be sure to check back! Virus Hunter Island releases to all on September 26, 2013.

As you may have seen, the new iOS game Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is now available in the iTunes App Store for US$4.99! The PHB has a full walkthrough complete with pictures available, so if you need help or if you just want to see for yourself what the game is like, please check it out!

Personally, I thought the actions were a bit repetitive, mostly fetch quests with the item you needed lying in plain sight, so the game wasn’t very challenging. The story, which involves finding lost artifacts to uncover Poptropica’s past, wasn’t too bad. No Monster Carnival, sadly (even though this is the one forgotten island we all want to know about!).

forgotten islands

Have you played the game yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section!