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Poptropica livestream & Halloween costumes for FI

Hey everyone! The Stream Team over at Massively from the gaming website will be hosting a Poptropica livestream this Friday at 4pm Eastern time – and a few Poptropica Creators may be tuning in to talk and take questions from viewers, which means it’s your chance to talk to a Creator!

Beau is going to show off a really neat kid’s browser-based game calledย Poptropica. If you like bright colors, adventure, and adorable characters, then check out this beginner’s guide!

If you’re planning to check it out, we’d love to hear about how it goes in the comments! What questions do you want to ask the Creators?

UPDATE: The livestream is now over, but you can view the archived video at Massively! You can listen in on Beau Hindman commenting on the game with a few of Poptropica’s Creators: developer Jordan Leary, senior artist Nate Greenwall, and senior producer Mitch Krpata. Here were a few interesting things that were mentioned:

  1. Beau asks about player housing – there’s a pause and then the Creators answer not currently, but it’s “something we’re playing with… that we know our fans want… do it when we can do it in a way that says Poptropica.”
  2. Poptropica is working on bringing all the current islands (such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory) on mobile devices (first for iOS) in early 2014.
  3. Music and the new navigation will be added to all the islands in the future.
  4. Poptropica has an official Twitter account, but it’s more of an industry account than for users.
  5. The Creators also check what readers say on fan blogs! And when asked about costume contests for players, fan blogs were mentioned again (in fact, the PHB has oneย right now!).

In other news, the Poptropica iOS game Forgotten Islands has a free update available! Some new Halloween wear was added to the closet so you could dress in style for the season. And if you want a guide for the game, check out the PHB’s Forgotten Islands Walkthrough (with tons of pictures)!

Speaking of spooky fashion, have you entered the PHB’s 5th Annual Halloween Costume Competition yet? You’ve only got until next Thursday, when winners will be announced on Halloween! There have been some spectacular entries, but there’s still time for more, so enter if you dare!

12 thoughts on “Poptropica livestream & Halloween costumes for FI”

    1. Interestingly, in the livestream they mention that Poptropica will be releasing the current online version of islands (such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory) for iOS in 2014.

    1. I think player housing would be pretty cool – maybe we can choose which island we’d like to live in and all that. And they did, but it was tricky to manage since they didn’t want people using their real names and photos, so since people would still keep their personal data on Facebook, they just closed the Poptropica FB page.

  1. Myb they can make an island just for poptropicans to house on btw itll b nice to decorate the ballons. in the store they can sell designs

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