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Free Birds ad: how do we address this turkey situation?

With cranberry sauce! There’s a new ad on Main Streets (I found it on Back Lot) for the upcoming 3D animated movie Free Birds, in theaters November 1! Upon entering the game, you’ll be given a red Turkey Costume. You have 60 seconds to hop around the hatchery to click on the ten little birds.


When you’re done, you’ll be awarded a Reggie Costume (looks similar to the red turkey but has a purple head) and S.T.E.V.E Power (the white egg-shaped machine descends onscreen).

Speaking of birds, let’s take a look at a few of the Daily Pops from this week, starting with the one of a feathered fiend of course:

Bird is the Word – Feathers will fly.


Whitewalls – A smooth ride, a roomy interior, and it gets 8 miles to the gallon!


Perfect Prescription – Find the cure for what ails you.

perfect prescription

In other news, if you missed the Poptropica livestream with a few of the Creators this Friday, you can check out the archived video on Massivelytv! They mentioned some interesting things, which I posted about, most notably that there are plans to bring the online version of Poptropica to mobile devices in early 2014.

And lastly, the PHB’s 5th Annual Halloween Costume Competition will be ending soon, as winners will be announced next Thursday in time for Halloween! There’s still a few days left to squeeze in an entry – so do so if you dare!

6 thoughts on “Free Birds ad: how do we address this turkey situation?”

  1. Ive been having a problem seeing the ads, cause i cant see them evn though i click on the new ad item card. Can you see the items?
    HElp! I want to be a turkey before its gone!

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