Winners of the PHB’s 5th Halloween Costume Competition!

5thPHB halloWIN

Boo! It’s Halloween, which means it’s time for the unveiling of this year’s costume competition winners! Out of over eighty haunting entries submitted, the list has been narrowed down to 10 doombringers who have rightfully earned their spot on the PHB’s front page for the time being and ourย Costumes page for eternity! Say hello to…

Zombie Possessed Demon Killer (Cool Octopus)

Zombies and devils, that is one frightening face. (For those wondering, it comes from the 2012 Hotel Transylvania ad.) The roped torso is also a nice touch to the killer theme.


Rouge et Noire (Elphangor & Edalfrey)

(The costume was submitted by Elphangor and may have been inspired by Edalfrey.) Rouge et Noire, or red and black in French, appears to be a brilliantly scarier version of the villain Black Widow.


Mad Robot Scientist (Pixel)

While experimenting with trying to attain immortality (the ability to live forever) for humanity, this evil scientist had an accident with the machinery… and the golden electronics took over.


Crusty Curmudgeon (HPuterpop)

This guy is crusty all right… pie-crusty and grouchy-crusty! Wouldn’t you be if you ended up with smoke sizzling in your hair and jam on your face?ย Love the alliteration in the name as well.


More-Video-Games Zombieย (Comical Turtle)

So this is what happens when the apocalypse hits and one hasn’t played quite enough video games to prepare for it… now he’s sleep-deprived, drooling,ย and bitten.


Skull-faced Sorcerer (mjecuizon)

This practitioner of witchcraft sure has mastered the appearance of a spooky spellcaster! If that skull-face or skull-sword isn’t enough to scare you away, the itsy bitsy spider at the tip of the hat might.


I Died Chewing the Trash (superniceywhitepaw)

Halloween brings forth a ton of weirdos, but nothing says stay-away-from-me louder than some greasy guy digging for some grub in the garbage. And then rotting with it when he dies of food poisoning.


Vampire Grandpa (Spotted Dragon)

He may not sparkle like Edward Cullen, but this pale-skinned classy senior citizen has been around long enough to taste the blood of more generations than you’d like to think.


Cheshire Cat (Ria/Purple Flame)

Based on the creepily-grinning feline from Disney’s 1951 filmย Alice in Wonderland, this Cheshire Cat puts a bright and unique spin on the typical cat costumes roaming Poptropica.


Witch (cheriebell1)

This (literally) hair-rising witch isn’t too happy… her pet cat vanished after a spell gone wrong, leaving her with a permanently grouchy expression and the refusal to change out of her old-fashioned dress.


Thanks to everyone who entered. We hope you had fun creating your costume! And congratulations to all the winners – enjoy the honor of having your Costumes featured.

happy halloween from the PHB!

29 thoughts on “Winners of the PHB’s 5th Halloween Costume Competition!”

  1. I can’t believe I won when I log in to my WordPress and see PHB a I am the first in the top ten in the Halloween costume contest and I am in the costume page I am so proud.

  2. BTW I don’t even remember Edalfrey helping me with this, but I don’t care. I’m just glad I got second place! Thank you! Edalfrey may of given me inspiration through a way I don’t remember – but that’s ok.

  3. Yay! I thought I wouldn’t win, because there were so many entries… I like the demon possessed killer thingy. The face is so cool ๐Ÿ˜€ and everything else is so cool too! Nothing beats spending Halloween staring at the PHB blog screen ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. LOL, I Died Chewing the Trash… these outfits are ALL really creative! The Witch was very creative, actually. I mean, she looks so OLD AND SCARY! I think the Vampire Grandpa was pretty cool and creative, and it’s so cool that I honestly don’t think I would have thought of it! Lol, the Witch and the Vampire Grandpa could be an old-fashioned couple. ๐Ÿ™‚ Rouge et Noire is made by a GENIUS! I like how this “appears to be a brilliantly scarier version of the villain Black Widow” costume has the dynamite in its hand. Lol, I always now think of Black Widow as loving to blow things up, since she threw bombs at us when we were trying to protect the paintings on Counterfeit Island (Black Widow is my favorite villain). Cheshire Cat is, of course, an all-time favorite and DEFINITELY a classic. Of course, that deserves a prize as well! Zombie Possessed Demon Killer and Skull-faced Sorcerer are REALLY INGENUOUSLY scary, while Mad Robot Scientist totally reminds me of Directer D. (only in Game Show Island version), which is, of course, an AWESOME and yet MADDENING evil villain! ๐Ÿ™‚
    More-Video-Games Zombie is DEFINITELY original and creative, and I personally think that it should have a small part in Zomberry Island! Really, it’s that good! Of course, last but certainly not least, Crusty Curmudgeon! Awesomely created (not to mention the title, like Fishy said, had good alliteration), this deserves an award as well! I love all these costumes, and they were all original with creative, ingeniously brilliant designs! Their costumes were really good, and I love how they have so many pieces to them that come from various places. Each costume deserves an award, and this was AWESOME! ๐Ÿ˜€ (to say it as short as I could manage)

    1. Wow! Thanks slippery dolphin! I definitely agree with you about everyone’s outfit. Lol ‘the witch and the vampire grandpa should be an old fashioned couple’!!!! (I was the witch) I can see some interesting looking witch/vampire old fashioned baby poptropicans!!

  5. i think a lot of people saw my costumes, regina from once upon a time, and marie antoinette, so im not really bummed about not winning. i was at first, (i really thought i was going to win a prize for creativity and non-traditional costumes), but once i saw the winners, i understood that they deserved their wins. you all have my sincere congratulations! (maybe next year..)
    congrats, thank you, and good job on those costumes! they must have taken a long time to cook up. lol

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