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Pranksgiving, Wimpy Kid Hard Luck, Steven Universe, and Galactic Hot Dogs ads

Main Streets sure are full this week! An ad game for Pranksgiving (a Disney XD series) can be found on Night Watch Island. You’ll have to prank both kids (Bradley and Jake) by being fast enough to press the button corresponding to the spot they’re standing on, which will trigger a prank.


There’ll be two rounds, a practice one and then the real one. You can come back every week for a new prize, with the current prize being a Zombie Turkey costume (press spacebar to scare).

An ad for the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book (#8), Hard Luck, can be found on Early Poptropica. Talk to Greg and you’ll be brought to a carnival, where you can play five games to get your fortune told.


On the Wheel of Misfortune, click to make it stop spinning. You’ll be given a random Job fortune – I got ‘nervous gardener’. In Psychic Darts, just click to aim. My result: ‘live in a bug-infested apartment’. At Balloons of Chance, just click on random balloons for your Pet fortune – mine was ‘gigantic hamster’. At the Peg Maze Daze, click on the ball at the top. My vehicle fortune was ‘sporty go-cart’. Finally, click on the Mystic Crystal Ball twice to be told your Love – I got ‘smart flower-arranger’. Afterwards, you’ll receive the 8-Ball Costume and Raining 8-Balls! power.

There’s also an ad game for Steven Universe (a new Cartoon Network series), which I found on Zomberry Island. You have 60 seconds to run all the way to the left where the donut store is and click on the door to get the cat cookies. After that, you’ll have five lives (indicated by the cookies on the lower left) to get back to the beginning without being chomped by the green creatures too many times.


When you win, you’ll be awarded the Steven Costume (with flashing star eyes!) and Crystal Gems Power (which flashes various characters from the show onscreen).

Also, Night Watch’s Main Street has a stand for Galactic Hot Dogs, the new FunBrain graphic novel which releases new episodes every Monday! Click to receive the Goober Sword and a costume of either Cosmoe (boys) or Princess Dagger (girls).


By the way, are you doing your part to help raise Poptropolis Games Island? The tribe with the most points will be glorified on Main Street when the island rises, and so far, Wildfire is in the lead!


According to the Creators, over one million players have already made their way to the sea floor to help dig up the Games. And with Poptropolis Games 2013, we’ll get to enjoy the bigger screen that comes with the new navigation we’ve seen on Virus Hunter and 24 Carrot – so let’s keep digging!

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    1. You can still do it! In fact, it looks like this ad is going to be around for some time, because it’s promising a new prize every week leading up to an ‘ultimate prize.’

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