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Scifi Doctor costume & Forgotten Islands (iOS) Guide

Hey virus hunters! There’s a new free prize available for everyone on the vending machine on Virus Hunter Island’s Main Street – a Scifi Doctor costume. Last week’s Hazmat Suit is now sold out.

scifi doctor

Next week’s costume, available starting on the 12th, looks like a helmet that will be for members only. The week after that (Sept 19th) will have a final mystery prize for everyone, so be sure to check back! Virus Hunter Island releases to all onย September 26, 2013.

As you may have seen, the new iOS game Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is now available in the iTunes App Store for US$4.99! The PHB has a full walkthrough complete with pictures available, so if you need help or if you just want to see for yourself what the game is like, please check it out!

Personally, I thought the actions were a bit repetitive, mostly fetch quests with the item you needed lying in plain sight, so the game wasn’t very challenging. The story, which involves finding lost artifacts to uncover Poptropica’s past, wasn’t too bad. No Monster Carnival, sadly (even though this is the one forgotten island we all want to know about!).

forgotten islands

Have you played the game yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

12 thoughts on “Scifi Doctor costume & Forgotten Islands (iOS) Guide”

  1. I already claimed the outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although it does look pretty neat, I’m not planning in purchasing the app. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. There’s a new item available in the vending machine on Main Street of Virus Hunter Island: the X-Ray Visor! Pick it up and press the spacebar to find out what your fellow Poptropicans are made of

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