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Heartworming bonus quest & X-ray visor for members

Although Virus Hunter Island was initially released without a members’ bonus quest, one is on its way! It will be ready on September 26, when the island is released to the public. This heartworming (not to be confused with heartwarming) sneak peek might whet your appetite:

Members can also collect their free X-ray Visor from the Virus Hunter vending machine this week. Pressing space bar while wearing it lets you see people’s skeletons, quite like the Skeleton Power in the Store. The Scifi Doctor is no longer available.

There’s two new mini-ads on Back Lot Island: (1) a cart advertising Poptropica: Forgotten Islands (the iOS game, which we have a PHB walkthrough for), and (2) a video trailer for Liv and Maddie, premiering Sunday, September 15 at 8p/7c on Disney Channel. Watching the video gets you the Liv and Maddie Twin Power, where a clone of your character follows you around! (Thanks, ayman351!)

fi cart & twin power

Also, remember the personalized Poptropica clothing you can buy online from the Poptropica Shop? It now comes in adult sizes as well, so even in the bigger players can wear them!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to be awesome!

12 thoughts on “Heartworming bonus quest & X-ray visor for members”

      1. Yeah, I agree about the twin thing. I think it’s also pretty glitchy too. Everytime I go into a common room, BOOM! There’s my Poptropican twin, following me around, even though the twin mode was off. I turned it off after the first 30 seconds it was on. It annoyed the F out of me.

      1. Probably or something, :/ any ways no really went on it. When the comments shut down everything fell apart 😦

  1. At one point, I walked into the Wimpy Boardwalk Common Room, and all of a sudden the Twin Power turned on. I played a game with someone and then there were 2 clones of me!
    Epicness triplets! :O

  2. i found it in early potropica its the same as last years balloon exept it has 6 and you get a cool star hat turns and when you click spacebar 6 pops out and spins

  3. hi i am arunima and i am going to tell you that first who knows thinknoodles and next that popttopolis 2013 is coming soon and how do you get free membership and credits it hard to know stuff right and play moviestarplanet it a good game well see you soon bye lalallalalallal

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