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Wander and hunt for Poptropica’s 6th birthday treasures!

Poptropica celebrates its sixth birthday this month, and as the Creators pointed out, that means it’s old enough to sign up for a Poptropica account! Except it’s Poptropica, so that would be silly.

Anyway, you can pick up a free color-changing 6th b’day balloon in the Store, find balloons floating in the common rooms, and if you pop the occasionally-appearing “6” balloon, you’ll get the 6th Birthday Costume* with a snazzy spinning hat! (Press spacebar and the 6 will pop out and spin.)

*also available in the Store for members (limited edition)

Also, there are a couple new mini-ads on Main Streets. A Wander Over Yonderย (Fridays at 9p/8c on Disney) video ad can be found on Early Poptropica – watch the video for a Wander Over Yonder Hat!

Back Lot Island has a building for Treasure Hunters, an illustrated novel by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein (you can read ten chapters for free!). You can claim two free prizes in the middle of the second floor – a Pirate Attack Power and Undersea Diving Power.

yonder and treasure ads

By the way, if you haven’t already redeemed it, you can enter the promo code POP6BIRTHDAY for a free Applebee’s Apple Pie Costume. Happy birthday, Poptropica!

25 thoughts on “Wander and hunt for Poptropica’s 6th birthday treasures!”

    1. i mean the 6th brithday costume as in *it* and then took it off on main street then my poptropican had no or mouth

  1. I bought the costume, and then on my 4th try I found the ballooon on steamworks. It’s cool watching all the balloons in the room pop.
    (2 year streak finding the special balloon.)

  2. Black Widow made a new post today. Virus Hunter Island comes out for all players next week. Also the ship follower is out too!

  3. it’s kind of late to tell you this now, but I saw something weird. One my account, I went to the store to get the free balloon, I saw the Limited 6th Birthday costume in the store. It was weird and it didn’t happen to me before. I didn’t click on a balloon with a no. 6 on it. I think I took a picture of it in the Store.

    1. oh yeah and recently when I want to inflate my 6th birthday balloon, it becomes a Poptropolis balloon that I am sure I did not get from anywhere else. I did not buy the “Balloons” card in the Poptropica store either. I have a picture of that too. Has this happened to anyone before?

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