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Big Nate: Island and Guide ONLINE!

Big Nate Island has been released! Time to help Nate and his buddies out – visit Poptropica now and play on the newest island!

Big Nate Island

Need a few hints for the quest? Comment on this post and help each other out!

Looking lost? Don’t worry, we have finished the guide for Big Nate Island! So if you need help click here:
Enjoy, and comment on the guide page if you need further help! 🙂

 Or you can go to the Island Help page by clicking on the link up at the top and then scrolling down to the icon that says ‘Big Nate’.

The Big Nate Island map is now available here:
Have fun!


Big Nate Island

Big Nate Launches Tomorrow!

Today Poptropica anounced that Big Nate Island will be released tomorrow afternoon. Woohoo!


If you signed up for the E-mail alert, or checked the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, you would have seen the following message (this is what it says in the E-mail; the blog has a similar message):

The all-new Big Nate Island will launch tomorrow afternoon, February 12, 2009 (EST). Visit Poptropica tomorrow to be one of the first to play!

-Poptropica Creators

Don’t forget to sign up for Island Alert #3. You’ll get advance notice of the next island’s launch.
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  • For some of us it might be February 13, early in the morning. It depends on your country’s time zone.
  • Don’t forget to sign up to be alerted when Astro-Knights Island is released!
  • The Poptropica Creators’ time zone is possibly EST, since that was the time they mentioned. See this webpage for information of what places EST is used.
  • The E-mail address used was: Some other additional details included were:
  • The E-mail title was – “Island Alert #2: Big Nate Island…”
  • The blog post title was: Heads up!
  • At the bottom it says, “This message was sent by Family Education Network using Responsys Interact.”
  • Based on the picture given by the Creators (it shows what Main Street will be like on BN Island), it looks like there will be some kind of photography building involved!
  • Remember to check out some of the posts below too.
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More TV Stars!

Yes – finally, another sneak peek for Reality TV Island! Thank you Funny Penguin for the news. I guess you can throw away all those rumors about the Poptropica Creators abandoning that island now that we know they’re definitely working hard on it! This sneak peek shows 4 more contestants you may be competing against on the upcoming island, possibly a sequel to this old sneak peek. Here you go:

Blog Post Title: Tough Competition
Description: Here are a few more contestants you may be competing against on Reality TV island.
Image URL:
Image Name: realityChars.jpg

Let’s see… from left to right, here are my guesses on what these guys are. The first one looks like a hiking scout, the second seems to be a music fan, the third one appears to be a sweaty athlete, and the fourth… I don’t know, maybe a magician? 😛

The Creators have also posted a Big Nate comic, and it looks like somebody isn’t having so much success with ice skating. Thanks for the news, Tough Claw!

Image URL:

Lastly, there’s a new poll on the Creators’ Blog: Who is your favorite character from the Big Nate comics? Predictably, Nate is winning (might be because nobody knows anything about the other characters!). 😆

Anyway, that’s all the news for now! Remember to read up on all the other posts, too. Check out the links below to learn more about Reality TV Island, an island coming to Poptropica in the near future!

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Another Big Nate Comic and Pink Panther 2 Mission!

Hello all; Smockers here! It’s been quite a long time since I have posted (my last post was on New Years Day, in fact)! I was very busy with school stuff, but enough about me. To start, we get a new comic from the PCB! Hopefully, Big Nate Island will be released soon. Anyways, comic below (go to the Poptopica Creators’ Blog to view it full size!):


Thanks to Shiny Leaf for the above and below news! What could be under this text? Why, a Pink Panther 2 mission, of course! That’s right; on Spy Island, you can find this building:


When you go inside, you will be present with a mission to find the stolen Pink Painter. You have an inventory at the bottom of the screen. You will receive and find items that will ultimately let you find out who the criminal is. I don’t want to spoil it for people who want to just solve it by themselves; click on the “m0re…” button below if you want to see a walk-through. 🙂 Continue reading “Another Big Nate Comic and Pink Panther 2 Mission!”

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Boy and Seagull

What do you get when you cross a seagull and a Poptropican boy? A Big Nate sneak peek! 😀

Thanks Grumpy Wolf for keeping us informed! The setting of this sneak peek looks very familiar to this other one. The picture of the school clock is back and this time it seems that it’s flying time for the birds! The time is different from the last sneak peek, too. Blog picture and information below:

Blog Post Title: Heads up!
Description: What time is it when a seagull flies over your head? Time to get a new hat! Bwaa ha ha! This is why I prefer bunnies to birds.
(If you’re wondering about the comment of bunnies preferred over birds, it’s because this was posted by Poptropica Creator Dr. Hare.)
Image URL:
Image Name: seagull.jpg

“…You’re on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition…”
(Part of the Big Nate Island description from

Time: The time capsule relates to time, and so does a clock because it tells time.
School: If the time capsule is found, the school is saved. Also, the sneak peek shows a school clock.

Maybe this clock is related to that time capsule that can save the school? After all, they’re both related to time and school… 😉