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More TV Stars!

Yes – finally, another sneak peek for Reality TV Island! Thank you Funny Penguin for the news. I guess you can throw away all those rumors about the Poptropica Creators abandoning that island now that we know they’re definitely working hard on it! This sneak peek shows 4 more contestants you may be competing against on the upcoming island, possibly a sequel to this old sneak peek. Here you go:

Blog Post Title: Tough Competition
Description: Here are a few more contestants you may be competing against on Reality TV island.
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Let’s see… from left to right, here are my guesses on what these guys are. The first one looks like a hiking scout, the second seems to be a music fan, the third one appears to be a sweaty athlete, and the fourth… I don’t know, maybe a magician? 😛

The Creators have also posted a Big Nate comic, and it looks like somebody isn’t having so much success with ice skating. Thanks for the news, Tough Claw!

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Lastly, there’s a new poll on the Creators’ Blog: Who is your favorite character from the Big Nate comics? Predictably, Nate is winning (might be because nobody knows anything about the other characters!). 😆

Anyway, that’s all the news for now! Remember to read up on all the other posts, too. Check out the links below to learn more about Reality TV Island, an island coming to Poptropica in the near future!

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