Replaying Astro-Knights Island: A Commentary

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astro replay

Hey Poptropicans!

My name is Maroon Popper, and today I’m going to be re-playing
one of my old favourite islands: Astro-Knights Island. Not only that, but I’m simultaneously going to blog about it! Why? I thought it was a good idea, okay? (I’m probably gonna regret this later…)

First, let me introduce you to my Poptropican alter-ego, Maroon Popper. Maroon
Popper has been in existence since November 2009 and we have been though a lot
together, solving quests… ahem. She also happens to look awesome:


I’ve started replaying Astro-Knights Island a few times but I’ve only finished it I think
once, because some of the battles you have to pass at the end are super-hard and I
normally give up. But not this time. I will not be defeated this time…

Okay, let me just get to the island. I’ll hop onto my blimp…


Made it!

A sign tells me I’m somewhere called Arturus. There seems to be something burning
on the ground. Suspicious.

I click on a guy standing nearby and he says, “The kingdom has been attacked!” Like, that’s it. No actual explanation.

There’s a building called the House of Mordred nearby, and I enter. Next to the door is
a guy who says this:



However, he does give me a pamphlet that explains a bit about this so-called Mordred.
Apparently, he brought technology to a medieval village. Ohhh-kay…

The rude door guy doesn’t let me investigate the museum without paying a gold coin,
so I leave. I jump into a fountain (don’t you just love how you can do that kinda thing
on Poptropica?) and oh hey, what’s this? A gold coin! Wow, that was lucky.

I go back to the museum and give the guy the coin I found, and he lets me enter.

There’s not really much to do here… it’s just someone’s house. A medieval house, only
there’s a computer. I think there’s something you have to do here later on, but nothing
to do yet, so I exit.

I enter the next building along, which is a planetarium, with a monk inside it who
looks super out of place.


He tells me, with that depressed look on his face, that nothing works in the
planetarium because there’s no power. How terribly sad. The only thing that works is the telescope, and I get to look thought it but there’s nothing much to see – just a few

I leave the place and keep going right, passing a few villagers who all say ominous-
sounding stuff like, “This place isn’t safe anymore!” and “We were attacked by people
who came from the sky!”

I keep on going and– gasp! There’s a crashed spaceship!


Like, what the actual heck.

I get to the palace, and some lady standing in front of its doors tells me that “The
princess has been kidnapped!” Shock, horror. I enter the castle, hoping to get some
answers for heaven’s sake.

I go inside the castle library, and pick up two books. One of them is called The Life of
Mordred: A Cautionary Tale. I’m just gonna post screenshots of it:

So, that’s the story of the famous Mordred. But it still doesn’t explain what the heck
has happened around here, so I leave the library.

I enter another room, which looks like someone’s bedroom, and a lady tells me that the
princess was kidnapped and it might have been her fault. She says that the princess
was giving her messages to pass along to a secret society. Interesting, but it still
doesn’t help me much. Why is everyone so unhelpful around this place, jeez.

I go into the throne room, and I meet the king and queen, where they kind of explain
things. Apparently some attackers came from the sky in spaceships and kidnapped the
princess. They ask me to help bring her back.

Sigh. It always has to be me who helps people, doesn’t it? Apparently some knights set out to find her, but they haven’t come back.

So – now, to find the princess. Um. What do I do?

And that’s all I’ve got time for, unfortunately! I hope you enjoyed this!

I don’t have a Poptropica blog, but I do have a personal blog, so if you enjoyed this
post, maybe you could check it out…? *looks hopeful* Here’s the link.

*runs away before someone tells me off for shameless self-advertising* Byeeee!!

–Maroon Popper

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Going left of Main Street

Some of you may have seen the Roman soldier on top of the tourist center on Shark Tooth Island, as mentioned in Sam’s post last week – but in case you missed the updates in that post, there’s more to the Shark Tooth shenanigans. If you go left of Main Street, you’ll find yourself on a small island with a wrecked ship in the background that definitely wasn’t there before. And that’s not all! Check out some of these other new places on other islands, also to the left of Main Street:

There’s a floating car on Night Watch, a smoldering crop circle on Astro-Knights, a barbed wire fence and some PASE boxes on Lunar Colony, and a plain wooden fence on Vampire’s Curse. Those seem to be all the ones so far, but do comment if you find another. 😛

All of these areas are pretty small, and they seem to serve no purpose as of now – my guess is that they might be used as ad spaces in the future, but who knows? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Paper King and Queen, DS Game Walkthrough available on the PHB, and new books out… sucker!

The second costume of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Multi-Prize Card has been unlocked! If you haven’t already, enter the promo code wimpy2012 on Poptropica to get the new paper king costume for boys, and queen for girls.

Thanks to Michelle and Samwow5 for the heads-up. If you already unlocked this promo code for the first costume, you can find the item card in your Store inventory. Just click on the now-unlocked “2” to customize from the new costume! Perhaps it’s for the Valentine’s Dance in the new book, The Third Wheel.

Poptropica’s been busy expanding their franchise, and earlier this week, they released their first Nintendo DS game, Poptropica Adventures! Here’s a shout-out to our friend Blake for writing the PHB’s walkthrough on the game, which can be found here under the Island Help page’s MiniQuests section.

On Thursday, Poptropica released four new books, which you can learn about on their official Books page. There’s Skullduggery Island and Astro-Knights Island, novels written about the islands’ plot. Pencil Warrior is a full-color doodle book, and Poptropica Mad Libs should be pretty self-explanatory if you’ve encountered Mad Libs before – fill in blanks to create nonsensical yet funny stories!

Oh and, don’t be offended by the “sucker” in the title… it’s not you! Just wanted to share a quick joke from PHB reader Daniel. Here it is.

Haha, hope that made you smile! Have a great weekend! 😀

Arrr you going to save the kingdom with your pencil? Four new books for the adventurous Poptropica reader!

Poptropica’s been hard at work, and 4 new books are expected to be released on November 8th, 2012. Of course… not to brag or anything… but the PHB had already been posting about it months before! (see here, here, or here) Anyway, now we’ve got some blurbs for the books, and you can click on the title to check it out on Amazon. 😛

Skullduggery Island: In this 160-page illustrated novel, a cruel pirate named Captain Crawfish has been raiding the small port of Fort Ridley. Our hero must embark on a journey to find a powerful ship and skilled crew to help him defeat Captain Crawfish and recover a map that will lead the islanders of Fort Ridley back to their treasure.

Astro-Knights Island: In this 160-page illustrated novel, the princess of the Kingdom of Arturus has been kidnapped by an evil inventor named Mordred who has taken her off into space. Our hero now must learn to build his own space craft and travel to the stars on an intergalactic quest to rescue the princess and save the kingdom of Arturus.

Pencil Warrior: Something sinister is erasing its way across Poptropica, and the only way to stop it is by re-drawing all the islands and re-creating the world before this new threat can erase every trace. This 64-page full-color doodle book is perfect for fans of Poptropica and anyone who loves to draw.

Poptropica Mad Libs: Poptropica Mad Libs features 21 hilarious and action-packed stories based on games and missions from the website. Fans of the site will love to bring the adventure to life by filling in the blanks of our brand new Mad Libs!

This makes 5 books, in addition to the first Poptropica book, Poptropica: The Official Guide, which was released last year. Do you own a copy of the guidebook? Which one of these new books do you plan to add to your bookshelf? 😀

The Faces of Evil in the Hearts of Darkness… Perfect…

Really. Really. Perfect. -_-

The official description for Super Villain Island has been released, and here’s what it says:

Deep inside a top-secret prison, four of Poptropica’s most infamous villains float in suspended animation. Your mission: to infiltrate their minds and extract the sources of their evil. Can you withstand a journey to the heart of darkness, or will their twisted dreams trap you forever?

Yikies. Sounds really, really dark… and as if you think the 4 twisted minds aren’t enough, if you’re a member, you have ONE MORE to worry about. Doesn’t exactly say who, either.

The world may be safe, but another villain stirs in his slumber. Do you dare to enter the dream machine once more, and visit a nightmarish version of one of the most popular Poptropica Islands?

I originally had a feeling the nightmare-ish island will be Shark Tooth (see Daily Pop: Breaking News), but Serious Shadow has reverted the picture for the bonus quest to normal and look at this:

Edited picture by Serious Shadow

That looks like Mythology Island’s Mount Olympus! *thinks* Now that I think about it, Mythology Island IS a very popular island…

The possible location where the screenshot was taken

And here are the members only items:

So let me get something straight…

We… are going… via dream machine… into the villains’ minds?!? And I have two questions:

  1. How did Dr. Hare get out of space?
  2. How did the Binary Bard get back to Poptropica without the orb?

I’m kinda confused, but all I know it’s about delving into the twisted minds of the four (five for members) villains and getting rid of their source of their insanity/evil. Like I said earlier, it sounds dark… but we can do it!!

BT out!