Clowns, Firefighters, and two new Creator’s Blog posts!


Codiens costume prediction comes true with the new arrival of a clown and fireman costume in the Poptropica Store.
The creators share with us their whiteboard filled with ideas, creations and mystery.
And a fun new game is released called ‘Pathwise‘ where you build a path!

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Flower Power, and a possible new game.

It’s Golden Eagle! There’s a new Creator’s Blog post, called Flower Power!

Looks like you can plant flowers! Awesome! In the video, all the Creator’s are planting flowers, except Shark Boy, who keeps on crying and stomping his feet. I guess he doesn’t like flowers.

In other news, the Flower Power Card and Costume Collector have been released, both for 250 Credits!


The Costume Collector will definitely be useful for those who have multiple costumes, and wish to keep them!

On the PHF, Incredible Fish and setew2 found another SWF item. Here it is:

Incredible Fish and setew2 found the link, but Motionman95 turned it into an image. How? I have no clue.

It looks pretty cool, but if it’s running, I doubt I’ll be good at it. I think it could be a game where you have to finish a race in time, but find a certain amount of items.

This is also my first post, other than the introductory one that I posted yesterday. I’m having a bunch of fun meeting up with you guys and playing Soupwords with you (so far, I haven’t lost a game)! I’ll meet up with you guys when I can, and chat and battle with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

I also met up with some people on the PHF chat, but I forgot to take a snapshot. I’ll hopefully be able to post one soon, though.

*Beep!* Scary Tomato, coming from a nearby photo developing center, has come to… interrupt this post! Yesterday, ST got to meet Golden Eagle and a lot of other Poptropicans from the PHB chatbox, and later also saw Gazek, also known as Speedy Ice.

Aug 6'09 multiverse

I also saw Cool Wing, Muddy Dragon, Creepy Kid (known as MonkeyTacoz), Shy Turtle (Anti Super Grape), Cuddly Sun, Tall Ice (known as Shaggy Tornado), and Comical Eye. There was also a white dog, Tiny Star; and a purple cheerleader, Invisible Starfish, who later Costumized herself into a black dog and joined the other black dogs of the Multiverse, Super Clown and Creepy Bean.

Update: Deathstalker on the PHF found this image as well.ย  It says, “Look closely at the character shown, then find and click that character in the crowd. Careful, you only got one shot! The first person to score five points wins!”

Web Development

Golden Eagle

It’s me, Golden Eagle! Scary Tomato kindly invited me to work here at this awesome blog! I’ll be posting Creator’s Blog updates and other stuff that even I don’t know about. I live for Soupwords and that’s the only game I play, and I’m always looking for a challenge. I’ve beat all the islands, too.ย  I also have a bunch of Poptropicans, about eight of them (was seven, but Sanzulines on the PHF convinced me to have an even number). I usually check on all my Poptropicans once a day, and pick a random one to play with. All my Poptropicans have at least four stars.

I live in the USA, but in the East, so I live in Eastern Standard time (EST). Those of you who live in America will see me more often than some of the other blog staff that live across the world. But anyway, I’m on summer vacation until August 26. When I start school I promise I’ll check up when I can.

I’m 12 as of right now, and my birthday is on April 14. I also work on one more blog, Poptropical Thunder’s Blog, and I am a active member of the PHF.

I hope you will like me!