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Eh-Steamed Hints of the Eleventh Hour ๐Ÿ•š

We’re nearing the eleventh hour of the Steam island hints, and the eleventh hint is upon us! (Visit past hints here: 123456789, 10.) 

โ€œYou must resist a biteless bug that few can see or wait some time for reality.โ€ Will you take the bait, or wait for an answer?

Among the fandom’s guesses, two popular candidates stand out as strong possibilities: Virus Hunter or Mocktropica. The “biteless bug” could be a virus or computer bug, while waiting for “reality” could refer to situations that emerged since the islands’ first releases: the Covid-19 global pandemic or Poptropica’s pivots towards gaming gimmicks. (But would the Creators be so bold as to put the latter out there?)

However, we previously guessed both of these in hint #8! If it’s not one, it could be the other, which balances things out on both ends. Still, the vagueness of hint #8 also leaves room for other possibilities.

One option posited by Tough Spinner is PoptropiCon, which also follows the AS3 islands theory. Now that other episodic islands have been hinted at for Steam, PoptropiCon could be one of them โ€” seeing as, following the eighth hint and the events of Episode 3, you solve a “puzzle” to save the Mighty Action Force heroes from Omegon, a “dire fate.”

Unmasked: A costume is good for what’s alien you.

Now that we’ve gotten a lot of guesses going, let’s take a moment to round up what we’ve got so far, if our guesses turn out right:

  1. Survival (hint here)
  2. Mythology – classic version (hint here)
  3. Galactic Hot Dogs (hint here)
  4. Mission Atlantis (hint here)
  5. Shrink Ray (hint here)
  6. Poptropolis Games (hint here)
  7. Arabian Nights (hint here)
  8. Virus Hunter, PoptropiCon, Mocktropica, or older islands (hint here)
  9. Monster Carnival – with a twist! (hint here)
  10. Mystery of the Map (hint here)
  11. Virus Hunter or Mocktropica (scroll up!)

Fans following the AS3 islands theory have been checking off the list, and among those that remain are Monkey Wrench, Reality TV: Wild Safari, and any of the possibilities mentioned for hint #8 that turn out false. Then again, maybe this theory will be debunked at the reveal of the 13 Steam islands later on. Here’s hoping! ๐Ÿคž

With two hints left to go, we’ll be following along to find out which ones make the cut, and which were just wishful thinking. Stay tuned!


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