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Mega hints for a mocking island

‘Allo Poptropicans! We’ve arrived at the penultimate point of the Steam island hints! (Visit past hints: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.)

Here’s hint twelve: “Devise a plan to reverse a mega bot-ched op. Virtually everything is on the line!”

We’ve got a good hunch on this one, although the Creators’ Blog hints that this could “be applied to two other islands.” Besides the seemingly obvious, we might venture a guess for PoptropiCon, with its hench-bots serving the robo-suited Omegon, or Game Show, where we’ve got to reverse a robot domination.

However, the Mega Fighting Bots reference (“Mega Bot-ched”) points us right in the direction of Mocktropica, once again an AS3 island.

…wait. Mocktropica?

How A Bot That: Nobody told these guys about Asimov’s three laws of robotics.

While a cult classic, Mocktropica has become notorious for its unintentional prediction of what Pop was soon to become. Many aspects of the story take a jab at the obsession with surface-level gaming gimmicks like costumes and pets, as well as removing any challenging elements.

Adding on references to former Pop Creators who had been let go by management, this island may be an odd (albeit welcome) addition to the pack. At least we can enjoy the pretty musical theme in-game again!

What do you think about the current Pop reviving this past island? Do you have ideas for other islands that could fit this riddle? Let us know, while I sulk in the corner about the Astro-Knights neglect!

Castori honorem ~ Maryann/Smart Bubbles

5 thoughts on “Mega hints for a mocking island”

  1. Huh, strange how the creators would want to bring back this island as the island itself reflects badly on the Poptropica of today, but I’m excited nonetheless.
    I’m disappointed, however, that the creators considered AS3 islands “classic islands” and proceeded to bring those islands back while the rest of the community hoped and prayed this was a sure sign of the much older islands coming back. I was really looking forward to the creators keeping their promise they made to us years ago and bring back the CLASSIC classic islands.

    1. Yeah, it’s really disappointing because no one who has played Poptropica for a long time considers SUIs “classic islands.” When you hear classic islands, you think of Shark Tooth, Astro Knights, Spy Island, Skullduggery, etc. SUIs are still relatively new considering how few islands Poptropica has made since that time, and since they’re pretty different from the old islands, they don’t feel like classic islands. I liked a few of the AS3 islands, but it’s still disappointing to see that they aren’t bringing back any actual classic islands.

  2. Sure would be cool to see Mocktropica again, assuming our best guess wins out! Interesting that they don’t mention making any changes, unlike with the hint #9 (presumably Monster Carnival). Feels like they should make some kind of acknowledgement for the unfortunate realities that Mocktropica forecast…

    1. They wouldn’t do so as they don’t benefit from acknowledging these “unfortunate realities” as you say. And anyway, stating that there would be changes made to the storyline of Mocktropica would give away whether or not it will be a part of the thirteen islands that will be released on Steam when they’re trying to make us guess which islands they are “bringing back”.

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