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Pop 5: Best Dressed Characters in Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans, this is a guest post from Purple Paw, who’ll be sharing a list of her favorite fashions in Poptropica. The following is the author’s opinion only. Enjoy!

Heyo! I’m Purple Paw. You may know me from Discord, and also from my Ramble Review on Twisted Thicket Island. I’m back with a second guest post, this one highlighting the best-dressed characters in Poptropica! 

We can style our own Poptropicans any way we wish, with hairdos, accessories, clothing, facial markings, and more. But it’s not just our avatars who have a sense of fashion; popular preexisting friends and foes from across the islands also rock some spectacular looks, and they’re who we’ll be talking about today. So grab your camera and don your flashiest outfit, ’cause we’re going on a tour of Poptropica’s greatest fashionistas!

5: DJ Saturday Nite (Zomberry Island)

We start off the show with none other than the disco star of Zomberry Island, DJ Saturday Nite! With that swirly pink-and-purple dress, giant silver star glasses, and chunky headphones, there’s no way I could lead a fashion tour without including her. Despite the zombie apocalypse that’s swept her island, this star shines on. Hers is an outfit that’s fit to boogie, that’s for sure!

4: Director D (Spy Island)

Surely this is a look we can call fashionable. It may seem simple at first glance, but that crisp white suit and formal bow tie make for quite a tidy, prim outfit. And who would’ve thought that the stylish hairdo is really a toupee? As the leader of the Bald And Dangerous (B.A.D.), he may be up to no good, but Director D has got a fashion sense to rival even the greatest Poptropican stars.

3: Scheherazade (Arabian Nights Island

Now this is a look you can’t ignore. First off, that hairdo is one of the biggest eye-catchers in Poptropica, with a shiny golden band propping up that poof of hair, alongside a wisp of shiny bangs to top it off. The elfish ears and gold earrings give off a true Arabian Nights genie look, as do the smoke-like tail in place of legs! But the bursts of flame on her hands tell you that she’s no dainty fashionista. She’s the dangerous leader of the Forty Thieves, and she’s not to be messed with!

2: Medicine Man (Shark Tooth Island)

The best and most exclusive part of this outfit is, of course, the giant blue tribal mask covering the Medicine Man’s entire head. The shock of green leaves, rows of teeth, and large eyes tell you that he’s no ordinary tourist. The smiley-face necklace and prim grass skirt adds to the tropical island look that is essential for Shark Tooth islanders, and the wooden spoon lets you know his profession: standing on a platform atop a palm tree, cooking up healing potions! For a spiritual healer, the Medicine Man sure has a spectacular style. 

1: Poseidon (Mythology Island)

And here it is, winning the Poptropica-wide fashion show in the number one spot: Poseidon! This Greek god may live in an underwater cave, but the sea water hasn’t ruined his good looks one bit. With his starfish-bearing crown and powerful trident in hand, he lets you know right away that he’s king of the seas. The glittering pearl necklace just adds more to the ocean theme, as does his teal-colored skin and pristinely wrapped purple-and-white cloth. The main attraction, of course, is the mustache, resembling kelp as it waves gently in the tugs of the tide! No, Zeus — Poseidon is not “all washed up.”

That just about concludes our fashion tour! I hope you enjoyed traveling from the deserts of Arabian Nights, to the tropics of Shark Tooth and more as we admired some of the greatest fashion styles throughout Poptropica. Let me know in the comments who your Pop 5 best-dressed Poptropicans would be!

—Purple Paw

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Purple Paw. If you did, be sure to check out the many other Pop 5 posts on the PHB!

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