More fantastic features & captivating content 🖌️📽️🎁

Hello friends, hope you’re having an awesome day! I know for a fact that Poptropica sure has been having an awesome month, full of elating events, colorful creations, and of course, beautiful beevs.

Speaking of which, last week the Pop Creators posted FOUR new Instagram story features! Two of these amazing pieces feature our favorite fuzzy doctor, and another was even created by the PHB’s very own Gentle Dolphin.

We love seeing the creators recognizing the fans and community. Which reminds me, 10,000 credits are still on the table as the Dr. Beev drawing challenge ends tomorrow! You can submit your Beev fanart by using the tag #drbeev, where you can also peep some of the submitted works.

The month of September has brought us some great new Poptropica content in the artistic realm. To keep the good times rolling, a new wave of videos have been published from fans! Me and fellow PHB author, Gentle Dolphin, have also been swept along for the ride as we couldn’t help but join in on the fun. Check out our Pop Month videos below:

Though it is a bit sad knowing Pop Month is coming to an end, we gotta give a big thanks to Theo and Isaac of Dimension Bros as well as all of the wonderful junior creators and fans who have helped make this truly a month to remember!

Let us know what you enjoyed most about Poptropica Month! Whether it was the art, videos, Beev Day, or just overall activity, we’d love to hear from you guys in the comments. As always, stay safe and stay awesome!

-Sporty Boa 🐍

8 thoughts on “More fantastic features & captivating content 🖌️📽️🎁”

      1. I mean we got some of it from the inverted Dr. Hare outfit for Super Villain island. As a wise space wizard once said “at least we’re flying half a ship.”

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